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新概念英语第一册为英语初阶水平,适合英语水平在初中阶段或没基础从零开始学习英语的学生。本册可以说是学习英语的敲门砖(First Things First)讲练基本语音、语调(包括所有的音标、连读、同化)及英语中的基本语法、词法、句法及句型结构知识。学好第一册,是练好英语基本功的关键,适合于英语基础差,欲在短期内掌握英语基础的学习者。掌握后,可以参加中考一类考试。

新概念英语》是世界闻名的英语教程。本版是该书出版30年来经作者亲自修订的唯一新版。这套经典教材通过完整的英语学习体系,帮助学生掌握英语的4项基本技能——听、说、读、写,使学生能在学习中最大限度地发挥自己的潜能。此第一册《First Things First英语初阶》的学习对象为英语初学者,共有72个教学单元、144课。学习者学完后可以达到初级以下和初级的英语水平,若想继续提高,可以接着学习2、3、4册。

Look at the situations. Which expression do you use for each?针对所给情景选择你应该说的话。
请大家将你的答案写在后面吧 Lesson 1 Excuse me! 对不起!
Answer the questions with Yes or No like the examples.模仿例句用Yes或No 回答以下问题。
Write in the words in the answers. 完成以下句子。
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 12012-07-02
A man is sitting on the desk. You see the green leaves on the tree. Tim ran back to get the black hat and the red bag.
Copy this dialogue. Fill in the last two sentences about yourself. 抄写这段对话,在最后两句中填上有关你自己的内容。
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 42012-06-30
Sorry, I don't think we've met. I wonder if you can tell me/let me know your name. Can/could you introduce yourself? /Would you like to make yourself known to others?
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 22012-06-30
I can't believe that time has come to say goodbye to you. Thank you for all you've done for me. Let's keep in touch./Don't forget to drop me a line.
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 62012-06-28
You can smile, nod your head and have the eye contacts. Also you can say like these:
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 32012-06-28
What nationality ________ you? I am ________ American. My brother ________ a teacher. ________ name is Mr. King. My aunt ________ an actress. ________ name ________ Stella.
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 52012-06-24
I have ________ sister. ________ name is Britt. ________ likes music. She works in ________ office. ________ job is very easy. ________ really loves her job.
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 82012-06-24
It's getting darker and darker outside. Read it louder and so that I can hear you better.
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 72012-06-23
Sorry, he/she isn't in. May I take a message for you? Would you like him to call you back? Could you leave your number?
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 102012-06-23
Thank you. That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me all day. No thanks necessary./Not at all./That's all right./That's OK./
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 92012-06-13
This is my bedroom. There is a desk ________ the room. There ________ some books ________ the desk. There is a picture ________ the wall. ________ the picture there are some lovely dogs. There ________ also two chairs and a bed ________ the desk.
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 122012-06-13
There are ________ flowers in front of the window. Do you like them? If you wish, I will give ________ flower to you.
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 112012-06-12
She ________ (do) her homework now. She ________ (go) to see a friend this evening. So she must ________ (finish) her homework first.
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 142012-06-12
— It doesnt matter./youre forgiven.— Thats quite all right. Forget it.— Never mind. It cant be helped.
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 132012-06-10
I can drink ________ bottles of milk. Look, there ________ some bottles of ________ on your desk. ________ are for you.
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 162012-06-10
In the morning, Mr. Jones ________ (go to work) at seven O'clock. At noon, he ________ (have) his lunch in the dining hall. In the afternoon, he ________ (type) some files for the boss.
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 152012-06-07
It has been awfully hot this week. During the dog days, I can do nothing at all. I can't bear it any more.
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 182012-06-07
1. A ship is going ________ the river. And a plane is flying ________ the river. Some children are looking ________ the ship and the plane.
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 172012-06-02
— Id quite like ... to drink/to eat.— Mm, it sounds/smells/tastes good/delicious/excellent.— Heres the menu. What would you suggest?
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 202012-06-02
yesterday (morning/...), the day before yesterday, this morning (afternoon/evening), tonight, the night (week/month/year) before last, last night (week/month/year), a minute (week/year/...) ago, the day before yesterday in the morning/afternoon/evening.
新概念一册补充材料UNIT 192012-05-31
— How often should I take these pills?/How many tablets should I take each time?— It doesnt matter. Youll feel better soon.— You look fine/in the pink.
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