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《大学英语听力》 针对学生的实际情况,在基础阶段?#25945;?#21319;阶段的编写内容中介绍了听力技巧和听力训练,可以增加学生主动学习英语的兴趣;每课题材、每种题型都遵循“管用、够用、会用”的原则;另外,在选材上,不仅注意选用了英、美文化的文章,同时也融入了中国文化文章。

大学英语听力第四册 TEST2015-11-22
Test PART A 1. M: When shall we start our work, Jane? W: At 9. But we must hurry for we have to finish everything before 3 in the afternoon. Q : For how long will they work? 2. W: Would you like to hear the latest jazZ record? M: Sure, it has one of
大学英语听力第四册 QUIZ 32015-11-22
大学英语听力第四册 QUIZ 22015-11-20
PART A 1. W: How's the class going, Ted? Are you learning to swim well? M: Slowly but surely. Q : What does Ted mean? 2. M: How much weight are you trying to lose? W: About 10 kilos. I used to weigh 53 kilos before, but now if I can just get down to
大学英语听力第四册 QUIZ 12015-11-20
Quiz 1 PART A 1. M: Barbara is leaving for Tokyo tomorrow. I'd like to see her off at the airport. What time is her flight? W: 7:30 p.m. But she's got to get to the airport one hour earlier. Q : When will Barbara get to the airport? 2. M: How many sc
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 202015-11-19
PART A Micro-Listening Integrative Skills' Training I. One of the main complaints of the city residents in the United States is the number of homeless cats and dogs. It has been estimated by Friends of Animals Incorporation that more than 30 million
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 192015-11-19
PART A Micro-Listening 1. M: Hi, Mary. I tried to get you on the phone for hours this morning. Where were you? W: I was busy working in the office. M: Why? It's Saturday, isn't? W: Yes, I know. But I had to finish typing a report for Mr Davis. Q: Why
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 182015-11-18
PART A Micro-Listening 1. M: Would you like to go boating with me? W: What a good idea! Q : What does the woman mean? 2. W: You were very quiet at the meeting. M: I was really fascinated by what every speaker said. Q : Why was the man so quiet at the
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 172015-11-18
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 162015-11-17
PART A Micro-Listening 1. W: Are we going to have the swimming competition at the school swimming pool today? M: It will be held at the sports center because it's raining so hard. Q : What do we learn from the conversation? 2. W: Have you finished yo
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 152015-11-17
PART A Micro-Listening 1. M: Did you go to the museum before or after lunch? W: After. First I had lunch at McDonald's, and then I decided to see the new exhibits at the museum before it closed. Q: What did the woman do after lunch? 2. W: Have you se
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 142015-11-16
PART A Micro-Listening 1. W: I have been thinking about my uncle a lot these days. M: Why not go over for a visit? Q : What does the man mean? 2. W: Would you please close the window? I feel a bit cold. M: Oh, I'm sorry, but maybe you should put on y
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 132015-11-16
PART A Micro-Listening 1. Sam visited San Francisco on his way to Washington D.C. He's planning to go to Chicago and Detroit. Now he's on the train to Chicago. Q: Which city has Sam been to? 2. After buyinga toothbrush at a drugstore, Linda walked ho
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 122015-11-15
Lesson 12 PART A 1. W: The train was supposed to arrive at 9 oclock. M: Nine oclock! But its already 9:30. Q: What does the man mean? 2. W: Is Jane ready to go to the airport? M: Ready? She hasnt even finish packing. Q : What does the man mean? 3. W:
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 112015-11-15
Lesson 11 PART A 1. M: Id like to see the blue jacket in the window. W: What size do you want? Q: Who might be the woman? 2. W: Id like some cookies and a birthday cake. M: Do you want the cake decorated? Q: Where does this conversation take place? 3
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 102015-11-14
PART A Micro-Listening 1. W: How do you like talking with your roommate Paul? M: Oh, he always beats around the bush. Q : What do we know about Paul? 2. W: What a mess! The guests will be here soon. M: Take it easy. I assure you the house will be spo
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 92015-11-14
PART A Micro-Listening 1. M: How come you're so late. What's happened? W: My bike broke down and I had to walk here. Q : What's the woman's problem? 2. W: Paul has been offered a new job, hasn't he? M: Yes, but he has turned it down. Q : What do you
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 82015-11-13
PART B Macro-Listening Passage I Boxing Day Tapescript In the English-speaking world, the day after Christmas Day has a special name. We call it Boxing Day. This makes it sound2 like a day on which everyone has a fight, but the name has nothing to do
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 72015-11-13
Lesson 7 PART A 1. W: Could you post this parcel for me when you go out for lunch? M: I wish I could, but theres always a very long queue during lunch time. Q: What does the man mean? 2. W: Has Jimmy returned from Tokyo yet? M: Yes, he came back just
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 62015-11-12
PART A Micro-Listening Numbers Calculation I.1. W: What time does the concert start? M: At 8:30. We still have 25 minutes to get there. Q : What time is it now? 2. W: Can you tell me what time Flight 318 will arrive? M: Yes, it was scheduled to arri
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 52015-11-12
Lesson 5 PART A Micro-Listening 1. M: When is Mary coming? W: Well, it's eight forty. She'll arrive in fifteen minutes. Q : When will Mary arrive? At 8:55.2. M: How's your mother feeling these days? W: Much better, thanks. But the doctor said that s
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 42015-11-11
Lesson 4 PART B Macro-Listening Passage 1 Have a Pleasant Trip I. Tapescript Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome aboard the luxury cruise bus to Dallas, Baton Rouge, and Atlanta: We are scheduled to arrive in Dallas at 1:45 this afternoon. Th
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 32015-11-11
Lesson 3 PART B Macro-Listening Passage 1 We Wish You a Pleasant Flight I. Tapescript Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. May I draw your attention to the 'Safety in Flight' leaflet which you'll find in the pocket at the back of the seat in front of
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 22015-11-10
Lesson 2 PART B Macro-Listening Passage I Teachers' Complaints I. Tapescript Teachers often complain that students don't do their homework properly and that they are constantly arriving at school red-eyed and yawning due to lack of sleep. It appears
大学英语听力第四册 lesson 12015-11-10
Lesson 1 PART B Macro-Listening Passage 1 What Is an Ideal Teacher Like? I. Tapescript The ideal teacher may be young or old, tall or short, fat or thin. He should know his subject, but he can make mistakes if he is willing to learn. His personality


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