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紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 312009-12-31
Pao-ch'ai avails herself of the excuse afforded her by a fan to administer a couple of raps. While Ch'un Ling traces, in a absent frame of mind, the outlines of the character Ch'iang, a looker-on appears on the scene.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 272009-12-31
In the Ti Ts'ui pavilion, Pao-ch'ai diverts herself with the multi-coloured butterflies. Over the mound, where the flowers had been interred, Tai-yue bewails their withered bloom.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 292009-12-29
A happy man enjoys a full measure of happiness, but still prays for happiness. A beloved girl is very much loved, but yet craves for more love.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 262009-12-29
On the Feng Yao bridge, Hsiao Hung makes known sentimental matters in equivocal language. In the Hsiao Hsiang lodge, Tai-yue gives, while under the effects of the spring lassitude, expression to her secret feelings.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 252009-12-28
By a demoniacal art, a junior uncle and an elder brother's wife (Pao-yue and lady Feng) come across five devils. The gem of Spiritual Perception meets, in a fit of torpor, the two perfect men.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 282009-12-28
Chiang Yue-han lovingly presents a rubia-scented silk sash. Hsueeh Pao-ch'ai blushingly covers her musk-perfumed string of red beads.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 12009-12-27
Chen Shih-yin, in a vision, apprehends perception and spirituality. Chia Yue-ts'un, in the (windy and dusty) world, cherishes fond thoughts of a beautiful maiden.
This is the opening section;
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 22009-12-27
the spirit of Mrs. Chia Shih-yin departs from the town of Yang Chou. Leng Tzu-hsing dilates upon the Jung Kuo Mansion.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 32009-12-26
Lin Ju-hai appeals to his brother-in-law, Chia Cheng, recommending Yue-ts'un, his daughter's tutor, to his consideration. Dowager lady Chia sends to fetch her granddaughter, out of commiseration for her being a motherless child.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 102009-12-26
Widow Chin, prompted by a desire to reap advantage, puts up temporarily with an insult. Dr. Chang in discussing Mrs. Chin's illness minutely exhausts its origin.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 52009-12-25
the spirit of Chia Pao-yue visits the confines of the GREat Void. The Monitory Vision Fairy expounds, in ballads, the Dream of the Red Chamber.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 42009-12-25
An ill-fated girl happens to meet an ill-fated young man. the Hu Lu Bonze adjudicates the Hu Lu case.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 62009-12-24
Chia Pao-yue reaps his first experience in licentious love. Old Goody Liu pays a visit to the Jung Kuo Mansion.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 72009-12-24
Presentation of artificial flowers made in the Palace. Chia Lien disports himself with Hsi-feng. Pao-yue meets Ch'in Chung at a family party.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 82009-12-23
By a strange coincidence, Chia Pao-yue becomes acquainted with the golden clasp. In an unexpected meeting, Hsueeh Pao-ch'ai sees the jade of spiritual perception.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 92009-12-23
Chia Cheng gives good advice to his wayward son. Li Kuei receives a reprimand. Chia Jui and Li Kuei rebuke the obstinate youths! Ming Yen causes trouble in the school-room.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 122009-12-22
Wang Hsi-feng maliciously lays a trap for Chia Jui, under pretence that his affection is reciprocated. Chia T'ien-hsiang gazes at the face of the mirror of Voluptuousness.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 112009-12-22
In honour of Chia Ching's birthday, a family banquet is spread in the Ning Mansion. At the sight of Hsi-feng, Chia Jui entertains feelings of licentious love.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 142009-12-21
Lin Ju-hai dies in the City of Yang Chou. Chia Pao-yue meets the Prince of Pei Ching on the way.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 132009-12-21
Ch'in K'o-ch'ing dies, and Chia Jung is invested with the rank of military officer to the Imperial Body-guard. Wang Hsi-feng lends her help in the management of the Jung Kuo Mansion.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 152009-12-20
Lady Peng, nee Wang, exercises her authority in the Iron Fence Temple. Ch'in Ching-ch'ing (Ch'ing Chung) amuses himself in the Man-t'ou (Bread) nunnery.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 162009-12-20
Chia Yuan-ch'un is, on account of her talents, selected to enter the Feng Ts'ao Palace. Ch'in Ching-ch'ing departs, in the prime of life, by the yellow spring road.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 172009-12-19
In the Ta Kuan Garden, (Broad Vista,) the merits of Pao-yue are put to the test, by his being told to write devices for scrolls and tablets. Yuan Ch'un returns to the Jung Kuo mansion, on a visit to her parents, and offers her congratulations to them on the feast of lanterns, on the fifteenth of the first moon.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 182009-12-19
His Majesty shows magnanimous bounty. the Imperial consort Yuan pays a visit to her parents. The happiness of a family gathering. Pao-yue displays his polished talents.
紅樓夢(英文版) Chapter 202009-12-18
Wang Hsi-feng with earnest words upbraids Mrs. Chao's jealous notions. Lin Tai-yue uses specious language to make sport of Shih Hsiang-yuen's querulous tone of voice.


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