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新概念英语第一册为英语初阶水平,适合英语水平在初中阶段或没基础从零开始学习英语的学生。本册可以说是学习英语的敲门砖(First Things First)讲练基本语音、语调(包括所有的音标、连读、同化)及英语中的基本语法、词法、句法及句型结构知识。学好第一册,是练好英语基本功的关键,适合于英语基础差,欲在短期内掌握英语基础的学习者。掌握后,可以参加中考一类考试。

新概念英语》是世界闻名的英语教程。本版是该书出版30年来经作者亲自修订的唯一新版。这套经典教材通过完整的英语学习体系,帮助学生掌握英语的4项基本技能——听、说、读、写,使学生能在学习中最大限度地发挥自己的潜能。此第一册《First Things First英语初阶》的学习对象为英语初学者,共有72个教学单元、144课。学习者学完后可以达到初级以下和初级的英语水平,若想继续提高,可以接着学习2、3、4册。

新概念第一册词汇语法第143课:A walk through the woods2011-02-23
I live in a very old town which is surrounded by beautiful woods. It is a famous beauty spot. On Sundays, hundreds of people come from the city to see our town and to walk through the woods.
新概念第一册词汇语法第141课:Sally's first train ride2011-02-22
Last week, my four-year-old daughter, Sally, was invited to a children's party. I decided to take her by train. Sally was very excited because she had never travelled on a train before.
新概念第一册词汇语法第139课:Is that you,John2011-02-21
This small country depends heavily on its overseas trade.这个小国在很大程度上依赖于其海外贸易。
新概念第一册词汇语法第137课:A pleasant dream2011-02-19
He had been applying for a scholarship and he won at last.他一直在申请奖学金并终于获得了。
新概念第一册词汇语法第135课:The latest report2011-02-18
You don't really expect him to believe that, do you?你其实并不指望他相信那一点,对吗?
新概念第一册词汇语法第133课:Sensational news2011-02-17
She told reporters she felt very tired and didn't want to make another film for a long time.
新概念第一册词汇语法第131课:Don't be so sure2011-02-16
The doctor advised him to look after his health.医生建议他要注意自己的健康。
新概念第一册词汇语法第129课:Seventy miles an hour2011-02-15
Sorry, I didn't see the sign. I must have been dream ing.对不起,我没看见?#26725;?#23376;。我一定是思想开小差了。
新概念第一册词汇语法第127课:A famous actress2011-02-14
That party wasn't exciting at all, but at least it filled the time.那个聚会一点儿都不令人兴奋,但不管怎样,它使人打发?#22235;?#27573;时光。
新概念第一册词汇语法第125课:Tea for two2011-02-12
He always waters drinks and sells them to tourists.他总是在饮料里搀水并将之卖给游客们。
新概念第一册词汇语法第123课:A trip to Australia2011-02-11
I grew a beard during the trip.but I shaved it off when I came home.
新概念第一册词汇语法第121课:The man in a hat2011-02-10
I bought two expensive dictionaries here half an hour ago, but I forgot to take them with me.
新概念第一册词汇语法第119课:A true story2011-02-09
Do you like stories? I want to tell you a true story. It happened to a friend of mine a year ago.
新概念第一册词汇语法第109课:A good idea好主意2011-02-04
She prefers buying books instead of borrowing them from the library.她宁可买书而不愿到图书馆去借。
新概念第一册词汇语法第107课:It's too small2011-02-03
The article compares the different features of imported cars on the market.这篇文章比较了市场上进口汽车的不同特点。
新概念第一册词汇语法第105课:Full of mistakes2011-02-03
You shouldn't have bought such expensive toys for him because he will simply break them.你?#25381;?#35813;买这么昂贵的玩具给他,因为他会轻而易举地把它?#26725;?#22351;的。
新概念第一册词汇语法第103课:The French test2011-02-02
Tom really hates the murderer in that film.汤姆十分仇视那?#24247;?#24433;中的?#27604;?#20982;手。
新概念第一册词汇语法第101课:A card from Jimmy2011-02-02
The girl says that she has finished her homework.那个姑娘说她已完成了家庭作业。
新概念第一册词汇语法第99课:Owl! 啊哟!2011-02-02
My knowledge of French helped me a lot while I was travelling in France.我在法国旅行时,我的法文知识帮了我大忙。
新概念第一册词汇语法第117课:Tommy's breakfast2011-02-02
When my husband was going into the dining room this morning, he dropped some coins on the floor.
新概念第一册词汇语法第115课:Knock, knock2011-01-30
The speaker paused, seeming to invite questions from the audience.演讲者稍停了一下,似乎在期待听众们提出问题。
新概念第一册词汇语法第97课:A small blue case2011-01-30
She described the woman to the police.她向警方描述?#22235;?#20010;女人的外貌。
新概念第一册词汇语法第113课:Small change2011-01-29
I like him except when he's gloomy.除了他满脸阴沉的时候之外,我挺?#19981;?#20182;。
新概念第一册词汇语法第111课:The most expensive model2011-01-29
We were advised to deposit our valuables in the bank safe别人建议我们将自己的贵重物品存放在银行的保险箱里。
新概念第一册词汇语法第93课:Our new neighbour2011-01-27
Nigel is our new next-door neighbour. He's a pilot.He was in the R.A.F.He will fly to New York next month.
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