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自考英语讲座(下) 第60讲2015-05-27
1. He cannot be really happy if he is compelled by society to do what he does not enjoy doing, or if what he enjoys doing is ignored by society as of no value or importance.
自考英语讲座(下) 第59讲2015-05-26
9. Historically, scientists and inventors are one group (that __ (seem) to take full advantage of relaxed moments).
自考英语讲座(下) 第58讲2015-05-26
1. …and there is a growing body of evidence __ (support) the fact __ most people suffer from a lack of daydreaming rather than an excess of it.
自考英语讲座(下) 第57讲2015-05-25
Hundreds of people have fled from the fighting in the city and are now living in the surrounding hills.
自考英语讲座(下) 第56讲2015-05-25
When she comes to the office, she gives her habitual greeting to everyone there.
自考英语讲座(下) 第55讲2015-05-24
When you come here, I’ll let you know. My nose runs every time I catch a cold. The machine starts the moment the button is pressed.
自考英语讲座(下) 第54讲2015-05-24
Many other new techniques that enable more research to be done in the test tube to see if chemicals produce harmful biological effects are now available.
自考英语讲座(下) 第53讲2015-05-23
The people are prepared to sacrifice everything to achieve victory.
自考英语讲座(下) 第51讲2015-05-23
1. In deciding whether to pursue a course of action, they try to estimate its __ impact on the voters.
自考英语讲座(下) 第50讲2015-05-22
1. The winner in the November general election is almost certain to be either the Republican or the Democratic nominee.
自考英语讲座(下) 第49讲2015-05-22
主语从句 / it …主语从句 vt. / prep. +宾语从句 be / get / become / turn …系动词+表语从句 名词+同位语从句
自考英语讲座(下) 第48讲2015-05-21
it is because the birthrate fell __ (early) in Western and Northwestern Europe than elsewhere, rather than because of any change in the death rate, that we have grown so old.
自考英语讲座(下) 第47讲2015-05-21
Your employers liability does not cover accidents that you have on your way to work.
自考英语讲座(下) 第46讲2015-05-20
Whereas the two clocks would normally sound their alarms together, now they ring at different times.
自考英语讲座(下) 第45讲2015-05-20
1. The other belongs in our internal clocks (the major one of which may be physically located in a part of the brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus) which, left alone, would tie the body to a 25 hour -- yes, 25 --- rhythm.
自考英语讲座(下) 第44讲2015-05-19
one of the children in the parade was walking out of step with all the others. Hurry up and we’ll catch the train. Hurry up or we’ll miss the train.
自考英语讲座(下) 第43讲2015-05-19
If …, … Would should could might Were to do If I got the information, I __ (let) you know.
自考英语讲座(下) 第42讲2015-05-18
1. The term ‘quality of life’ covers a wide scope. 2. It is good for ones health to find time to relax in a society of fast-paced and stressful work.
自考英语讲座(下) 第41讲2015-05-18
You may suddenly find that there is no way to stretch the little time you have left to cover all your obligations.
自考英语讲座(下) 第40讲2015-05-17
I held her firmly by the arm in case she slipped on the ice. Just slip out of the room while nobodys looking.
自考英语讲座(下) 第39讲2015-05-17
our likes and dislikes, tastes and preferences that underlie our choices of such activities as reading books, going to the cinema, camping, or certain cultural pursuits, are all related to social contexts and learning experiences.
自考英语讲座(下) 第38讲2015-05-16
The importance people attach to paid holidays and the rapid development of services for mass entertainment and recreation are signs of this increasing concern.
自考英语讲座(下) 第37讲2015-05-16
Will passengers please make sure that they take all their personal possessions with them on leaving the train.
自考英语讲座(下) 第36讲:The most2015-05-15
These networks are on the alert for warning signs that show the weakening of rock layers that can precede an earthquake.
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