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爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第47期?#20309;?#27809;有把事情弄糟了2018-12-19
getting to know the part of me that...来认识我那并不是That wasn’t really available.真正敞开的心扉So, I was wondering, if I haven’t screwed it up too bad,所以我在想 我有没有把事情搞的太糟i
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第46期?#20309;?#20204;走着瞧2018-12-18
That was reality up there, Mr. Vernon.那全是现实 弗农先生And if you can’t accept that for what it is,如果你不能接受事实then you can take your deal and you can shove it up your ass.那你可以带着你
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第45期?#20309;?#24456;是嫉妒2018-12-18
I... I’ve...我...我I can’t lie to you guys anymore.我不能再欺骗你们了You know, I stand here你们知道 我站在这and I watch you all confront your pain.看着你们平复伤痛And I envy you我很是嫉妒
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第44期:你们好吗?2018-12-17
So, just take care of yourself, okay?所以照顾好你自己 好吗?How’s about it, folks, huh?这怎么样 伙计们 啊?Has it been a week of miracles or what?这周是不是奇迹的一周啊?How many of you can’
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第43期:你怎么了?2018-12-17
I didn’t go to her funeral.我没有出席她的葬礼Hypocrite.?#26412;?#23376;You’re stuck.你困住了You can’t move forward because你一直注视着后视镜you’ve got your eyes on the rearview mirror.所
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第42期:她会为你?#26223;?/a>2018-12-16
It’s about time.是时间了Oh, my God! Where the hell have you been?噢我的天啊!你去哪里了?It’s not important. U h-huh.这不重要Well, let me tell you something that is important.那么让我告诉你
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第41期:放生怎么样?2018-12-16
How’d it go?放生怎么样?Mission accomplished.任务完成了Was he happy?他开心吗?Are you happy?你开心吗?It’s a bird. I set it free.就是一只鸟 ?#19968;?#20102;他自由Oh.噢I need you to take me back to the
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第40期:这不算是虐待动物吧?2018-12-15
What happened to "two birds, one stone"?"一石二鸟"的事怎么样了?Eloise, they never would’ve given me that bird.艾洛?#20102;?他们不会给我那只鸟的One bird’s all I could manage.我的能力仅够处理一
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第39期:别去招惹他2018-12-15
That’s right. Guess who.没错 猜猜是谁来了You never thought you’d see me again, did you?你没有想过会再见到我 不是吗?Another damn commercial. How about some fresh tea, hon?又一个该死的广告
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第38期:她让?#39029;?#35834;2018-12-14
She made me promise她让?#39029;?#35834;that if anything ever happened to her that I’d...如果她发生了什么 ?#19968;?..I mean, it sounds... It’s crazy. What?我是说这听起来很疯狂 什么?That I would release
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第37期?#20309;?#19981;能抱着他2018-12-14
Thank you for reminding me.谢谢你提醒我You reminded yourself, Walter.你提醒了自己 沃尔特I couldn’t hold him.我不能抱着他At the end, I couldn’t hold him.最后 我不能抱着他The paramedics sai
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第36期:相信我2018-12-13
Walter.沃尔特You’re stuck.你困住了You can’t move forward because你一直注视着后视镜you’ve got your eyes on the rearview mirror.所以才不能放下继续前进The death of your son has become
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第35期:还是会觉得心痛2018-12-13
Come on, people. Walter, how about you?来吧大家 沃尔特 你怎么样?Like what?比如?I feel I’m getting a lot out of the seminar.我觉得我从研讨班上得到了很多Come on, there’s no right answer her
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第34期:谁是下一个?2018-12-12
We should hit the road, Burke.我们该走了 ?#32423;?#20811;He didn’t go, did he?他没去 是不是?No.没有Oh.噢So beautiful here.这里真美Look. Look, you can see my parents’ house.看 看 你能看见我父母的房子
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第33期?#20309;?#22971;子的葬礼2018-12-12
They recognize that a life was lived.还见证它曾经存在过My wife’s funeral...我妻子的葬礼...No, it’s okay. That’s okay.没有 没事 这没事Which was actually here in Seattle, was a celebr
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第32期:你才是童子军2018-12-11
You with the scouting.你才是童子军Oh, God.噢 天呐Will you relax? You’re gonna have a heart attack.你能不能放松点? 你会发心脏病的I had a heart attack. I had four heart attacks on the way here.我
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第31期:你想要这些吗?2018-12-11
You asked directions from your concierge.你从酒店服务员那里问了方向What is going on here?现在到?#33258;?#20040;回事?We’re on the verge of the deal of the century here我们在世纪大交易的边缘and you’r
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第30期?#20309;页?#35797;结合抑扬顿挫2018-12-10
"rewound and played electric relaxation all day""来回倒带 播放出袭人迷幻的音符""You and your phallus may run this world"你和你的老二也许能称霸世界""But this Amazon bitch will cut you down to size!""但
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第29期?#20309;?#20204;没有约会2018-12-10
Is that the international song for "got laid"?这是广为人知的"国际上床歌"吗?No! Hardly.不! ?#27604;?#19981;是Come on, throw me a bone. What happened last night?少来了别卖关子 昨晚都干了什么?It was fun.昨晚挺愉快
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第28期?#20309;?#20063;很过瘾2018-12-09
from a telephone truck, I’d be...都能攒一枚硬币 我就可以...Thank you. It was exquisite.谢谢你 这太美妙了Thank you, Bob.谢谢你 鲍勃Hey, I got your book.嗨 我买了你的书I’m halfway through i
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第27期:你今天吃错药了?2018-12-09
Have you had any cold medicine today?你今天吃错药了?Not today.哈 没有We’re good. Okay, now watch this.很好 小心这个Very dangerous. Fingers. U h-huh.很危险的 小心手指Lock us in. Got it?上锁了!锁
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第26期:你不是?#19981;?#29609;神秘吗2018-12-08
My word, you have Pocahontas here.哇 这张像个公主Eloise was state archery champion two years in a row.我女儿连续两年蝉?#21448;?#21073;术冠军哦No. Oh, Mother.不 妈妈Don’t be modest. This is Burke Ryan.别
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第25期:亲爱的 你来啦2018-12-08
Okay, I will be right back.到了 我很快就回来Is this... Is this your house?这是你家吗?I’m just gonna go grab something.我要去取点东西No, it’s my mom’s.不是 我妈妈的房子I mean, yo
4爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第24期:你开玩笑吧?2018-12-07
that taps into demographics well beyond your current base.来源于我们对目前的一个市场统计调查Studies indicate that persons grieving the loss of a loved one调查表明失去爱人的那些情绪低落者put on 30 to
爱不胜防(Love Happens) 第23期:准备好了?2018-12-07
He’ll get there.他会迈出那一步的All right, well, let’s give ourselves a round of applause让我们为自己喝彩!For daring to kick fear right where it hurts.敢于战胜心底的恐惧Buddy, this stuff


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