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英语四级,即CET-4,College English Test Band 4的缩写。是由国家教育部高等教育司主持的全国性教学考试,考试的主要对象是根据教育大纲修完大学英语四级的大学本科生或研究生。大学英语四、六级标准化考试自1986年末开始筹备,1987年正式实施。

42. Frankly speaking, Id rather you _____ anything about it for the time being. A. didnt do B. havent done C. dont do D. have done
37. Its already 5 oclock now. Dont you think its about time _____ ? A. we are going home B. we went home C. we go home D. we can go home
34. We _____ to start our own business, but we never had enough money. A. have hoped B. had hoped C. would hope D. should hope
31. We didnt know his telephone number; otherwise we _____ him. A. would have telephoned B. would telephone C. must have telephoned D. had telephoned
28. _____ for your laziness, you could have finished the assignment by now. A. Had it not been B. Werent it C. It were not D. Had not it been
25. _____ before we depart the day after tomorrow, we should have a wonderful dinner party. A. Had they arrived B. Were they arriving C. Would they arrive D. Were they to arrive
22. Jean doesnt want to work right away because she thinks that if she _____ a job she probably wouldnt be able to see her friends very often. A. has to get B. had got C. were to get D. could have got
19. He suggested _____ to tomorrows exhibition together. A. us to go B. we shall go C. we went D. we go
16. As Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, I have directed that all measures ____ for our defense. A. had been taken B. be taken C. would be taken D. to be taken
13. Wouldnt you rather your child _____ to bed early? A. go B. would go C. went D. goes
10. We are all for your proposal that the discussion _____. A. be put off B. should put off C. was put off D. is to put off
7. It is important that enough money _____ to fund the project. A. be collected B. was collected C. must be collected D. can be collected
4. It is important that the hotel receptionist _____ that guests are registered correctly. A. has made sure B. must make sure C. made sure D. make sure
1. Jack wishes that he _____ business instead of history when he was in university. A. studied B. had been studying C. study D. had studied
7. Research findings show we spend about two hours dreaming every night, no matter what we _____ during the day. A. should have done B. would have done C. may have done D. must have done
4. With all this work on hand, he _____ to the cineman last night. A. mustnt go B. wouldnt go C. oughtnt to go D. shouldnt have gone
1. The room is in a terrible mess; it _____ cleaned. A. cant have been B. shouldnt have been C. mustnt have been D. wouldnt have been
19. This kind of glasses manufactured by experienced craftsmen _____ comfortably. A. is worn B. wears C. wearing D. are worn
16. It seems oil ____ from this pipe for some time. Well have to take the machine apart to put it right. A. had leaked B. is leaking C. leaked D. has been leaking
13. While people may refer to television for up-to-the-minute news, it is unlikely that television _____ the newspaper completely. A. replaced B. have replaced C. replace D. will replace
10. Until then, his family _____ from him for six months. A. didnt hear B. hasnt been hearing C. hasnt heard D. hadnt heard
7. By the end of the year all but two people ______. A. have left B. will leave C. will be leaving D. will have left
4. My train arrives in New York at eight oclock tonight. The plane I would like to take from there _____ by then. A. would leave B. will have left C. has left D. had left
1. By the time he arrives in Beijing, we _____ here for two days. A. will have stayed B. have been staying C. shall stay D. have stayed


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