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雅思考试IELTS),外文名International English Language Testing System,由剑桥大学考试委员会外语考试部、英国文化协会及IDP教育集团共同管理,是一种针英语能力,为打算到使用英语的国家学习、工作或定居的人们设置的英语水平考试。

剑桥雅思5真题听力 第51期:Test4 (section4-3)2018-06-23
Some of you may be interested to know that the library is offering specialised training sessions on writing a dissertation. 你们中的某些人可能想了解图书馆提供的关于论文写作的专业培训课程.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第50期:Test4 (section4-2)2018-06-22
You ll also find that the library has loaded several CD ROMs onto the computers from specialist reference sources such as the MLA. 你还会发现图书馆的电脑上装有一些专业参考资料(例如现代语言协会)的光盘.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第49期:Test4 (section4-1)2018-06-21
OK, are you all settled? Well, first of all, welcome to Cardiff University. 好的,你们都坐好了吗? 首先,欢迎来到卡地夫大学.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第48期:Test4 (section3-3)2018-06-20
We ve looked in general at the telecommunications market in the UK over the last few sessions 在过去的几节课中,我们大致讨论了英国的电讯市场,
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第47期:Test4 (section3-2)2018-06-19
Yes. its interesting because I ve found it a really useful company to study. 是的,这很有趣,因为我发现这是一个对学习很有用的公司.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第46期:Test4 (section3-1)2018-06-18
Right, Jason and Karin, now I asked you to look at the ease study for Box Telecom as part of your exam assessment. 好的,詹森和卡琳,现在我想让你们看看关于Box Telecom的案例学习,这将作为你们考试评估的一部分.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第45期:Test4 (section2-2)2018-06-17
Now I d like to introduce you to the new committee for the Soccer Club for this season. 现在,我想向你介绍这个赛季足球俱乐部的新委员会.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第44期:Test4 (section2-1)2018-06-16
Good evening everyone and thank you for coming to the Soccer Club meeting. 大家晚上好,感谢你们参加足球俱乐部会.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第43期:Test4 (section1-2)2018-06-15
Is that all? Well I m really serious about improving my English so I d prefer to be the only guest if thats possible? 就是这些吗? 我很想提高我的英语水平,所以如果有可能的话,我希望我是里面唯一的?#27599;?
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第42期:Test4 (section1-1)2018-06-14
Good morning. Umm, I understand you help fix up students with host families. 早上好,我听?#30340;?#33021;帮助学生解决住宿问题.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第41期:Test3 (section4-3)2018-06-13
Over a third of the waste paper that comes in can not be used in the recycled paper, leaving the question ofwhat to do with it. 收集的?#29616;?#36229;过三?#31181;?#19968;不能用于再生纸的生产,因此如何处理剩余部分就成了问题.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第40期:Test3 (section4-2)2018-06-12
Glass is easy to recycle because it can be reused over and over again without becoming weaker. 玻璃易于循环利用,因为它可以一次次的重复使用、很坚固.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第39期:Test3 (section4-1)2018-06-11
Well, my group has been doing a project on how household waste is recycled in Britain. 我的小组在英国做关于生活垃圾再利用的项目.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第38期:Test3 (section3-3)2018-06-10
Well, I do not know, its hard to say until we ve got our written assignments back. 我不知道,在我们拿回书面作业前,这个还很难说.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第37期:Test3 (section3-2)2018-06-09
Actually I mean some of the teachers were better than others but the standard generally was fine. 事实上,我的意思是虽然有些老师比其他人更好,但是整体水平很好.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第36期:Test3 (section3-1)2018-06-08
Oh Ben I just remembered I never filled in that form for Nick did you do it? 本,我刚想起来?#19968;?#27809;给尼克填表呢,你填了吗?
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第35期:Test3 (section2-4)2018-06-07
So you do need to think very carefully about what you need, how much you can afford to pay, well in advance. 所以你得提前仔细想清楚你需要什么,你能负担多少钱.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第34期:Test3 (section2-3)2018-06-06
At a UK university as I m sure you know you will be in an environment where independent learning is the norm, 我想你们知道,在英国的大学读书,独立自主的学习是常态.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第33期:Test3 (section2-2)2018-06-05
What I do in this period is keep in touch with you and reassure you that things are moving along. 我在这?#38382;?#38388;要做的就是和你保持联系并保证事情的顺利进行.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第32期:Test3 (section2-1)2018-06-04
As I said earlier, there is I think at Rexford an excellent combination of physical and geographical advantages 正如我之前所说,雷克斯福德具有出色的物理和地理的双重优势.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第31期:Test3 (section1-4)2018-06-03
Mileage? Roughly? I m not sure. I know its less than seventy thousand. 大概的里程数是多少? 我不确定,我知道它不会超过7万英里数.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第30期:Test3 (section1-3)2018-06-02
Well, I work at the hospital but its a bit difficult to get hold of me. 我在医院工作,但是联系我有点难.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第29期:Test3 (section1-2)2018-06-01
Well, we can go outside and you can have a good look at one, and perhaps take it out. 我们可以去外面看看其中的一款,也许你能试驾一下.
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第28期:Test3 (section1-1)2018-05-30
Good morning, please take a seat. How can I help you? 早上好,请坐.我能帮你做什么?
剑桥雅思5真题听力 第27期:Test2 (section4-5)2018-05-29
I hope that the insights I ve provided will encourage you to take up these opportunities in this fascinating continent. 我希望我提供给你们的信息可以鼓励你们抓住机会到这片迷人的大洲来.
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