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雅思考试IELTS),外文名International English Language Testing System,由剑桥大学考试委员会外语考试部、英国文化协会及IDP教育集团共同管理,是一种针英语能力,为打算到使用英语的国家学习、工作或定居的人们设置的英语水平考试。

剑桥雅思6真题听力 第55期Test4(4-4)2018-06-27
Theyre very impressive beasts and you would never guess that they had this vulnerability when you look at them. 它们是令人印象深刻的猛兽,当你注视着它们的时候,你不会想到它们是这么的脆弱.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第53期Test4(4-2)2018-06-26
So,how can you tell an Asiatic lion from an African lion,with which youre probably more familiar? 那么,你如何才能从熟悉的非洲狮中识别出亚洲狮呢?
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第54期Test4(4-3)2018-06-25
The sanctuary was established specifically to protect the Asiatic lion. 这个禁猎区特意为了保护亚洲狮而建造.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第52期Test4(4-1)2018-06-24
Well,most people think that lions only come from Africa. 大多数人认为狮子都是来自非洲.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第51期Test4(3-3)2018-06-23
I expect itll take me a while to find what I need.Theres such a lot here. 我想我要花一阵子时间才能找到我要的,这里东西太多了.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第50期Test4(3-2)2018-06-22
Current issues,yes but if you want to look at back issues youll need to use the CD-ROM databases which are held here at Fordham. 当月的有,但是如果你想看往期期刊就得在福德姆用光盘数据库查询.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第49期Test4(3-1)2018-06-21
Good afternoon.Yes,Ive just transferred to the School of Education,and Id like information about joining the library. 下午好.是的,我刚转到教育学院,我想知道如何加入图书馆.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第48期Test4(2-4)2018-06-20
He will also go through the security arrangements with you and show you the fire exits. 他还会带你们查看安全设施,并告诉你们防火出口的位置.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第47期Test4(2-3)2018-06-19
Right,now that everyone knows what team theyre in,well get on with the orientation and trainiing programme 好的,既然每个人都知道自己属于哪个队了,我们继续培训和训练的项目.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第46期Test4(2-2)2018-06-18
Now,youll be working in the exhibition hall at all times,giving directions and gencrally helping people whenever you can, 你们将一直在展厅里工作,负责指路和随时为顾客提供帮助,
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第45期Test4(2-1)2018-06-17
Good morning and welcome,everybody.Im Jenny Stewart and Im the Staff Manager here at the exhibition centre. 早上好,?#38431;?#22823;家来.我是会展中心的人事经理,珍妮·斯?#32423;?#29305;.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第44期Test4(1-3)2018-06-16
The details are all in our conference pack,which Ill send you. 详情都在我们的会议资料里,我会寄给你.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第43期Test4(1-2)2018-06-15
Right.How about accommodation? I guess thats not included in the price? 对了,住宿呢? 我想费用?#35805;?#25324;住宿吧.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第42期Test4(1-1)2018-06-14
Could I ask you a few questions about it? Of course. 我能就此问你几个问题吗? ?#27604;?
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第41期Test3(4-4)2018-06-13
Now its clear that these Neolithic axes were transported all over lreland,as well as to Scotland and the south of England.现在很显然,这些新石器时代的斧子被运往爱尔兰的各处,还送到了苏格?#24049;?#33521;格?#23492;?#37096;.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第40期Test3(4-3)2018-06-12
The stone blade of a plough has been discovered during excavation in County Mayo in western Ireland. 在爱尔兰西部的梅欧郡发掘出了石刀的犁.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第39期Test3(4-2)2018-06-11
The early farmers kept various animals,including cattle and sheep. 早期的农民饲养各种动物,包括牛和羊.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第38期Test3(4-1)2018-06-10
Good morning everyone.Last week we were looking at the hunter-gatherers in Ireland,across the Irish Sea fromEngland. 大家早上好.上周我们介绍了与英格?#20960;?#29233;尔?#24049;?#30456;望的爱尔兰的原始狩猎族.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第37期Test3(3-4)2018-06-09
You mean like,do they buy it in music shops,or department stores? 你的意思是他们是在音像店还是百货公司买?
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第36期Test3(3-3)2018-06-08
Yeah,I suppose youre right again.Ill take some notes,shall I? So...Age Groups. 是的,我想你又说对了.我来记笔记吧? 年龄组.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第35期Test3(3-2)2018-06-07
Well,we have to do two groups,remenber,and it looks like we have to interview fifteen for each group. 我们要调查两组人,记得吗.看起来每一组我们要采访15个人.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第34期Test3(3-1)2018-06-06
Lucy,we really need to get working on this marketing assignment.露西,我们真的需要着手做这份市场调查了.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第33期Test3(2-4)2018-06-05
Spend a minute or two watching the water pass by underneath as you cross the footbridge, and then continue along the River Walk through the woodland. 当你走过桥上,花一两?#31181;?#35266;看脚下的河水,然后继续在树?#31181;?#27839;溪流而行.
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第32期Test3(2-3)2018-06-04
If you would like to purchase any of Georges books or other souvenirs,
剑桥雅思6真题听力 第31期Test3(2-3)2018-06-03
Follow the path round the second corner and on your right you will see the entrance to the Mulberry Garden with its 500-year-old tree. 小路的第二个转角,你会发现你的右手边是桑树园的入口,那里有一株500年的古树.
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