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《傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice)》聽力音頻打包下載(音頻+文本)2019-06-15
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第58期:伊莉莎白喜歡達西2018-12-04
原文視聽Hes not proud. I was wrong. I was entirely wrong about him.他并不傲慢,是我錯了 是我深深地誤會他You dont know him, Papa.&nbs
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第57期:伊莉莎白向爸爸坦露心聲2018-12-04
原文視聽You spoke with my aunt last night and it has taught me to hope昨晚妳跟我姨媽說的話 給了我一絲希望as Id scarcely allowed&nbs
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第56期:伊莉莎白拒絕凱薩琳夫人的要求2018-12-03
原文視聽Do you think it can be prevented by a woman of inferior birth妳認為一個出身卑微的女人whose own sisters elopement resulted&n
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第55期:凱薩琳夫人勸伊莉莎白離開達西2018-12-03
原文視聽You can be at no loss to understand why I am here.妳知道我為什麼來I cannot account for this honour at all.我想不出來怎有這
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第54期:凱薩琳夫人來找伊莉莎白2018-12-02
原文視聽Can you die of happiness? 有人因快樂而死嗎? He was ignorant of my being in town in the spring.春天時他感覺不到我的存在How did he acco
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第53期:賓利向珍表白了2018-12-02
原文視聽Everybody to the kitchen immediately.所有人立刻到廚房去Except you, Jane, dear, of course.當然妳除外,珍Oh, Mr Bingley, its so good t
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第52期:賓利先生希望與珍小姐單獨談談2018-12-01
原文視聽Excuse me.失陪Most extraordinary.真是的We were going to walk in and she was going to say, Sit down.我們走進去時 她本來
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第51期:達西答應務必再來2018-12-01
原文視聽Yes, I did hear of it. I offer my congratulations.是的,我聽說了 容我獻上恭賀之意But it is very hard to have my Lydia&nbs
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第50期:賓利與達西去拜訪伊莉莎白一家2018-11-30
原文視聽Its all right, Lizzie.沒事的,伊莉莎白Im just glad hes alone because we shall see less of him.我很高興他單獨回來 因為我們不會常見到他
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第49期:賓利先生將回尼日菲2018-11-30
原文視聽Kitty, have you seen my ring? 小凱,看到我的戒指沒? Write to me often, my dear.常寫些信,親愛的Married women never have much time for&nb
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第48期:莉蒂亞說漏嘴了都是達西付錢幫忙2018-11-29
原文視聽I want to hear every little detail, Lydia, dear.我要聽每個小細節 莉蒂亞,親愛的Ive been enlisted in a regiment in the Nor
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第47期:莉蒂亞結婚了2018-11-29
原文視聽Your uncle mustve been very generous.妳姨父一定非常慷慨Do you think it a large sum? 妳認為是一大筆數目嗎? Wickhams a fool if he 
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第46期:姨夫來信說找到莉蒂亞了2018-11-28
原文視聽He hasnt found him yet, Mama.媽媽,他還沒找到他Mr Collins will turn us out before he is cold.柯林斯先生會在他尸骨未寒前 把我們攆出房子Do not be so alarmed. Our uncle is in London hel
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第45期:維克把莉蒂亞拐跑了2018-11-28
原文視聽It is the most dreadful news.非常可怕的消息Lydia has run away...莉蒂亞跑了with Mr Wickham.跟維克先生私奔They are gone to Lord knows whe
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第44期:伊麗莎白與達西妹妹見面2018-11-27
原文視聽He particularly wants you to meet his sister.他特別希望妳見見他妹妹His sister.他妹妹Miss Elizabeth!伊莉莎白小姐My sister, Miss Georgiana.我妹妹喬琪娜My brother has told me so much about you,我
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第43期:達西很有禮貌地招待伊麗莎白一家2018-11-27
原文視聽We would not have come... - I came back a day early...我們不會來… - 我提早一天回來Im with my aunt and uncle.我跟姨父母一起來And are you having a pleasant trip? 這趟旅行愉快嗎? Very p
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第42期:達西對下人非常好2018-11-26
原文視聽Is your master much at home? - Not as much as I would wish.主人常在家嗎? - 不像我希望的那麼常He dearly loves it here.他非常喜愛這里If he should marry, you might see more of him.若他結婚 可能
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第41期:伊麗莎白一家去拜訪達西家2018-11-26
原文視聽I saw Mr Darcy when I was at Rosings.我在羅新莊園時遇到達西先生Why did you not tell me? 妳之前為什麼沒告訴我? Did he
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第40期:伊麗莎白覺得男人不是傲慢就是愚蠢2018-11-25
原文視聽And Kitty will follow, as always.小凱會跟著她Lizzie, we shall have no peace until she goes.伊莉莎白 她離開我們才能安靜度日Is that really all you care about? 你只在乎這一點嗎? Colonel Forster i
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第39期:伊麗莎白回家了2018-11-25
原文視聽Lizzie. How fortunate you have arrived.伊莉莎白,妳回來了真好Your aunt and uncle are here to deliver Jane from London.妳姨父母從倫敦送珍回來How is Jane? - Shes in the drawing room.珍
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第38期:達西向伊麗莎白揭開了維克的真實面目2018-11-24
原文視聽I came to leave you this.我拿這個來給妳I shall not renew the sentiments which were so disgusting to you.我不會再提起 讓妳厭惡惡心之事? But if I may, I will address the two offences you have la
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第37期:伊麗莎白拒絕達西的原因2018-11-24
原文視聽Forgive me. 請原諒我You and your sister must exclude from this. 除了你和你姐姐以外And what about Mr Wickham? 韋克翰先生的事又怎么說? Mr Wickham? 韋克翰先生? What excuse can you give for your
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第36期:達西解釋珍好像并不怎么喜歡賓利2018-11-23
原文視聽Because I believed your sister indifferent to him. 我認為你姐姐不在乎他Indifferent? 不在乎他? I watched them most carefully 我仔細觀察過and realise his attachment was deeper than hers. 她沒向
傲慢與偏見(Pride & Prejudice) 第35期:伊麗莎白質問為什么達西要拆散她姐的戀情2018-11-23
原文視聽Most ardently.非常愛妳Please do me the honour of accepting my hand.請接受我Sir, I appreciate the struggle you have been through,先生 我很感激你經歷的這些掙扎and I am very sorry to have caused
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