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战争之王(Lord of War) 第52期:不死的诅咒2019-01-13
They give it to the young boys before they do battle.Theyll do anything!他们把它在战斗前给那些孩子们吸食.吸过后他们会做任何事
战争之王(Lord of War) 第51期:第一次杀人2019-01-13
You know you can stop this any time that you want.你知道,只要你想,随时可以住手
战争之王(Lord of War) 第50期:荒野求生2019-01-12
Can you run with no legs? Let me make him disappear, Mr Valentine.废了你的双腿看你怎么逃? 我可以让他消失 .
战争之王(Lord of War) 第49期:急中生智2019-01-12
Free sample,help yourself, okay? Free sample.Tell yourt friend.免费的样品.来拿吧,免费的样品.告诉你朋友们
战争之王(Lord of War) 第48期:紧张时刻2019-01-10
Charlie, Echo, India, comply immediately.This is your last warning.C-E-I,立刻遵照指示行动.这是最后的警告
战争之王(Lord of War) 第47期:遗漏的蛛丝马迹2019-01-10
Some revolutions blow over the guns even get there.有时军火还没运到 革命战争就已经爆发了
战争之王(Lord of War) 第46期:好男人2019-01-09
I could even afford to become a patron of the arts.我甚至有财力去收藏艺术品
战争之王(Lord of War) 第45期:浴血之战2019-01-09
A bullet from a just as effective as one from a forty-year-old.Often more effective.从14岁孩子的枪里射出的子弹 就像从40岁男人的枪里射出的子弹一样致命 .也许更致命
战争之王(Lord of War) 第44期:抑制诱惑2019-01-08
Andres idea of a joke was to put a young lman and a young Naomi in my bed.安德烈和我开玩笑的方式就是把两个漂亮的女人放到我床上
战争之王(Lord of War) 第43期?#22909;?#32599;维亚星球2019-01-08
From the temperature,it was obviously a planet close to the sun.从气温?#27492;?它是最接近太阳的星球
战争之王(Lord of War) 第42期:超越常人的力量2019-01-07
Its a used gun. 它已经被你用过了.How can I sell a used gun? 我怎么能卖掉用过的枪?
战争之王(Lord of War) 第41期:没有选择的权利2019-01-07
But unfortunately I have other business. 但是?#19968;?#26377;其他生意要做.Its a shame, its a very busy schedule. 对不起,我很忙.
战争之王(Lord of War) 第40期:军火走私商的天堂2019-01-06
A gunrunners wet dream. 这是军火走私商的天堂.
战争之王(Lord of War) 第39期:没有你很孤独2019-01-06
Theyre going in another direction. 他们改变了他们的要求.Direction with someone who can act. 他们想要一个可以表演的人.
战争之王(Lord of War) 第38期:世界上最?#20197;?#30340;人2019-01-05
I was as guilty as sin, 我的确是有罪的.but Valentine couldnt prove it. 但是瓦伦丁无法证明.
战争之王(Lord of War) 第37期:人道主义任务2019-01-05
Is it going to Burkina Faso... Ah, 他们也?#32654;?#34892;人道主义任务吗? but to a different client at a different address. 不同的客户,不同的地址.
战争之王(Lord of War) 第36期:人道主义任务2019-01-04
The new MP-5. 哦,新型的MP5.Would you like a silencer for that? 你想要个消音器吗?
战争之王(Lord of War) 第35期:军用直升机2019-01-04
Ive got paperwork.我有许可书.Not for the gunships. 对战斗直升机无效.
战争之王(Lord of War) 第34期:有自杀倾向的诗人2019-01-03
It will shoot whether its covered in mud就算它?#33618;?#22303;或者沙子覆盖.or filled with sand. 它?#25925;?#21487;以正常的开火.
战争之王(Lord of War) 第33期:战士最喜爱的武器2019-01-03
This was the chaos 这就是咱们这行老前辈们.that the Old Guard had always feared. 总在顾忌的.
战争之王(Lord of War) 第32期:第一个?#26412;?/a>2019-01-02
This current state of chaos wont last forever. 现今这?#21482;?#20081;的局势不能继续下去.Therell have to be order. 必须重新建立秩序.
战争之王(Lord of War) 第31期:很难取舍2019-01-02
You look a little lost, Simeon.看上去你似乎摸不着门路.Is the world changing too fast? 是世界改变得太快了吗?
战争之王(Lord of War) 第30期:最精准的火炮2019-01-01
The most sophisticated fighting machines... 最精准的火炮.built for a war with America that never happened. 为对付美国而造的,但战争却从未发生.
战争之王(Lord of War) 第29期:买六送一2019-01-01
Ten thousand Kalashnikovs for a Your stocks are battalion.一个营才有一万支枪.Your stocks are dangerously depleted, Dmitri.你的库存少得危险.
战争之王(Lord of War) 第28期:红军极力吹捧的英雄2018-12-31
I was hoping Major General Dmitri Volkoff. 我寄望狄米奇将军.would open a lot of armory doors. 会打开各处军事基地的.


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