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出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第121期:询问?#35838;?#35814;细信息2017-08-23
Do you have any apartment to rent? 你有房子出租吗? Yes.right now I have a studio.是的,现在我有套一室一厅的房子.
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第120期:租金2017-08-23
Do you like the room? 你喜欢这房子吗? Yes.what is the rent? 是的,房租多少呢? $300 per month.一个月300美元.
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第119期:找租房信息2017-08-22 you know how l can find a room to rent? 你好,你知道?#20197;?#20040;样可以租到间房子吗? There is so much information and I advise to read newspaper.现在有很多信息的,我建议你看看报纸.
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第118期:察看房子2017-08-22
Hello.I am Bili and I made an appointment with you to see the house.你好,我是比尔.我和你约好了来看房子.Glad to meet you.This way, please.很高兴见到你.请走这边.
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第117期:在家庭寄宿中心2017-08-21
Hello,what can I do for you? 您好,我能帮您什么忙呢? I am looking for a host home.?#20197;?#25214;寄宿家庭.How long will you stay with the host family? 你要在寄宿家庭待多久?
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第116期:寄宿家庭2017-08-21
I am looking for some information about home stay.?#20197;?#25214;一个寄宿家庭.Well,l have been in a host home before.Dunng my first year in the us,I stayed with a family.they are nice.嗯,?#20197;?#32463;在寄宿家庭住过.我到美国的第一年.我和一个家庭住在一起,他们很好.
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第115期:请代叫出租车2017-08-20
Check out.sir? 退房吗,先生? Yes.would you please call me a taxi first? 是的,能帮我叫辆出租车吗? No problem.How would you like to pay? 没问题.您想怎么付账?
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第114期:请求代保管行李2017-08-20
Good moming,sir.What can l do for you? 早上好,先生.我能为您做什么呢? Check out please.退房
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第113期:有东西落在?#32771;?#20869;2017-08-19
Excuse me-sir.Is there anything I can do for you? 打扰了,先生,我能为您做什么吗? Yes.I think so.l have just checked out.But I left my book in the room.Can I get it back? 我想是的,我刚刚退房.可是我把我的书落在?#32771;?#20102;.我现在可以回去取吗?
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第112期:付款方式2017-08-19
I would like to check out now.My room number is 712.我想退房,我的?#32771;?#21495;是712.Let me see.Mr. Lee.right? How would like to pay your bill? 让我看看,是李先生吗? 您想用什么方式付账?
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第111期:账单错误2017-08-18
Wait for a momont.Mr. Bush.this is your bill.please sign your name here.请稍等.?#38469;?#20808;生,这是您的账单,请在这里签字.
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第110期:请人搬行李2017-08-18
This is Mirton in room 402.1 would like to check out.Can anyone help me with my baggage? 我是402的米尔顿,我想退房.能找个人帮我搬行李吗?
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第109期:错过退房时间2017-08-17
Well, you want to check out now,we wtll charge you $200 as well.先生,如果您现在退房的话,我们还是会收您200美元的.
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第108期:付迟退费2017-08-17
Am I allowed to check out at 14:00? 我可以在14点退房吗? Certainly.?#27604;?#21487;以.Will there be any late charge? 那收不收迟退费呢?
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第107期:检查?#32771;?/a>2017-08-16
Good momlng,sir.l am ready to check out now.早上好,先生.我想退房.OK,sir.Please wait a moment we will check your room.好的,先生.请稍等,我们去检查您的?#32771;?
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第106期:办理退房?#20013;?/a>2017-08-16
Hello miss.check out please.你好,小姐.退房.OK,may I have your key? 好的,能把钥匙给我吗? you are.可以,给你.Was everything satisfactory? 您在这里住的还满意吗?
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第105期?#21644;?#25151;2017-08-15
Good moming.What can I do for you? 早上好,我能帮您忙吗? I would like to check out.我想退房.OK.sir.Hore is your bill.Thats $1000 all together.好的,先生.这是您的账单.一共是1000美元.
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第104期:青年旅社会员2017-08-15
Members of Youth Hotel青年旅社会员Hello,is there anything I can do for you? 您好,我能帮您什么忙吗? Yes.I would like to check in.是的,我想入住.
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第103期:在青年旅社2017-08-14
您好,你预订了吗? Hello.have you made a reservation? No.are there any vacant beds for us? 没有,还有空床位提供给我们吗? Of course.How do you like your room? ?#27604;?#26377;.您想要什么样的?#32771;?#21602;?
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第102期:询?#26159;?#24180;旅社地址2017-08-14
Excuse me,is there a youth hotel near here? l am a new comer.打扰一下,这附近有青年旅社吗? 我刚到这个地方.有的,这附近有许多家,那里很便宜.据我所知,4街区外的那家是最好的.
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第101期:汽车旅馆2017-08-13
Bill,where are we going to stay tonight? 比尔,我们今天晚上住哪里呢? What about a motel? 汽车旅馆怎么样呢? Whats that? 什么是汽车旅馆?
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第100期:私人物品失窃2017-08-13
Good arftemoon.madam.How can l help you? 下午好,夫人,我能帮您吗? Someone has stolen my cell phone.有人偷了我的手机.
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第99期:索赔2017-08-12
Good atbrnoon, there anything I can do for you? 下午好,先生.我能为您做些什么吗? Yes.I cant find my sweater.l have my laundry sent to you yesterday but when the washing is done.Ifind my sweater missing.
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第98期:询?#26159;?#21488;附近的景点2017-08-12
Hello,madam.How do you like your staying here? 你好,夫人.您在这里过的愉快吗? Quite good.Excuse me.are there any places of interest? 很好.打扰一下.这里有没有什么名胜古迹呢?
出国旅游情景对话:住宿篇 第97期:向宾馆赔偿损失2017-08-11
I am sorry,sir.l have broken the reading lamp in my room.先生,非常抱歉,我刚刚把?#32771;?#30340;台灯打碎了.While,sir.May I have your room number? 那样的话,能告诉我你的?#32771;?#21495;吗?
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