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hen imaginative scientists first suggested the possibility that one person could speak directly to another over a long distance, few people took them seriously. Among the few who did was a Scots-born(蘇格蘭出生的) American named Alexander Graham Bell(亞歷山大·格拉海姆·貝爾,美國發明家)
One very important inquiry in managerial economics concerns the interrelationship between the firm and society. Managerial economics can help to clarify the vital role business firms play in our society and to point out ways of improving their operations for societys benefit.
The highest temperature ever recorded there was 134 degrees Fahrenheit, and that was in the shade! Death Valley in California
Dr. Kaye droned, spinal cord injuries occur most often among men ages 18—24. Paraplegia is generally the result of motor vehicle accidents.
[00:20.90]UNIT 26 Media Coverage[00:25.60]What do we expect from those stalwart people[00:29.21]who report the news? A past generation of journalists[00:33.04]prided itself on the image of the fearle
Although all these services can well satisfy the needs of the users for information exchange, a definite requirement is needed for the users.
I wandered around the University campus and climbed Baiyun Mountain on the top of which is a fascinating lake. The scene was something from a delicately woven Chinese greetings card.
He got up and put on an overcoat because he could hear the wind outside, and a walk on the deck was what he needed to calm his nerves. The tossing of the ship caused him to stagger as he went down the passage way to the upper deck.
Johns parents evidently were worried about us. His older brother had produced three grandchildren. So had his younger sister. We had produced none.
The white silvery winged angel stood at the very top watching over the entire tree. I also placed a cassette player for some Christmas songs.
It was clear from the beginning that they could have no future together. They were from two different worlds.Although Robert had grown into a strong, intelligent and handsome young man
Shortly before daylight, Robert began to stir. He stretched his shoulders, feeling his bones grind against one another as they found their normal junction.
I had a prejudice about receiving flowers. Even though I had asked my colleagues and friends never to get me roses, they still did it from time to time.
The effort to save the environment derives much of its political popularity from the impact of immediate personal inconveniences: a sewage polluted beach, the smog that leaves ones eyes watering
Cobwebs hang lazily from the cracked plaster ceilings.Dust has piled thickly on the paper. Books are placed everywhere: on tall shelves and low shelves, in unsteady stacks on floor, coffee table
I hate February. Maybe I do misunderstand it but its the most desolate time of a year. White gray skies and coldness are its only equivalent features. February signifies death.
Information technology is important and indispensable to the life of human beings. Transmission, recording or memory and processing of information are three essential process of information.
They had to meet by the bench in the park. When she said this, she meant the bench where they usually sat and enjoyed the sun in summer, talking about nothing and everything.
All around me, people were screaming and moaning in shock and some people were already lying on the ground, anticipating the big guys next instruction.
He was going to create a genuine mini Black Hole, right here on earth. Edward lived alone in the suburban sprawl of a large city.
He gave a faint sigh, like the sigh of one who has a thousand stories to tell but only a moment left in ones life.
Man lives in the world of ideas, and acts and reacts in terms of concepts about objects and organizations. The animals live only in the present
She slept on a couch of cloud and on a pillow of fur, her pitch? black hair dazzling on the pure white of her bed; her six male servants knelt at the foot of her and waited.
He didnt know why the people were there, nor did he care; after all, it wasnt his country, and none of his concern. He had been in the Army for only six months


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