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情景会话口袋书人际篇 第283期:跑?#21073;?4)2019-01-13
13. For a long distance runner, endurance is the most important. 对长跑运动员来?#30340;?#21147;是最主要的。还能这样说:Stamina is the most important thing in long run.The primary thing for a long distance runne
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第282期:跑?#21073;?3)2019-01-13
9. When I was running, I sprained my ankle. 我跑步的时候扭到了脚踝。还能这样说:I stumbled and gave my ankle a painful wrench while running.I twisted my ankle when running.应用解析:a bad sprain 严重的
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第281期:跑?#21073;?2)2019-01-12
5. He panted heavily after running. 他在跑步之后重重地喘着气。还能这样说:After running, he panted for breath.He gasped for breath after a run.应用解析:pant out one's last words 气喘吁吁地说出遗言;
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第280期:跑?#21073;?1)2019-01-12
1. I exercise every morning by jogging. 我每天早上都做慢跑运动。还能这样说:I jog every morning.I go jogging every morning.谚语:Cloudy mornings give way to clear evenings.早晨云遮日,晚上星满天。2. I
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第279期:体操(04)2019-01-10
13. Li Ning is my favorite gymnast. 李宁是我最喜欢的体操运动员。还能这样说:Among all the gymnasts, I like Li Ning best.My favorite gymnast is Li Ning.14. The students must practise gymnastics on the
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第278期:体操(03)2019-01-10
9. Doing gyms may consume your strength. 做体操很耗体力。还能这样说:It can exhaust your vigour to do gyms.You may consume great physical strength by doing gyms.应用解析:on the strength of 基于,依据
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第277期:体操(02)2019-01-09
5. Being an Aerobic Club member you must be patient of hardships. 参加健美操俱乐部你得能吃苦。还能这样说:To be a member of Aerobic Club, you should be hardy.If you can bear the hardship, you can join
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第276期:体操(01)2019-01-09
1. I think it hard to learn gymnastics. 我认为学体操很难。还能这样说:I think it difficult to learn gyms.To me, it's not easy to learn gyms.谚语:A faithful friend is hard to find.知音难觅。2. I like
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第275期:健身房(04)2019-01-08
13. As a matter of fact, I've been going to the gym for a year now. 事实?#24076;?#33267;今为止?#19994;教?#32946;馆健身有一年了。还能这样说:The truth is that I have been in the gym for a year now.In fact, I have been wo
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第274期:健身房(03)2019-01-08
9. After doing 100 sit-ups per day, you will have a six-pack look soon. 你每天做100个仰卧起坐后,很快就会有6块肌。还能这样说:If you stick to do 100 sit-ups every day, you will possess six-pack stomac
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第273期:健身房(02)2019-01-07
5. Are you a member of fitness club? 你是健身俱乐部的成员吗?还能这样说:Do you belong to the health club?Are you admitted as a member of the fitness club?谚语:He is not fit to command others that ca
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第272期:健身房(01)2019-01-07
1. Where is the health club? 健身俱乐部在哪里?还能这样说:How can I get to the fitness centers?Can you tell me the location of health club?应用解析:reading club 读者俱乐部;school club 学校俱乐部;t
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第271期:瑜伽(04)2019-01-06
13. Can you tell me something about yoga? 你能给我介绍下瑜伽吗?还能这样说:Can you introduce yoga to me?Can you talk about yoga?应用解析:tell it like it is 讲真话,说实话;tell to sb.'s face 当面讲
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第270期:瑜伽(03)2019-01-06
9. There are innumerable poses in Yoga. 瑜伽里有数不清的体?#20581;?#36824;能这样说:Yoga contains many poses.There are many kinds of poses in yoga.应用解析:a dramatic pose 舞台?#26009;啵籹trike a pose of 装出&helli
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第269期:瑜伽(02)2019-01-05
5. I like to practice Yoga in the open air. 我喜?#23545;?#25143;外练习瑜伽。还能这样说:I enjoy doing yoga outdoors.I love to do yoga out of doors.应用解析:beat the air 徒劳,白费力气;go up in the air 十分恼火
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第268期:瑜伽(01)2019-01-05
1.She is especially zealous in practicing yoga. 她非常热衷于练习瑜伽。还能这样说:She is interested in doing yoga.She is crazy about practising yoga.谚语:Deliberate in counsel, promp in action.考虑要
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第267期:跳舞(04)2019-01-04
13. I'm rather old-fashioned. I know nothing about the new dance steps. 我都跟不上时代了,我对新舞步一点都?#27426;?#36824;能这样说:I am out of fashion and don't know anything about the new dance steps.I am
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第266期:跳舞(03)2019-01-04
9. I danced with her all night. 我整晚都跟她?#21442;琛?#36824;能这样说:I danced with her all evening.I danced to the music with her through the night.应用解析:white night 不眠之夜?#35805;?#22812;;through out the night
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第265期:跳舞(02)2019-01-03
5. This dance step is quite easy to learn. 学这个舞步挺容易的。还能这样说:It's very easy to learn this dance step.Learning this dance step is quite easy.应用解析:one-step 单步舞;two-step 拍?#21442;瑁籫
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第264期:跳舞(01)2019-01-03
1. May I invite you to dance with me? 您能赏光跟我跳个舞吗?还能这样说:How about a dance with me?Can I have the honor to dance with you?应用解析:be invited out 应邀,被邀请;invite oneself 不请自?#21073;?/dd>
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第263期:唱歌(04)2019-01-02
13. Let's sing a duet. 来个二重唱吧。还能这样说:Let's sing in duet.Let's sing together.14. What's your karaoke specialty? 你唱卡拉OK有什么拿手的歌吗?还能这样说:What's your best song?Which song
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第262期:唱歌(03)2019-01-02
9. I can't sing for nuts! 我一点也不会唱歌!还能这样说:I have no ear for music.I'm tone-deaf.应用解析:not care a (rotten) nut 毫不在乎;a hard nut to crack 棘手;难对付;off one's nut 疯狂的,失去
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第261期:唱歌(02)2019-01-01
5. I am listening to someone singing. 我在听人唱歌。还能这样说:Listen, there is someone singing.I hear someone singing.谚语:When the owl sings, the nightingale will hold her peace.枭鸟唱歌,?#39302;浩料?/dd>
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第260期:唱歌(01)2019-01-01
1. You're a good singer! 你唱歌真好听!还能这样说:You sing very well!You are good at singing.应用解析:sing away 唱歌把……忘掉;唱歌庆贺;sing out 大声喊出,大声唱;sing to sleep 哼着歌
情景会话口袋书人际篇 第259期:棋牌(04)2018-12-31
13. I have no time for playing cards. 我没有闲?#23601;?#29260;。还能这样说:I am too busy to play cards.I can't spare time to play cards.应用解析:bide one's time 等待良机;have no time for 没时间做某事;allo
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