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《吸血鬼日記》(The Vampire Diaries)由哥倫比亞及華納兄弟聯合電視網出品,由馬科斯·西恩加執導,妮娜·杜波夫、保羅·韋斯利、伊恩·薩默海爾德等領銜主演的一部青春魔幻美國電視連續劇。電視劇由美國女作家L.J.史密斯的同名暢銷系列小說《吸血鬼日記》改編而成。


吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第22集 第16期2017-05-19
我在這世上混跡多年了 Hmm. Well, let's just say I've been around a long time.我了解到一些事情 I've learned a few things.那么 達蒙... So, Damon...告訴我吧 Tell me.我想要的是什么 Wh
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第22集 第15期2017-05-19
麗貝卡 不要 Rebekah, no.我得給斯特凡打電話 但是手機沒電了 I need to call Stefan, but my phone is dying.給 用我的吧 Here. Use mine.謝謝 馬特 小心 Thanks. Matt, look out!爸爸 Da
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第22集 第14期2017-05-18
泰勒·洛克伍德死了 Tyler Lockwood is dead,但其他狼人都活下來了 but the rest survived.你說尼克勞斯改變了他們的血統 You said that Niklaus turned their bloodline.-我是這么認為的 -不是我 - I th
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第22集 第13期2017-05-18
我只知道現在 All I can think about is right now.我也在乎你 達蒙 And I care about you, Damon.所以我才得放你走 Which is why I have to let you go.如果先相遇的是我們倆... I mean, ma
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第22集 第12期2017-05-17
發生什么了 What happened? 斯特凡 Stefan? 收到了 杰 Got it, Jer.我們得回去 We have to go back.聽我說 馬特 Listen to me, Matt.如果是克勞斯轉化了他們 If Klaus is the one that turned
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第22集 第11期2017-05-17
發生什么了 What's going on? 這是唯一能把你弄上車的辦法 It's the only way I was going to get you in this truck.是那杯茶 The tea.-你給我下藥了 -對不起 埃琳娜 - You drugged me? ! - I'm
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第22集 第10期2017-05-16
事故之后 After the accident,我覺得我不知道該如何繼續生活 I kind of felt like I didn't know how to live anymore.好像我不想繼續 Like I didn't want to.但跟斯特凡在一起 But then being
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第22集 第09期2017-05-16
以防待會兒沒機會 Just in case there is no later.邦妮剛走 麗貝卡很快就會來帶走軀體 Bonnie just left. Rebekah should be here soon, pick up the body.卡羅琳和以利亞就位了 I got Caroline
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第22集 第08期2017-05-15
埃琳娜就把我們都買給祖先了 and Elena sells our soul to the originals? 這是她的決定 It's her call.你知道她還決定了什么嗎 You know what else is her call? 所有糟糕的決定 Everything bad ever
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第22集 第07期2017-05-15
你打算怎么辦 So what are you going to do? 我想做的 What I want to do是進屋去 帶上埃琳娜 is run in that house, grab Elena帶她離開 遠離這一切是非 and get her out of here and away
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第22集 第06期2017-05-14
為此我深感慚愧 And for that, I'm deeply ashamed.但你要知道 But know this--今晚我跨進門時 she could have been dead the instant就完全可以殺了她 I walked through that door tonig
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第22集 第05期2017-05-14
我就能擺脫他們所有人 I'll get rid of all of them.查明克勞斯的軀體放在了哪 Find out where Klaus' body is being hidden.我就殺了他和他的兄妹 I'll kill him. All his siblings.等我一死 吸血鬼
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第22集 第04期2017-05-13
是啊 It was.抱歉我那時那樣拴著你 I'm sorry that I strung you along.我該想清楚自己的心意 I should have figured out what I wanted,然后坦誠相對 and just been honest about it.現在我
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第22集 第03期2017-05-13
這就去 We're on it.等我們確認了衣櫥里沒有藏人就去 As soon as we make sure no one's lurking in the closets.好了 快去沙發上坐著 All right, couch. Now.都說了我沒事 Ugh, I told you, I
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第22集 第02期2017-05-12
她現在很容易被攻擊 She's a sitting duck in there.梅雷迪思想留她做觀察 Well, Meredith wants to keep her here for observation.杰里米 送埃琳娜回家 Jeremy, get Elena home.我們這就走 W
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第22集 第01期2017-05-12
《吸血鬼日記》前情提要 Previously on The Vampire Diaries...我愛你 著我的眼睛 告訴我 I love you. Now look me in the eye and tell me你對他沒有感覺 that you don't feel somethi
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第20集 第16期2017-05-11
看來這是我的專職了 Apparently it's what I do.你真的很了不起 You really are pretty amazing.有時我就想過平靜普通的日子 Sometimes I think I'd settle for just ordinary.你說你爸爸出鎮了 對吧
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第20集 第15期2017-05-11
聽著 杰里米 事情就該這樣 Listen, Jeremy, it's the right thing to do, ok? 發生了這么多事情 After everything that's happened,我犯下那么多罪孽 after--after all that I've done...
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第20集 第14期2017-05-10
這都是你的錯 You know, this is your fault.是你放了我媽媽才害我們落得如此境地 You set us on this path when you released my mother.不知你的復仇是否值得這樣的代價 I wonder if revenge will p
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第20集 第13期2017-05-10
這樣在他完全轉變之前 If so, you can say your good-byes你還能和他道別 before his transition is complete.你說你想解決你制造的罪惡 You said you wanted to undo the evil that you cre
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第20集 第12期2017-05-09
杰里米和馬特現在正往那里去 Jeremy and Matt are headed there right now.你讓他們去了 You let them go? 他們會害死自己的 They're gonna get themselves killed.沒別的辦法 卡羅琳 We didn't h
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第20集 第11期2017-05-09
你根本不了解我 埃琳娜 You don't know who I am, Elena.你只認識最軟弱的我 You only know the weakest parts of me,一個迷失自我的男人 a man who lost his way,不獵殺吸血鬼反與他們交朋友 be frien
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第20集 第10期2017-05-08
你還沒做好接受邀請的準備 you're not ready to accept my offer.也許有一天 Perhaps one day,一年后或一個世紀后 in a year or even a century,你會出現在我家門口 you'll show up at my door讓我
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第20集 第09期2017-05-08
他不會的 He won't,既然他已經接受了自己最黑暗的一面 now that he's embraced his darkest aspect.他對他們的憎恨會更加純粹而堅定 His hatred for them will become more pure and uncompromisin
吸血鬼日記(The Vampire Diaries)第20集 第08期2017-05-07
你和他們打成一片了 You had all kinds of moves out there.是嗎 我只是 Yeah? I mean, I was just, you know,想給他們留下好印象 trying to make a good impression.印象深刻啊 Well, co
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