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《新视野大学英语 第四册》音频打包下载2018-03-16
VOA英语网提供的关于《新视野大学英语 第四册》音频打包下载的资源.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 01ab2012-12-23
[00:-1.00]Mrs.Baroda was a little annoyed to learn that her husband expected his friend,[00:-2.00]Gouvernail,up to spend a week or two on the plantation.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 01c2012-12-22
[00:-1.00]Wed like to share some of the positive meanings love has for us.[00:-2.00] Love means that I know the person I love.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 02a2012-12-22
[00:-1.00]He was born in a poor area of south London.[00:-2.00]He wore his mothers old red stockings cut down for ankle socks.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 02b2012-12-21
[00:-5.00]Ms.Mbogos victory was even more surprising[00:-6.00]because she was voted in by her colleagues on the District Council,all men.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 02c2012-12-21
[00:-1.00]In my family,success is weighed by a single standard:[00:-2.00]the ability to be first.[00:-3.00]It does not matter what you are first at as long as you are first at something.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 03a2012-12-20
[00:-2.00]Everybody expects it.[00:-3.00]Faced with sharing a dinner of raw pet food with the cat,[00:-4.00]many people in wheelchairs I know bleed the system for a few extra dollars.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 03b2012-12-20
[00:-1.00]It was late afternoon when the chairman of our Bangkok[00:-2.00]- based company gave me an assignment:[00:-3.00]I would leave the next day to accompany an important Chinese businessman
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 03c2012-12-19
[00:-1.00]You could feel sorry for Alberto Torres,who is blind.[00:-2.00]The last thing he remembers seeing was his daughter being born 13 years ago.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 04a2012-12-19
[00:-1.00]A transformation is occurring[00:-2.00]that should greatly boost living standards in the developing world.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 04b2012-12-18
[00:-1.00]Are you too tired to go to the video store[00:-2.00]but you want to see the movie Beauty and the Beast at home?[00:-3.00]Want to listen to your favorite guitar players latest jazz cassette?
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 04c2012-12-18
[00:-1.00]Imagine a small plastic card that holds all manner of information about you[00:-2.00]on a tiny memory chip (芯片):your date of birth, Social Security Number,[00:-3.00]credit and medical histories.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 05a2012-12-17
[00:-1.00]Here we are,all by ourselves,all 22 million of us by recent count,[00:-2.00]alone in our rooms,some of us liking it that way and some of us not.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 05b2012-12-17
[00:-1.00]Identical twins Katie and Sarah Monahan[00:-2.00]arrived at Pennsylvanias Gettysburg College last year[00:-3.00]determined to strike out on independent paths.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 05c2012-12-16
[00:-1.00]We sat around the dining table,my family and I,[00:-2.00]full to bursting from yet another home-cooked South Indian dinner.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 06a2012-12-16
[00:-1.00]Students taking business courses[00:-2.00]are sometimes a little surprised to find that classes on business ethics[00:-3.00]have been included in their schedule.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 06b2012-12-15
[00:-1.00]Every summer about a dozen journalists gather at a former army training camp[00:-2.00]north of London to spend the day watching the training of Londons special armed police unit.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 06c2012-12-15
[00:-1.00]You may suppose that national borders are nothing to get excited about.[00:-2.00]However,Canada and the United States are very proud of theirs.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 07a2012-12-14
[00:-1.00]While not exactly a top selling book,[00:-2.00]The History and Geography of Human Genes is a remarkable collection of[00:-3.00]more than 50 years of research in population genetics.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 07b2012-12-14
[00:-1.00]It is a popular myth that great geniuses[00:-2.00]— the Einsteins,Picassos and Mozarts of this world[00:-3.00]— spring up out of nowhere as if touched by the finger of God.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 07c2012-12-13
[00:-1.00]Dr.Howard Gardner of Harvard University[00:-2.00]believes that geniuses are largely made.[00:-3.00]He has banned television from his home[00:-4.00]because he fears it might ruin the minds of his family.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 08a2012-12-13
[00:-1.00]I remember the very day that I became black.[00:-2.00]Up to my thirteenth year I lived in the little Negro town of Eatonville,[00:-3.00]Florida.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 08b2012-12-12
[00:-2.00]that I was looking into skin cream that claimed[00:-3.00]to beat back the destruction that comes with age,[00:-4.00] her worries poured out. A month ago, she told me,[00:-5.00]she had suddenly noticed wrinkles all over her face.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 08c2012-12-12
[00:-1.00]In my late fifties, and then my sixties, I heard,[00:-2.00]I cant believe youre that old. You dont look that old.[00:-3.00]At first that felt like praise. Then I became a bit uneasy.
该音频有LRC字幕 新视野大学英语第四册 课文 09a2012-12-11
[00:-1.00]Does Mickey Mouse have a beard? No.[00:-2.00]Does this mean that French men seeking work with the Disney organization[00:-3.00]must shave off their moustaches too? It depends.


pk10长龙统计走势图 北京赛车计划大全 北京赛车pk开奖视频app 北京pk10的玩法技巧 北京pk109码计划 中国福彩北京赛车官网 北京pk10微信群二维码 彩票控北京赛车走势图 北京赛车冷热杀号 pk10冠亚和值推荐号 北京pk10在哪看直播视频 北京赛车pk10下注 北京赛车超准计划 北京赛车pk10单期计划 北京赛车pk10冠军口诀
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