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雅思考试IELTS),外文名International English Language Testing System,由剑桥大学考试委员会外语考试部、英国文化协会及IDP教育集团共同管理,是一种针英语能力,为打算到使用英语的国家学习、工作或定居的人们设置的英语水平考试。

剑桥雅思9真题听力 第39期Test4(4-2)2018-07-26
The first species to generate a lot of interesting information was frogs. 第一个带来很多有趣信息的物种是青蛙.
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第38期Test4(4-1)2018-07-25
We were all very engaged by the idea of why wild animals would choose to inhabit a city garden. 我们都迫切想知道为什么这些野生动物会选择在一个城市花园栖息.
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第37期Test4(3-3)2018-07-24
Actually,I enjoyed this very much - meeting new people all the time. 事实上我很享受这一切,总是能遇见新的人.
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第36期Test4(3-2)2018-07-23
I didnt really have many problems understanding lectures. 我在理解课程上没有什么问题.
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第35期Test4(3-1)2018-07-22
And what do you think is one of the big differences between studying at a university here and studying in your country? 你觉得在这里上大学和在你的国家上大学最大的区别之一是什么?
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第34期Test4(2-2)2018-07-21
But if you want a takeaway,the Italian one does really good pasta and pizzas. 但是如果你想打包带走,有一家意大利餐厅做的意大利面?#22242;?#33832;很好吃.
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第33期Test4(2-1)2018-07-20
Weve just arrived at the holiday flat, but I cant get the hot water and heating to work. 我刚到达假日公寓,但是我不能打开?#20154;团?#27668;.
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第32期Test4(1-2)2018-07-19
You might also be interested to know the Centre is running a pilot scheme of talks ofr patients.你也许对这个感兴趣,中心正在运营一项与病人谈话的试验计划.
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第31期Test4(1-1)2018-07-18
We always recommend her for babies, because shes very good with them and she runs a special clinic. 我们总为婴儿推荐她,因为她和他们相处的很好,而且她经营一家特殊的诊所.
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第30期Test3(4-2)2018-07-17
Now,what is of inerest to us about this project is the features which make the building energy-efficient. 现在,让我们对这个项目感兴趣的是建筑的节能特色.
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第29期Test3(4-1)2018-07-16
Good morning.In the last few lectures Ive been talking about the history of domestic building construction. 早上好,在过去的几?#27599;?#37324;,我一直在介绍国内?#35838;?#26500;造的历史.
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第28期Test3(3-2)2018-07-15
Well,I can go throuht the possible strategies with you and let you decide where to go from there. Okay,thanks. 我可以和你查阅一下可行的策略,让你决定里面哪个适合.好的,谢谢.
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第27期Test3(3-1)2018-07-14
What well do is jot down some points that might help you in your decision. 我们要做的是记下一些可能对你的选择有帮助的要点.
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第26期Test3(2-2)2018-07-13
All these visitors mean we have had to expand our operation and its now a truly family concern. 所有这些参观者意味着我们应该扩大运营范围,而且现在它成了一个家族企业.
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第25期Test3(2-1)2018-07-12
Now, perhaps you can begin by telling us a little bit about how it all started. 现在,或许你可以先告诉我们这一切是如何开始的?
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第24期Test3(1-2)2018-07-11
If youve got a minute, could I just check a couple of points about insurance? 如果你有时间,我能查一下保险事项吗?
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第23期Test3(1-1)2018-07-10
Im sure youd enjoy the entertainment programme there too,with Greek dancing in the restaurant. 我肯定你还会?#19981;?#37027;里的娱乐节目,饭店里有希腊舞蹈.
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第22期Test2(4-2)2018-07-09
The next type is known as Role Culture - thats R-O-L-E,not R-O-double L, by the way, 下一种是著名的角色文化,顺便说一下,是ROLE而不是ROLL,
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第21期Test2(4-1)2018-07-08
Good morning everyone.Now whether youre going to university to study business or some other subject, 大家早上好.现在,无论你们是在大学中学习商业还是其他专业,
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第20期Test2(3-4)2018-07-07
Good,now I was also thinking about some different materials that we havent got in there at all. 很好.?#19968;?#24819;到了一些我们这里没有的各种?#35797;?
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第19期Test2(3-3)2018-07-06
I think it might be a good idea to install some new models. 我想装一些新型号是一个好主意.
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第18期Test2(3-2)2018-07-05
How do you think the students would feel about that, Jun? 琼,你觉得学生们对此怎么看?
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第17期Test2(3-1)2018-07-04
Hi Jun.As you know,Ive asked you here today to discuss the future of our Self-Access Centre. 你好,琼.我今天找你来是想讨论自习室的未来.
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第16期Test2(2-4)2018-07-03
And finally Id like to tell you about our new wildlife area. 最后,我想向你们介绍新的野生动物区.
剑桥雅思9真题听力 第15期:Test2(2-3)2018-07-02
Longfield Park has a programme of activities throughout the year, and to give you a sample, this is whats happening in the next few days. ?#21490;?#23572;德公园全年都有活动,举个例子,这是在接下来的几天举行的活动.


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