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听名著练听力之简爱篇 第103期2014-01-06
He kissed me. Im no better than that old, broken tree at Thornfield, he said. I cant expect to have a fresh young flower like you by my side, all my life!
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第102期2014-01-05
But I knew he did not need to worry. Even if he was blind, I would always love him and stay with him. However, I decided to talk of other things and make him laugh a little.
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第101期2014-01-05
Ferndean Manor was a pretty old house in the forest. As I came near, the door of the house opened and Edward Rochester came out! [-----1-----]. He looked as strong as before and his hair was still black, but in his face I saw a bitter, desperate look that was not there before.
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第100期2014-01-04
In the morning, I told Diana and Mary that I had to go on a journey, and that I would be gone for a few days. They did not know the reason for my trip, but they did not ask me questions.
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第99期2014-01-04
All right, St. John. I said softly, feeling that my heart was breaking. If God gives me a sign that He really wants me to marry you, I will agree!
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第97期2014-01-03
Was this what God wanted me to do with my life? I felt afraid, thinking that I might not be able to say no to St. John.
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第96期2014-01-03
St. John and I spent many hours together, studying. [-----1-----]. When I was with him I felt that I was losing the freedom to be myself, Jane Eyre, and do the things I liked. St. John always wanted me to be serious. Soon, I never laughed or even smiled. However, St. John seemed to want to be with me all the time, and I discovered that it was not unpleasant.
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第95期2014-01-02
Diana, Mary, and I had a wonderful Chiristmas week. We took walks on the moors, read, and sang together. We were even happier to know that we were independent women now, because of our new money. But [-----1-----]. He continued to study all the time, and visited the sick and poor as he had always done.
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第94期2014-01-02
I promised St. John that I would teach at the Morton school until Christmas. then he could find another teacher. On the last day of school, St. John came to see me as I said goodbye to my students. [-----1-----].
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第93期2014-01-01
Oh, St. John, Im glad--Im so glad! I cried, laughing. St. John smiled. [-----1-----]. And now youre happy aboU.S.mething ordinary!
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第92期2014-01-01
Oh, St. John, I know that isnt the reason. Tell me the truth! I said. Well, Id rather not tell you just now, but I suppose youll find oU.S.oner or later. So Ill tell you a little something about myself. Did you know that my full name St. John Eyre Rivers?
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第91期2013-12-31
You see, Mr. Briggs spoke of a Jane Eyre, but I only knew a Jane Elliott, said St. John. Are you Jane Eyre? Well, yes. I cried. But doesnt Mr. Briggs know anything at all about Mr. Rochester?
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第90期2013-12-31
St. John! I cried. I could not stay quiet. [-----1-----], he said, holding up his hand. But wait until Im done with the story. I dont know anything about this Mr. Rochester, but I do know that he wanted to marry this young girl. But during the wedding, she learned that he already had a wife! And, his wife was mad.
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第89期2013-12-30
After St. John left me, it began to snow. It snowed all night and the next day. In the evening, I was sitting by the fire and had just begun to read when I heard a knock at the door. St. John came inside the house, covered in snow. It something wrong? I asked. [-----1-----].
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第88期2013-12-30
Its very nice to hear you say these things, he said. He was not upset by my words. I will let myself think about her for fifteen minutes. And he put his watch on the table and sat down, closing his eyes.
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第87期2013-12-29
He would look at her as if he wanted to say, I love you, and I know you love me. I could marry you and be happy. But my heart is already promised to God! But he never said anything, and she always went away.
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第86期2013-12-29
Oh, yes, Miss Oliver. I think Ill like teaching here, and the house is lovely, thank you, I said. If you like, Ill come and help you teach sometimes. Oh, Mr. Rivers, I am so tired! I was visiting friends, and I was out dancing until two oclock this morning! How fun!
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第85期2013-12-28
PART FOUR - LIFE AT MOOR HOUSE CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE St. Johns Secret But perhaps you are lonely. he said. Im not lonely yet, and Im sure Ill be very busy with my work.
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第84期2013-12-28
I had twenty village girls to teach. Some of them spoke in such a strong, country speech that I could barely understand them. Their wods did not seem like the English language.
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第83期2013-12-27
Mary said sadly, We have lost our father. Now well lose our brother too! Just then St. John came into the room with a letter. Our uncle John is dead, he said. Diana and Mary did not look sad. St. John gave them the letter to read, [-----1-----].
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第82期2013-12-27
I thought for a moment. This work was not as good as working for an important family, but [-----1-----]. Thank you, Mr. Rivers, I would be happy to teach in yoU.S.hool, I said.
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第81期2013-12-27
I stayed one month at Moor House. In that time, I came to love the little house, and the wild, beautiful fields around it, just like Diana and Mary did. We read books together and talked about them.
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第80期2013-12-27
For three days and nights I lay in bed, tired from the awful experience at Thornfield. I hardly knew where I was. When I began to feel stronger, Hannah, the old lady, came to sit with me and told me all about the three people in the house. She had cared for them since they were children.
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第79期2013-12-25
Jane Elliott, I replied. I did not want anybody to know who I was, or where I had come from. Finally the took me upstairs to a bedroom, and I fell into a warm, dry bed.
听名著练听力之简爱篇 第78期2013-12-25
After traveling for two days, I arrived on the moor, a huge area with grass and many hills. After the coach left, I realized that I had left my clothes inside it, and that [-----1-----]. I was alone on the open moor! There were many white roads that went across the moor.
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