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公务员英语口语 第60课2015-07-14
Compliments and Congratulations Dialogue 1 (Sue and Graham are engaged to be married and are going to buy and engagement ring. ) -Er~could we see some rings. please? -Certainly, sir. Wedding or engagement? -Engagement.
公务员英语口语 第59课2015-07-14
Asking for and Giving Help Dialogue 1 -Could you give me a hand moving the bookshelf please? -Well, Id better no if you dont mind. Im sorry, but it looks heavy to me. Ive got a bad back. -Oh, have you? I dont know that.
公务员英语口语 第58课2015-07-13
Asking for Advice and Offering Suggestions Dialogue 1 -James, Ive been thinking about that companys job. -Oh? What will you do? -Give me some advice. I think Id like to take it, if they would increase the pay. -But I dont know what you should do.
公务员英语口语 第57课2015-07-13
Appreciation and Apologies Dialgoue 1 -I really dont know how to thank you. You give a great help for us this time. -Im glad I was able to help. -Its most kind of you. -Dont mention it. It was the least I could do.
公务员英语口语 第56课2015-07-12
Asking for and Giving Directions Dialogue 1 -Excuse me, can you tell me where the Xinjie Department Store is? -Go down this street, turn right at the third crossing and then youll find it. -Will it take me long to get there?
公务员英语口语 第55课2015-07-12
Talking about the Weather Dialogue 1 -Whats the weather like today in our city? -Its sunny. Its really a pleasant day. But we need work overtime today in company. -Oh, Its an awful day. However its good to see the sun again.
公务员英语口语 第54课2015-07-11
Talking about Time and Dates Dialogue 1 -What time is it now? -Its three thirty. -Oh, its time to meet the client. Does your watch keep good time? -Yes. It seldom gains or loses. Havent you got your watch with you? -No. Its always slow.
公务员英语口语 第53课2015-07-11
Greetings and Parting Dialogue 1 -Good heavens~Lao Wu!I havent seen you for ages. -No, Ive been away for the past two months. Good to see you again. Xiao Liu. How are you keeping? -Very well, thanks. And youre certainly looking tanned and healthy.
公务员英语口语 第52课2015-07-10
Introduction of other People Dialogue 1 -There you are at last, David. We thought you were never coming. -Sorry, I got held up at work. -Anyway, Id like to introduce my fiancee, Marion. -Hello, Marion. Fiancee, eh? Well, this is a surprise.
公务员英语口语 第51课2015-07-10
Self-introduction Dialogue 1 -Good morning. -Good morning. Im We Hua. May I know your name? -My name is Jim Green, but you can call me Jim. -Nice to meet you, Jim. -Nice to meet you, too. Dialogue 2 -Excuse me!Are you Black Smith?
公务员英语口语 第50课2015-07-09
Making a Reservation Dialogue 1 -Hongda Total. Can I help you? -Here is Beijing Business Bureau. Im calling to make a reservation of a room. -What kind of room do you want? -A double one for me and my head, Mr. Wang. -When will you arrive?
公务员英语口语 第49课2015-07-09
Checking In and Out Dialogue 1 -Im David from China. I have a reservation. -OK, Mr. David. Let me see. Oh, yes. Its for a room with a bath. Is that right? -Yes. Id like to confirm the room charge per night. -The rate is 35 dollars for each night.
公务员英语口语 第48课2015-07-08
Sightseeing Dialogue 1 -Hongzhou is beautiful and the weather is marvelous. -I know why it is called paradise on earth. -Please hurry up. I really cant wait to see the West Lake. -Dont woryy. Look, here we are. -What a beautiful lake!
公务员英语口语 第47课2015-07-08
At a Restaurant Dialogue 1 -Im Zhang Jing from Suzhou Personnel Bureau. Ive booked a table for four for 7 oclock. -Oh, thats right. Miss Zhang, this way, plese. Is this table OK? -Yes, but shall we have a table near the window? -Im sorry you cant .
公务员英语口语 第46课2015-07-07
Describing Places and Locations Dialogue 1 -In what part of china is Beijing? -Its in the north of China, about one hundred and eighty kilometers from the east coast. -Beijing is very large in area, isnt it? -Yes. It is one hundred and sixty kilomete
公务员英语口语 第45课2015-07-07
Asking for Information Dialogue 1 -Can you tell me something about the committees meeting? -Certainly. -When did it begin? -At about 8:30 -Who were present? -All in the office except those who are abroad for an official visit.
公务员英语口语 第44课2015-07-06
In a Library Dialogue 1 -Good morning, Mrs. White. Can I help you? -Good morning!I want to look for some books for my mother. -Well, what kind of books does she like? -Shes very fond of detective stories. -I see. Has she read any detective stories befor
公务员英语口语 第43课2015-07-06
Computer Operations Dialogue 1 -Ive just bought a new computer. It will be convenient for my job. -What brand? -A brand made in china. -How big is the hard disk? -Its 60G. -What soft ware is available? -Office 2000. -Does it have a USB port?
公务员英语口语 第42课2015-07-05
At a Repairing Shop Dialogue 1 -Can I help you? -Im coing to have the gas meter repaired. -Whats wrong? -It doesnt work, and cant accurately show the level of the gas in the rank. Fortunately I found the problem.
公务员英语口语 第41课2015-07-05
Medical Care Dialogue 1 -Do you want to see a doctor? -Yes. -Have you got a file? -No. this is my first visit here. -Ill make one for you. -Thanks a lot. -Which department do you want to register with? -I want to see a surgery.
公务员英语口语 第40课2015-07-04
Law and Social Order Dialogue 1 -Stop, sir!Why are you in such a hurry? -Its none of your business! -This is the police. We should like to ask you some question. -I have no time for your questions. -This is our oficial duty. Please cooperate.
公务员英语口语 第39课2015-07-04
Business Management Dialogue 1 -It seems there are a growing number of new companies in the field of computers who are headed by very young people. Many of them are only in their twenties and already heading up highly successful companies.
公务员英语口语 第38课2015-07-03
Business Relations Dialogue 1 -Hello! -Hello, arent you Mr. Black? -Yes, I am a representative of International Construction Machines Corporation. Heres my card. -Thanks. Please take a seat and have a cup of coffee. -Thank you. Whats your name, please?
公务员英语口语 第37课2015-07-03
Business Conferences Dialogue 1 -Well, I dont think we need to read the minutes of the last meeting. Copies fo them have already been distributed to you. Today, lets go on with our discussion. Mr, Lenis, will you please report your contacts with farmers
公务员英语口语 第36课2015-07-02
Shopping and Payment Terms Dialogue 1 -Can we make payment by D/A? -Im sorry. We generally only accept payment by D/P or irrevocalbe letter of credit payable against shipping documents. -If that is the case, well have to follow your convention.
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