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原文视听Oh, and now I face the years 如今我面对这些年The way you loved me... 你爱我的方式...Vanished all the tears 泪水早已无影无踪Just a little more time was all we needed 我?#20999;?#35201;的只是多一点时间J
原文视听He knew. 他早就知道了And he kept trying to tell me but I didnt believe him. 他一直拼命想告诉我 但我却不相信他Right before we got into the cab... 就在我们上计程车之前...he told me abo
原文视听Samantha, if not for today, if not for you... 珊曼莎,要不是今天,要不是你...I would never have known love at all. 我永远不会明了爱情So thank you for being the person who taught me to love. 谢谢
原文视听My heart. 我的心Its yours now. 现在是你的了Are you ready? 准备好了吗? You sure we cant walk? 你确定不用走路的? Its pouring rain, silly. Here we go. 快下大雨了,傻瓜 冲
原文视听You like this place? I thought youd hate it. Cozy, intimate... 你?#19981;?#36825;间? ?#19968;?#20197;为你讨厌呢 舒适、亲切...Its exactly my style. 完全符合我的风格You looked really cute today i
原文视听I love you, you love me 我爱你,你爱我Take this gift and dont ask why 收下礼物,别?#35797;?#22240;Cause if you will let me... 若你任我处理Ill take what scares you hold it deep inside 我
原文视听Samantha Andrews, a visiting artist from America... 珊曼莎安德鲁斯 来自美国的巡回艺术家...has agreed to grace us with one of her own compositions. 同意为我们献唱一曲 她个人所谱写的曲子Samanth
原文视听Be serious. 正经点I am. I don't understand why you don't let people hear your songs. 我是很正经啊 我不懂你为何不让别人听你唱歌What are you afraid of? Success or failure? 你在怕
原文视听I dont think theres enough time. 我想时间不够了Dont be silly. 别傻了Maybe we should go back to the apartment. 也许我们该回公寓去了Come on. You said youve a
原文视听Wherever he is, I bet he knows how you feel. 不管他在何方 我相信他知道你的感受Ian, death doesnt put an end to love. 伊恩,死亡不会令爱结束You think so? 你这么认为吗? I know it. 我知道W
原文视听His job at the factory wasnt just any job to him, you know? 他工厂里的工作对他来说 不只是随便的任何工作,你懂吗? Everyone loved him. 大家都爱他And his family, we all worshiped him. 而他
原文视听A closeness. An intense closeness. 亲密,浓烈的亲密Really sharing things with each other. 真正彼此分享事情Silly things. Difficult things. 糗事、难事Thats what Ive always want
原文视听The past doesnt matter. 过去并不重要What matters is only now. 重要的唯有现在You really are acting funny today. 你今天的举动真是古怪Keep it up, okay? 继续努力,好吗? Can I ask you a que
原文视听Is that thunder? I think I heard thunder. Its gonna pour. 我想我听见打雷 就快下大雨了You do know its raining, right? 你明知道会下雨的,对吧? Youre just trying to get
原文视听I know, and maybe youre right. Maybe its stress. But all I know... 我知道,也许你是对的 也许是压力的缘故,但我只知道 that we have to leave London. Immediately! 我们必须离
原文视听Samantha! 珊曼莎!Im sorry. 对不起Sam? 珊? Can I help you? 我可以效劳吗? Hi. I know you dont know me. Im a friend of Lotties. 嗨,我知道你不认识我 我是洛蒂的朋
原文视听Is that going to happen? 那事会发生吗? Is it? 会不会? What if she doesnt get in the cab? 要是她没上这辆?#30340;? What if I take her out of London? 要是我带她离开伦敦呢? Maybe if we stay in t
原文视听Can you remember anything useful? Like the 3:30 winner at Newmarket? 有没有记得比较有用的事? 像?#26725;?#39532;克三点半那场比赛哪一方赢? No Im afraid not. But everythings the same. 不,
原文视听This is a great opportunity, and I say grab it. 这是大好机会,我觉得该好好把握What do you think? 你们觉得如何? Did you land the money? - I did. 你钓到钱了吗? -有的And it was the strangest thing
原文视听Seriously? 认真点? Yes. 是的Ian, I believe dreams are very important. 伊恩,我相信梦非常重要They should be listened to. 应该仔细去倾听You really think so? 你真这么想? Yes. 是的And I also believe
原文视听Concert? What concert? 演奏会? 什么演奏会? I was kidding. That was me kidding. 我开玩笑的,我是在开玩笑啦You know, the british sense of... 你知道的,英国式?#21738;?..Never mind. 别介意Bye. 拜Yeah, s
原文视听Okay. Let's be logical about this. 好吧,我们逻辑一点In your dream or vision, or whatever, what happens next? 在你的?#20301;?#24433;像中,或者不管为何 接下来会发生什么? You go back to the apartmen
原文视听Why? 为什么? Because thats where you work and I teach. 因为你?#20064;?和我教音乐的地点在那边Lets try a new way. Loop around. It might be fun! 我们尝试走新的路 绕一圈,可能会很有趣
原文视听I am the coolest. 我最棒了Samantha? Watch out, the coffee pot! 珊曼莎? 小心咖啡壶!I see it, crazy yelling man. 我有看到,大吼大叫的疯子I know, I just thought you might hurt yourself. 我知道,我
原文视听Look, you're very prepared for today and you're gonna be great. 听着,你今天准备的万无一失 你会表现很棒的Don't go anywhere. What are you doing? 别走,你要做什么? Sit, don
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