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《海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900)》聽力音頻打包下載(音頻+文本)2019-06-15
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第32期"一個好故事更值錢"2018-12-07
What would you have done in my shoes? 如果你是我要怎么辦I dont know我不知道I wouldnt probably have felt quite useless不會覺得自己這么沒用Sooner or later, all stories
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第31期"天國景象"2018-12-07
臺詞欣賞Hey, Max 麥克斯Picture the scene at the Golden Gates 想像一下在天國的門前Some guy searching a list trying to find my name 有個人看著名單 試圖找到我的名字not finding it
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第30期"永不離這船"2018-12-06
臺詞欣賞One woman One house One piece of land to call一個女人 一幢房子 一小塊你可以看著的稱之為your own one landscape to look at自己的風景的土地one way to die? 還有一種死亡的方式[q
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第29期"88個琴鍵奏出無限樂章"2018-12-06
臺詞欣賞All that city You just couldnt see an end to it整座城市 你根本無法看到它的盡頭The end... please? 盡頭 拜托You please just show me where it ends? 你能告訴我哪里才是城市的
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第28期"這些年和音樂朝夕相處"2018-12-05
臺詞欣賞Whats the matter? You lose your sea legs? 你怎么了 暈船嗎Where the hell did you find that record? 你到底在哪找到那張唱片的What have you been up to all these years 這些
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第27期"沉浸在自己的世界"2018-12-05
臺詞欣賞What do you want? 你想怎么樣He was strange for a long time after that 從那以后 很長一段時間 他都怪怪的He wouldnt talk to anyone 不跟任何人講話He preferred keeping
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第26期"告別是最傷感的事"2018-12-04
Youll come visit me wont you, Max? On land? 你會來看我吧 麥克斯 去陸地上我的家Of course 當然了That way, youll introduce me 我去看你的時候 你要向我介紹to the mot
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第25期"那些值得做的事"2018-12-04
臺詞欣賞Youre pulling my leg你開玩笑呢吧Youve seen nothing but the ocean自從你出生那天起since the day you were born你就一直對著海著呢But from here只從船上看過啊[
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第24期"我要離開這船"2018-12-03
臺詞欣賞Good luck 祝你好運Thank you. Good luck to you too 謝謝 也祝你好運Why dont you come and visit us some day? 你為什么不來我們這兒We live on Mott Street. Number 2
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第23期"接受我的禮物吧"2018-12-03
臺詞欣賞I have to talk to you. 我有話想對你說.Youre meeting your father, arent you? 你要去見你的父親,對嗎? Yes! 是啊!How did you know? 你怎么知道的? I thi
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第22期"你會成為大人物"2018-12-02
臺詞欣賞That is one amazing piece of music. What is it called? 這首曲子真絕了.它叫什么名字? Its going to have people crying buckets這曲子讓人癡迷Its got to have the right ti
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第20期"令人難以置信"2018-12-02
臺詞欣賞Jelly Roll Morton spend the rest of that trip locked in his cabin杰里•羅•莫頓在剩下的航行時間里把自己鎖在船艙內When we got to Southampton, he got off the Virginian and went
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第21期"他從未下過船"2018-12-01
臺詞欣賞You again? 又是你? Yes, lower that cannon, will you? 是的,放低槍口,好嗎? See your instrument and then steal it back again找到你的樂器再偷走它Thats an old trick. I
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第19期"被音樂感動得哭了"2018-11-30
臺詞欣賞What is wrong with you? 你怎么了? I cant help it. Music makes me cry我情不自禁的就被音樂感動得哭了The whole crew bet on you I put a years pay on the line所有的船員
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第18期"他在愛撫這些音符"2018-11-30
臺詞欣賞Youre the one who invented jazz, right? 你就是那個來彈奏爵士樂的人,對吧? Thats what they say他們都那么說And youre the one who cant play unless you have the
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第17期"他有心事"2018-11-29
臺詞欣賞You see that guy over there? 你看那邊那個人He cant forget a thing他有心事Listen to his music聽聽他的His head bursts with memories and theres nothing he can do about i
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第16期"改變生活,從新來過"2018-11-29
臺詞欣賞It was like lightning hit me聽到一種聲音Because I hear the voice就像被閃電擊中了The voice of the sea? 大海的聲音? Yeah, the voice of the sea是,大海的聲音I neve
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第15期"我見到了這輩子最美的東西'2018-11-28
臺詞欣賞I know someone who went through something veryvery similar我知道有人也有這樣的經歷And one fine day did his field go dry too? 他的土地也干涸了? And did his wife also run off wit
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第14期之虛度光陰2018-11-28
臺詞欣賞The world is out there世界就在那兒Nothing but a gangplank to cross就是一個跳板的距離And whats a gangplank? A few stupid steps什么是跳板? 就是幾步而已Christ!Ever
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第13期之為什么不下船?2018-11-27
臺詞欣賞Why the hell dont you get off? 你為什么不下船? Just once? One time? 就一次? 一次而已? See the world for yourself with your own eyes用自己的眼睛去看看世界You ever think about it? 你從沒想過嗎
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第12期之他在神游2018-11-27
臺詞欣賞What the hell do you think about when youre playing? 你彈琴的時候都在想些什么? Where does your mind go when you hit the keys? 擊鍵時你的思維去了哪兒? Last night I was in a
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第11期之不能炸船2018-11-26
臺詞欣賞Youre not going to blow up a goddamn thing你們不能拆了它because my best friend is on this ship我最好的朋友還在船上Youll all be responsible for murder你們要承擔謀
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第10期之軼事2018-11-26
聽力文本How do you know all these things? 你怎么知道這些? You know ever since I came on board,I 've been hearing a lot of talk about a guy在我上船之前,我聽說有這么一個人He's supposed to have been
海上鋼琴師(The Legend of 1900) 第09期之憶家鄉2018-11-25
聽力文本You're from New Orleans, right? 你是不是新奧爾良人? How'd you know that? 你怎么知道? I love that town 我喜歡那個地方Really? I haven't been there in a while真的嗎? 我有一段時間沒回去了In wint


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