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苏菲霍尔是《纽约客》的调查员。她的未婚夫维克多为开餐馆忙碌着。他们来意大利的维罗纳旅行。不过,维克多却醉心于品尝美食,对她疏于照顾。两人感情因此矛盾丛生。苏菲闲逛到许愿墙下,发现很多人给朱丽叶写信。她很好奇,尾随取信的 妇女,发现有四位女士扮演朱丽叶,回信解答情感问题。苏菲被感动了,决定加入她们的队伍。她读到一封50年前的来信:克莱尔史密斯讲述了一段留有遗憾的当年情。苏菲用心地回了信。没想到,某天,老人的孙子查理找上门来。她这才了解,老人读了她的信,决定重拾真爱。但查理觉得这很荒谬。在争执?#26657;?#19977;个人?#39184;?#36367;上了寻爱之旅。此内容附有音频以满足不同的学习需要。

Sophie? 索菲 Sophie? 索菲 Sophie? 索菲 Of course! 当然了 A balcony. Well. 阳台 好吧 What are you doing up there? 你来干什么? I’m gonna go. 我要走了 Why? 为什么? Because this is really painful. 因为真
How are you? How are you? I’m happy to see you. 你好吗? 你好吗? 真高兴见到你 Beautiful. Beautiful. 真美 真美 Boy! 孩子 We’re here. It’s amazing. 我们到了 太棒了 I just want to say thank you on beh
Hey, what’s that smell? What... 嘿 这是什么味? 怎么... Hey, Alfonzo, Alfonzo. No, no, no, no. We said... 嘿 阿方索 阿方索 不不不 我们说过... We said we were gonna sweat the onion, yeah. 我们说过要让
What happened? 怎么了? You don’t like the ending? 你不?#19981;?#36825;结局? No, the ending’s fine. It’s actually quite moving. 不 结局挺好的 说实话还挺动人的 But what happened to the people? I mean, are the
No. 不 and their lovely friend, Sophie. 还有他们的好朋友索菲 My dear Claire, 亲爱的克莱尔 When we are speaking about love, it’s never too late. 说到爱 永远都不算晚 Well, bad luck, eh? 运气不好? All
I am Lorenzo Bartolini. 我就是洛伦佐·巴托里尼 Sophie. I think this is... 索菲 我觉得这... Do you know a Lorenzo Bartolini? I asked him and... 你认识洛伦佐·巴托里尼吗? 我问他了 而且... I am Lorenzo
May I join you? 我能加入吗? Please. 请便 I am sorry, Sophie. 对不起 索菲 I used to lay out under the stars as a kid, in the summertime. 我小时候经常躺着看星星 在夏天时 Doubt thou the stars are fire
Over the next hill? Or the next? Scour the whole country? 下座山? 还是下下座? 找遍全国? No. No. It ends here. 不 到此为止 There are other Lorenzos not too far away from here. 这里附近还有不少洛伦佐 I
Yeah? I’m not surprised. 是吗? 意?#29616;?#20013; It’s been about a year since I’ve seen Patricia. ?#21494;?#19968;年没见过帕翠莎了 And you broke up with her? 是你跟她分手的? Are you insinuating that I’m more the ty
Good evening. 晚上好 We’re not done yet. 还没找完呢 Of course we’re not, darling. 当然了 亲爱的 Hello. 你好 [Hello? Hello. 你好 你好 Hi. Is Claire with you? No? 克莱尔跟你在一起吗? 没有? No, no. Sh
Oh, my God. No! 天哪 不! Well, wouldn’t this be nice, Gran? 这样不好吗 奶奶? Going from a boy who works the fields to a man who owns them. 先是在农场干活的男孩 现在是拥?#20449;?#22330;的富翁 And you got to sk
Well, that went well. 进展很顺利 Can’t say we didn’t try, Nana. I’m sorry. Truly. 我们至少尝试过 奶奶 真的很抱歉 Are you for real? 你是说真的吗? If I actually knew what that question meant, 要是我
He loved talking to me about the rain 他?#19981;?#36319;我说起雨水 and the springs of fresh water, 新鲜的泉水 and we’d walk for miles and miles. 我们会走很远很远的路 We’d lie in the dry grass. 我们躺在干草垛
[00:00.00]Yes, well, under the circumstances, 是的 情况使然 [00:02.16]it seems a little churlish not to meet the woman responsible 导致这趟混乱之旅的女人就在眼前 却不见见 [00:05.43]for this voyage of
[00:01.76]And also because it fits perfectly. 也因为这样很?#40092;?[00:03.73]Because I just got off the phone with Signor Morini, 因为我刚跟辛约格·莫里尼通过电话 [00:06.47]and he’s invited me to this a
I didn’t go to him, Juliet. 我没去找他 朱丽叶 I didn’t go to Lorenzo. 我没去找洛伦佐 His eyes were so full of trust. 他的眼睛满是对我的信任 I promised I’d meet him to run away togeth
She handles husband problems. 她专管夫妻关系 Husbands are like wine. They take a long time to mature. 丈夫就像酒 需要时间才能成熟 Francesca is a nurse. She deals with illness and loss. 弗兰西斯卡是护
It’s not a mushroom, okay? 这不是普通蘑菇 明白吗? It’s a truffle. It’s a tartufo. 是块菌 It’s the thing that you put on top of pasta, you know? 是那种放在意面上的东西 明白吗? A tartufo? It’s som
Hey, sweetheart, can I help you carry your magazine? 亲爱的 要我帮你拿杂志吗? Okay, no problem. 好的 没问题 Oh, my God. 我的天哪 Hey, close your eyes. Close your eyes, close your eyes. 闭上眼睛 闭上眼
You’re stuck on me and my laughing eyes 你迷住了我 和我爱笑的眼睛 I can’t pretend though I try to hide 我无法假装 尽管?#36951;?#21147;隐藏 I like you 我?#19981;?#20320; I like you 我?#19981;?#20320; I think I felt my heart skip


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