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May I ask you a question? I have something to ask you. Jack asked me how to start the machine. She asked what time it was.
Who broke the window into pieces? He fell and broke his leg. Try not to break the silence.
Bring me the paper, please. He forgot to bring his umbrella. May I bring her to see you? Shall I bring the books upstairs?
He caught my hand and held it tightly. We caught ten monkeys in all. The nail caught my coat.
I do miss you, Mum. She does sing well. Do be on time. So she did come after all.
He has come to love the stories by William Shakespeare. He has come to realize the importance of good English.
Is this the letter you have been expecting? It’s what we’ve expected. We expect to finish the work by Friday. I expect that they will drop in.
I don’t feel very well today. The busier he is, the happier he feels. The desk feels smooth.
I found a wallet on the street corner yesterday. He found her in danger.=He found that she was in danger. I found him (to be) a tough guy.=I found that he was a tough guy.
Where did you get these good ideas? Let me go get the doctor. Will you get me a ticket?=Will you get a ticket for me? He got a poor wage.
give…off放出、发出(光、热、气味等) give oneself up to doing sth. 献身于、专心于 give up放弃、投降 give…up停止、戒掉 give way to sb.让?#21073;?#35753;位于
He went hungry for a week. His face went pale when he heard the news. This guy went wild/ crazy/ mad after the loss of his wife. Don’t ever eat the bread. It has gone bad.
have had enough of厌倦 have sth. back要回 have one’s own way按照自己的意思办;我行我素 have sth. to oneself完全由自己使用
They did everything they could to help us with our lessons. This medicine will help you (to) get better. She helped (to) sweep the floor.
We must hold out, and the enemy will give up. They were ready to hold out a friendly hand.
know sb. by sight与某人面熟(不熟悉) know/learn …by heart背诵 make…known/public公告;发表;表示 know/ tell right from wrong辨别是非 know no limits是无限的
keep…under control使得以控制 keep in touch with…与保持联系 keep up坚持;继续 keep up with…跟上 keep watch守望;站岗
Sorry to have left some questions unanswered. He left the window open. She left the baby crying bitterly. The illness left him rather weak.
let…in放进来 let…off放(炮、烟花、枪等) let…out泄漏;放掉(水、气等);释放 let…pass放过;不追究;宽恕
This machine makes it possible for us to finish the work in a short time. He made it a rule to get up at six every morning.(规定)
look through…透过……看去; 彻底调查;从头看?#38477;?look up to sb. 尊敬/仰望某人 look up仰视;胸怀大志 look sth. up查阅 look sb. in the eye/ face直视某人
He preferred apples to bananas. I prefer to go by air. Which do you prefer, rice or bread? I would prefer she do it in another way.(虚拟语气)
put in a word for sb.为某人进言 put sb. in charge使某人负责 put sth. in order使井井有条 put on airs摆架子 put sb. to death/test处死/考验
run over溢出; run over….过目;浏览 run smooth进展顺利 run through…花光;用尽;略谈 run up迅速成长;(物价)上涨 run upon…邂逅;偶遇
See to it that you do not fall when skating. as far as I can see踞我所知 see sb. out送某人出门 see that因为,从……一点来看


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