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《我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine‘s Day)》聽力音頻打包下載(音頻+文本)2019-06-15
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第21期:我爸有外遇2019-01-13
I'm so glad you didn't like it.我很高興你不喜歡I'm so glad you didn't like it, either.我也很高興你不喜歡Now, on Date Number Two...現在,在第二次約會…we do the requisite trading of familial
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第20期:這叫做"天命"2019-01-13
A few people have called. For pizza.有幾個人打過電話,來訂披薩You smell nice. ?味道真好聞This is the good part.這是好的部分What?什么?The anticipation.期待So thanks for taking the day off work.謝謝?今
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第19期:我不是一個古董迷2019-01-12
- He's harmless. - Yeah. If you're vaccinated.- 他是無害的 - 是的,如果?有接種疫苗的話Hey, I...嘿,我…I saw this and thought of you.我看見這個,就想到?I love it!我很喜歡!Yeah, Spanish flowe
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第18期:她是我約會的對象2019-01-12
- Is this an okay first date? - Yes, it's perfect.- 第一次約會還可以嗎? - 是的,它很完美Okay.好Because Date Number One is a new beginning.因為第一次約會是個嶄新的開始Well, this place is going to ta
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第17期:讓我瞧瞧2019-01-10
Thank you.謝謝I have not asked you out.我還沒邀請?出去呢I'm just stumped by the whole romance thing...我只是被整個浪漫的事難倒了…But I'm working on it.但是我正著手努力中the gesture to woo yo
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第16期:我的直覺一團糟2019-01-10
How about rent a billboard that says, "Let's bone"?那租一面廣告牌,上面寫 "讓我們嘿咻吧"怎么樣?Look, I am intrigued by this theory of hers.看,我對她的這個理論很好奇Or "You got nice hair".或者寫"?的
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第15期:女人喜歡被追求2019-01-09
New cafeteria girl has a sexy thin eyebrows thing going on.新來的自助餐廳女孩 有性感的細眉毛All right, I'm gonna ask her out.好,我會約她出去You lucky moron, she just wants to have sex with you.你這
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第14期:她很火辣嗎?2019-01-09
- Well, how long does that last? - Five dates to be exact.- 嗯,那可以持續多久? - 精確的說,五次約會That is exact.那是精確的Five dates happens to be the perfect amount of time...五次約會正是完美的時
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第13期:我們應該盡情享樂2019-01-08
I don't go to parties. Yeah, I don't think so.我不參加派對的 對,我想不用了Free food and drinks. Why didn't you said so?食物和飲料都是免費的 你怎么不早說?Welcome to the neighborhood. Thank you.歡
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第12期:我很懷念披薩2019-01-08
Just calling to say hi and see what you're up to.只是打來看你好不好 看?最近在做甚么Give me a call some time.有時間給我一個電話Then why is it called a lawn mower and not just a mower...那么,為甚么稱
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第11期:誰告訴你的?2019-01-07
They will linger, they'll order more wine...他們會逗留,他們會多點幾杯酒…which means they'll have dessert and they will leave happy.也就是說,他們會吃甜點 而且會快樂的離開And they will go ho
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第10期:我無意冒犯2019-01-07
So, wait, wait. Let's...let's go back to what you were talking about.所以,等等,等等,讓我們… 讓我們回到你剛才在談的You don't want a relationship?你不想要一種關系嗎?Yes, I do not want a r
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第09期:他臉色蒼白2019-01-06
Yeah, let's go meet some flight attendants.對,讓我們去找些空姐吧- I just got dumped by one. - One what?- 我才被個空姐甩了 - 什么?A flight attendant. The one you set me up with.被一個空姐,你幫我設
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第08期:屏息的調情2019-01-06
Yes. Wait to be wooed.對,等著被追求And then you have five dates. And that's all.然后你進行五次約會,就結束了Okay.好Just tell me what to do one more time.再告訴我一次要怎么做All right. Date One: Bre
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第07期:我們今晚有約會2019-01-05
That's really sweet.那真是太棒了- Yeah? - Yes.- 是嗎? - 是的Very good. Brian?非常好,布賴恩?I think I'm gonna bake the girl at the newsstand a cake.我想我要為那個 書報攤的女孩烤一個蛋糕- That's
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第06期:我正等著被追求2019-01-05
- Okay. - That's dumb. Soap can't get dirty.- 好吧 - 真蠢,肥皂是不會變臟的- If mud fell on it. - It would wash right off.- 如果污泥落在上面 - 它馬上就可以洗掉了Wouldn't the mud be declared clean
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第05期:情人節快樂2019-01-04
But I don't know if this is my girlfriend...但我不知道這一個算是我的女友…or if it's just somebody I'm dating.還是只是個約會的對象- Well, how long has it been? - Two months.- 嗯,已經多久了?
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第04期:你是西班牙人?2019-01-04
Uh-uh, I call shotgun. Hi.噢噢,我來招呼,嗨I'm Genevieve. May I help you?我叫珍娜,我可以幫你嗎?Hi.嗨I saw you at the old pizza place.我看見你在舊披薩店里What? You're not thinking of buying it, a
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第02期:你能否燃起我的欲火2019-01-03
Pluck the hair and there's nothing there.把頭發拔掉后,那兒就什么都沒有了Hey, my eyebrows grow back fast.嘿,我的眉毛長的很快- Oops. - Uh-oh.- 哎呀 - 噢噢Good morning. How're my ladies?早安,我的女
我恨情人節(I Hate Valentine's Day) 第01期:這家伙怎么回事?2019-01-03
What's with this guy? Hey!這家伙怎么回事?嘿!You see me here? I'm walking!你沒有看到我在路上嗎?Hey, I like your short skirt.嘿,我喜歡?的短裙I like your buns.我喜歡你的圓面包Genevieve, I'm on Da


pk10长龙统计走势图 北京赛车计划大全 北京赛车pk开奖视频app 北京pk10的玩法技巧 北京pk109码计划 中国福彩北京赛车官网 北京pk10微信群二维码 彩票控北京赛车走势图 北京赛车冷热杀号 pk10冠亚和值推荐号 北京pk10在哪看直播视频 北京赛车pk10下注 北京赛车超准计划 北京赛车pk10单期计划 北京赛车pk10冠军口诀
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