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《欲望都市》(Sex and the City)是美国HBO有线电视网播放的喜剧类剧集,于1998年6月6日首播,2004年2月22日结束,共六季94集。此电视系列剧获得许多艾美奖和金球奖的奖项。此外,还有同名的电影和情趣玩具?#25918;啤?/p>

《听美剧学英语 欲望都市》音频打包下载2018-03-16
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该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 620 情迷巴黎(下) An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux2013-10-19
[43:09.32]The house is on the market. Look out, New York, Im a-coming. 房子正在出售 纽约,当心,我来大展身手了[43:12.28]...weII, thats just fabuIous. 那就一切美呆了
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 619 情迷巴黎(上) An American Girl in Paris, Part Une2013-10-19
[00:50.12]Some outfits wait a Iifetime to be taken somewhere speciaI. 有些衣服等了一辈子 才找到适当的时机?#26009;郲00:54.20]The same can be true of peopIe. 有些人也是那样
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 618 落幕 Splat!2013-10-17
[00:50.92]When you Iive in New York City, it can take aII your energy to stay in vogue. 住在纽约光是走在时尚尖端 就会花掉你所有力量[00:55.64]So when Enid Frick, my oId boss at Vogue, wanted to meet me for Iunch... 我在时尚杂志的前?#20064;?伊妮德菲瑞克约?#39029;?#21320;餐
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 617 冷战 The Cold War2013-10-17
[00:48.44]When it gets coId outside, New Yorkers head inside... 天气变冷了,纽约客涌入室内[00:54.00]and Iook for ways to generate heat. 想办法取暖
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 616 变幻人生 Out of the Frying Pan2013-10-16
[00:50.16]When youre dating someone new, everything can seem foreign... 跟新对象约会时 一切看起来都是那么地新奇[00:54.84]especiaIIy when youre dating someone foreign. 何况我的交往对象是个外国人
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 615 熟女迷思 Catch-382013-10-16
[00:47.16]Id been dating the Russian for two months... 我和俄国佬已交往两个月了 如此甜蜜美好…[00:49.32]when we hit a reIationship benchmark so rare...
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 614 肉麻元素 The Ick Factor2013-10-15
[00:52.72]In autumn, New Yorkers treat every nice day... 在秋天纽约客 尽情享受每一个好天气[00:56.00]as if it couId be their Iast.
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 613 完美情人 Let There Be Light2013-10-15
[00:50.72]A singIe gaI spends most of her Iife searching for the perfect maIe. 单身女郎大部分的时间 都在寻找理想的另?#35805;隱00:55.40](凯莉布雷萧小姐)
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 612 真命天子 One2013-10-14
[00:57.28]-Come on, lets hurry. -lm not dressed to hustle. -快点… -又不是赶着接客[01:00.64]When CharIotte and I heard there was a woman in CheIsea... 当我和夏绿蒂听到 有个女人不吃也不说话
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 611 ?#26725;?#25928;应 The Domino Effect2013-10-14
[00:53.00]Taxi![01:01.48]There are some New York nights that are monumentaI... 有些纽约的夜晚 是不朽且具重大意义[01:03.64]gigantic, historic.
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 610 往日情怀 Boy, Interrupted2013-10-13
[00:54.52]I didnt go to my high schooI reunion. 我并没有参加高中同学会[00:55.40]So when my high-schooI sweetheart caIIed me for a reunion... 因此当我高中男友打电话来时
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 609 捕女人与鞋 A Woman’s Right to Shoes2013-10-13
[00:52.20]The singIe New Yorkers weekend is aII about buying.: 单身纽约客的周末 总是脱离不?#26031;何颷00:55.32]the Iatest Vogue, fresh fIowers... 新一期的时?#23567;?#33457; 送给前单身纽约客的礼物
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 608 捕捉爱情 The Catch2013-10-12
[00:49.72]My career had reached new heights, IiteraIIy. 我的事业达到了新高峰[00:54.12]An editor at New York magazine thought I wouId be the perfect person... 报社编辑认为我很适合
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 607 祸不单行 The Post-It Always Sticks Twice2013-10-12
[00:50.32]New York City is a great pIace to be engaged. 纽约市是个适合订婚的好地方[00:58.68]Miss? -小姐 -抱歉,你要搭计程?#24503;?[01:01.36]lm sorry. Did you want this cab?
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 606 停看听 Hop, Skip and a Week2013-10-11
[00:49.56]In New York City, where no good event gets going before 9.:00 p.m... 在纽约市 好事不会在晚上9点以前发生[00:52.32]its a very bad sign when you get invited to something that starts at 9.:00 a.m. 因此接到早上9点开始的通知 就是个不祥的预兆
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 605 新男性主义 Lights, Camera, Relationship2013-10-11
[00:47.76]In every reIationship, there comes a time when you take that next important step. 在每段感情中,都会有步入 下一个重要阶段的时候[00:53.84]-Do l look all right? -Dont worry, theyll love you. -穿这样可以吗? -别担心,他们会爱死你
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 604 祸从口出 Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little2013-10-10
[00:60.96]In New York City, it is a statisticaI fact... 在纽约,有个统计数字[01:05.04]that once every seven minutes, an unsuspecting woman... 每七分钟 就会有一名女性无意间…
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 603 完美的现在 The Perfect Present2013-10-10
[00:54.64]In a singIe gaIs Iife, there are three important firsts. 单身女子的生活中 有三个重要的第一次[00:57.52]The first time you have sex... 第一次的性爱 第一次的完美性爱
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 602 高度性期望 Great Sexpectations2013-10-09
[00:48.52]The onIy thing as deIicious as those first few bites... 和像柏格这般 优质对象的前几次约会[00:51.64]of a truIy great burger...
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第六季 601 前进市场 To Market, To Market2013-10-09
[00:47.36]When you Iive in the city that never sIeeps... 生活在不夜城 有?#36744;?#23567;心睡过头[00:50.84]it comes as a bit of a shock when somehow...
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第五季 508 爱的神秘 I Love a Charade2013-10-08
[00:47.76]In this ever-expanding gaIaxy caIIed New York City... 纽?#23395;?#20687;不断扩张的宇宙[00:51.84]there are certain heavenIy bodies one orbits around every day. 许多天体 每天绕着同一个轨道运转
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第五季 507 人生旅程 The Big Journey2013-10-08
[00:49.52]One night, four Iadies in the east met at Compass to discuss going west. 有天晚上,四个东岸女郎 在罗盘餐厅讨论去西岸的事[00:53.64]l have to go to San Francisco on a book tour. 我要到旧金山 举行新书?#19981;?#31614;名会
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第五季 506 十万火急 Critical Condition2013-10-07
[00:50.72]In the Iife of a New Yorker... 纽约客的每一天 必须面对许多令人不快的事[00:51.80]there are severaI unpIeasant things one wiII inevitabIy have to face.
该音频有LRC字幕 欲望都市第五季 505 只有寂寞 Plus One is the Loneliest Number2013-10-07
[00:53.40]都能完成她一生的梦想[00:55.00]ltll be fabulous. Everything white. White flowers, white tablecloths, white food. 这一定会很棒,白色?#24149;?桌巾跟食物,全都是白色的
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