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该音频有LRC字幕 初中英语深圳版第四册课本:12018-02-21
[00:00.10]UNIT ONE I may win a prize[00:05.59]Let's read[00:09.72]Peter,Anne,Sue and Ken went to the Honey Lake Amusement Park last Sunday.[00:17.08]Peter's father took them there.[00:21.03]Just inside the park, there was
该音频有LRC字幕 初中英语深圳版第四册课本:22018-02-21
[00:00.10]UNIT TWO Ken must work harder[00:05.69]Let's read[00:09.85]Ken was in trouble again at school.[00:14.29]He did not do his homework and his teacher was very angry.[00:20.64]"You must do your homework,Ken,"she sa
该音频有LRC字幕 初中英语深圳版第四册课本:32018-02-21
[00:00.10]UNIT THREE You can never please them[00:05.59]Let's read[00:09.95]Peter met Anne in the street.[00:14.11]"You look very miserable,"Peter said.[00:19.07]What's the matter?[00:22.13]"My mother doesn't let me have
该音频有LRC字幕 初中英语深圳版第四册课本:42018-02-21
[00:00.10]UNIT FOUR You should listen more carefully[00:05.80]Let's read[00:10.06]Ken was sitting in a corner of the playground.[00:15.33]He was crying.Anne went up to him.[00:20.58]"What's the matter, Ken?Are you in trou
该音频有LRC字幕 初中英语深圳版第四册课本:52018-02-21
[00:00.10]UNIT FIVE They need a tin opener to open the tins[00:07.08]Let's read[00:11.44]Peter is a Young Pioneer.[00:15.41]His team went camping for a day at Xiaomeisha.[00:20.87]They planned their camp carefully.[00:24.
该音频有LRC字幕 初中英语深圳版第四册课本:62018-02-21
[00:00.10]UNIT SIX He gave the money to the Project of Hope[00:06.48]Let's read[00:10.74]"Many children in the rural areas can't go to school.[00:17.29]Let's join the Walk for Millions.It's for the Project of Hope,"Peter
该音频有LRC字幕 初中英语深圳版第四册课本:72018-02-21
[00:00.10]UNIT SEVEN Revision[00:04.49]Sentence patterns[00:09.53]I may go home early.[00:13.37]He may play football tomorrow.[00:17.61]They may be sailors.[00:22.57]You must not eat more.[00:27.61]He must not go home.[00
该音频有LRC字幕 初中英语深圳版第四册课本:82018-02-21
[00:00.10]UNIT EIGHT Peter has just left[00:05.80]Let's read[00:10.55]Anne called on Peter.[00:14.39]She want to go to the children's library with him.[00:19.96]"I'm sorry,Anne," Peter's mother said.[00:25.13]"You've miss
该音频有LRC字幕 初中英语深圳版第四册课本:92018-02-21
[00:00.10]UNIT NINE I've already done it[00:04.41]Let's read[00:08.54]Last week,Ken decided to be good.[00:13.51]"I'm fed up."he told his friend,Jenny.[00:18.65]"I'm always in trouble.I'm going to change.I'm going to try
该音频有LRC字幕 初中英语深圳版第四册课本:102018-02-21
[00:00.10]UNIT TEN[00:03.08]A Let's read[00:07.13]"Has the rain stopped yet?"Anne asked.Peter went to the window.[00:14.71]"No,it hasn't,"he said."It's going to rain all day."[00:21.97]"Oh,dear!We must stay indoors,"Sue sa
该音频有LRC字幕 初中英语深圳版第四册课本:112018-02-21
[00:00.10]UNIT ELEVEN[00:03.21]Have you packed your suitcase?[00:07.16]A Let's read[00:11.23]Peter's father often goes to Hong Kong on business.[00:16.80]Last time,he wanted to takd Peter with him.[00:21.97]Peter's mother
该音频有LRC字幕 初中英语深圳版第四册课本:122018-02-21
[00:00.10]UNIT TWELVE[00:03.21]I was late because I...[00:07.05]A Let's read[00:11.42]Poor Ken!He was still trying very hard to be good.[00:18.18]but it was difficult.[00:21.73]He did his homework on time because he wante
该音频有LRC字幕 初中英语深圳版第四册课本:132018-02-21
[00:00.10]UNIT THIRTEEN They look different from each other[00:06.69]Let's read[00:10.81]Peter,Anne,Sue and Ken are great friends.[00:17.29]They all go to the same school.[00:21.86]Peter,Anne and Sue have the same teacher
该音频有LRC字幕 初中英语深圳版第四册课本:142018-02-21
[00:00.10]UNIT FOURTEEN She's too heavy for us to carry[00:06.48]Let's read[00:10.92]Peter,Anne,Sue and Ken went to the East Lake Park for the day.[00:18.57]They had a picnic by the dam.[00:23.33]Sue ran off into the fore
该音频有LRC字幕 初中英语深圳版第四册课本:152018-02-21
[00:00.10]UNIT FIfTEEN[00:03.58]A Sentence patterns[00:07.94]He has just started.They have already left.He has not started yet.[00:17.01]They have not left yet.[00:21.37]Have you had your dinner yet?Have you seen the film


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