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罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第28期:休想耍我2018-12-19
原文欣赏No, I didnt. What? Thats impossible.不,什么? 不可能. Coffee? Dont hold out on me.喝咖啡吗? 休想耍我. Whos holding 
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第27期:公主的独家专访2018-12-19
原文欣赏Your Royal Highness.公主殿下. twenty-four hours, they cant all be blank.24小时不会一片空白. They are not.?#27604;?#20102;. What explanation am I&nbs
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第26期:道别2018-12-18
原文欣赏May I have a little more wine? 我可以喝点酒吗? Im sorry I couldnt cook us some dinner.真可惜?#20063;?#33021;煮一顿晚饭. [qh
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第25期?#36203;?#26159;“美国时光”2018-12-18
原文欣赏All right? Fine, you? 没事吧? 没事,你呢? Oh, fine.没事. You were great back there.刚才你大显身手. You werent so bad yourself.你也很
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第24期:赏脸跟我跳舞吗?2018-12-17
原文欣赏Mr Bradley, if you dont mind my saying so, I think youre a ringer.若你不介意,我觉得你是个饼印. A what? Oh, thanks 
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第23期:谈大生意2018-12-17
原文欣赏Lovely story.多有趣的故事. Read some of the inscriptions.看看一些铭文吧. Make a wish? Tell the doctor? 在许愿? 告诉医生? Anyway, the chances of i
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第22期?#36203;?#37324;是圣地2018-12-16
原文欣赏Lets see you do it.你试试看. Sure.好的. You beast, youre all right!Im sorry. It was just a joke.你真可恶,对不起,说笑而已. You
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第21期:超级大话精2018-12-16
原文欣赏Im going straight from now on.从今天起?#19968;?#24490;规蹈矩. News Service? What did he mean? 记者? 他是什么意思? Oh, you say 
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第20期?#36203;?#26159;我第一次吸烟2018-12-15
原文欣赏This I want back Saturday. OK. Now wheres your lighter? 周末还钱,好,打火机呢? Lets go to work.开工吧. Better now? Huh? 好了点没有? 什么?
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第19期:赚钱2018-12-15
原文欣赏take it easy .I'm sorry about that. Sit down, that's a good fellow.不好意思,坐下来,好朋友. That's the
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第18期:you are beautiful gril2018-12-14
原文欣赏What do you sell? 你做哪种买卖? Fertiliser. Chemicals, stuff like that.肥田料、化学品,诸如之类. Irving! Am I glad to see you! Why, did&nb
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第17期:结婚纪念2018-12-14
原文欣赏Now, what would you like to drink? Champagne, please.想喝点什么? 香槟. Champagne? 香槟? Well, champagne, and cold coffee f
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第16期:逛商店,在雨中散步2018-12-13
原文欣赏Trouble with the teacher? No, nothing like that.对老师有不满? 不是. You wouldn't run away for nothing.但你不会无故偷走出来. It was only&nbs
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第15期:今晚能来跟我跳舞?2018-12-13
原文欣赏Oh no, no.不行. Off!剪短! That's a nice camera you have there. Nice.你这个照相机挺不错. You don't mind if I borrow it? 可否借我一
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第14期:睡在你的床2018-12-12
原文欣赏There you are.原来你在这里. I was looking at all the people. It must be fun to live in a place like this.我
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第13期:只为你而生2018-12-12
原文欣赏Wheres Dr Bannochhoven? Im afraid I dont know him.班诺医生呢? ?#20063;?#35748;识他. Wasnt I talking to him jus
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第12期:愿为你做牛做马2018-12-11
原文欣赏Can't use it, huh? I didn't think you'd like it.不行? 早知道你会不?#19981;?#36825;主意. Come here.快回来. Love angle too, I suppose? &
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第11期:访问何值2018-12-11
原文欣赏Yes, a gun, a knife, anything.用枪、用刀,什么都好. But nobody goes in and nobody goes out.但别让任何人进出我的房间. OK.好的.
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第10期:罗马头条2018-12-10
原文欣赏Here it is, Mr Bradley, all over the front page of every paper in Rome.你看!罗马每份报纸的头条. All right, I overslept.&n
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第09期:引领未来2018-12-10
原文欣赏That is, not right away. No.不是即时的影响,对. Later on, of course, nobody knows.日后的事,天晓得? Well, well.这样嘛. That was a shrewd observation.好精辟的见解. They fool y
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第08期:公主记者会2018-12-09
原文欣赏Hi, Joe.你好,阿祖. Morning, Joe. Hello, honey.早安,阿祖,你好. Mr Hennessy has been looking for you.老韩一直问你去了哪里. Uh-oh.糟了. Thanks a lot, hon.谢谢,甜心. Come
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第07期:山林 仙女2018-12-09
原文欣赏Is this the elevator? 这是升降机吗? Its my room!这是我的房间. Im terribly sorry to mention it, but the dizziness is getting worse.别见怪,但我的头越来越晕. Can I
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第06期:Where do you live?2018-12-08
[page]原文欣赏[/page]Come on, climb in the cab and go home.[qh]快上车回家去. [qh]So happy.Got any money? [qh]真开心,有钱吗? [qh]Never carry money.That&
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第05期:赌局2018-12-08
原文欣赏Bet five hundred.Five hundred. How many? 赌五百,我跟,多少张牌? One.一张. Ill take one.Three
罗马假日(Roman Holiday) 第04期:看医生点点2018-12-07
原文欣赏Ill get Doctor Bannochhoven.Its no use.我去找班诺医生,没用的. Ill be dead before he gets here.他来之前,我已经死掉了. Shes asleep. She was in hyst


pk10长龙统计走势图 北京赛车计划大全 北京赛车pk开奖视频app 北京pk10的玩法技巧 北京pk109码计划 中国福彩北京赛车官网 北京pk10微信群二维码 彩票控北京赛车走势图 北京赛车冷热杀号 pk10冠亚和值推荐号 北京pk10在哪看直播视频 北京赛车pk10下注 北京赛车超准计划 北京赛车pk10单期计划 北京赛车pk10冠军口诀