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英语四级,即CET4,College English Test Band 4的缩写。是由国家教育部高等教育司主持的全国性教学考试;考试的主要对象是根据教育大纲修完大学英语四级的大学本科生或研究生。大学英语四、六级标准化考试自1986年末开始筹备,1987年正式实施。目的是推动大学英语教学大纲的贯彻执?#26657;?#23545;大学生的英语能力进行客观、准确的测量,为提高我国大学英语课程的教学质量服务。国家教育部委托“全国大学英语四、六级考试委员会”(1993年前名为“大学英语四、六级标准化考试设计组”)负责设计、组织、管理与实施大学英语四、六级考试。






四级流程 8:50-9:10 9:10 9:35-9:55  9:40  9:55-10:00  10:00  11:20 
六级流程 14:50-15:10 15:10 15:35-15:55 15:40 15:55-16:00 16:00  17:20
考试?#26041;?/td> 考前准备 作文 发快速阅读 开始做快速阅读 试音准备听力 做剩余项目 考试结束


M: Why don’t you get them into some team sports? My son and daughter play soccer every Saturday. And they both look forward to it all week.
French fries, slathered with ketchup and washed down with a pint of soda, are a favorite part of fast-food lunches and dinners for millions of American youngsters.
The above bar chart clearly shows us education pays in 2010. We see that one with higher education background earns more money weekly than those with lower ones. For instance, the college students with no degree get paid$712 per week whereas those with a Bachelor’s degree can earn $1038.
In this section, you will hear 8 short conversations and 2 long conversations. At the end of each conversation, one or more questions will be asked about what was said. Both the conversation and the questions will be spoken only once.
61. They exclude those who have stopped looking for a job.62. The elderly are in greater danger of tumor growth.63. They are doubtful about its necessity.64. It is a must for adult women.65. They want to protect themselves against medical disputes.66. The more, the better.
1. showmanship2. He invented lots of functional gadgets.3. His keen interest in designing elegant and user-friendly gadgets.4. One of the greatest chief executives of his time.
67. across68. attachment69. mere70. enough71. affecting72. published73. return74. lightly75. while76. far77. than78. inspiring79. supportive80. confirm81. with82. different83. other84. sense85. especially86. from
11. Go to the park to enjoy the flowers.12. She cannot attend the presentation.13. He is a very successful businessman.14. She has every confidence in Susan.
As is shown in the table, the unemployment rate decreases steadily as the education level increases. The fact revealed by the statistics is obvious: graduates with a degree are less likely to be unemployed.
3、本来可?#21592;?#20813;犯这个愚蠢的错误 could have avoided making stupid mistakes4、安顿下来,开?#21363;?#19994;Settling down to start a business5、发现自己在排长队等候find yourselves in a queue
1. 完全无视他的存在 Completely ignoring her absence.2. 才是他区别于其他高等动物that sets him apart from other animals3. 哪儿也找不到了 out of my sight
1.C find some of them2. B relieve pressure3. A to listen to4. B to put every task5. C) Enjoy doing gardening
8题 hazards9题 tightened10题 slightly more convenient
57. A. make58. B. some59. D. Teachers60. C. Manage61. B. Positive62. C. have been63. B. likely64. B. tries65. B. It promises66. D. House has
1.我感动如此激动had I felt so excited2. 可能会说一些后来会后悔的话could had said something she would regret later.3. 集中注意力复习功课 in focusing reviewing lessons
It may seem to you that most Americans are completely controlled by the little machines they wear on their wrists, cutting their discussions off abruptly to make it to their next appointment on time.
M: Why don’t you get them into some team sports? My son and daughter play soccer every Saturday. And they both look forward to it all week.
Since I started working part-time at a grocery store, I have learned that a customer is more than someone who buys something. To me, a customer is a person whose memory fails entirely once he or she starts to push a shopping cart. One of the first things customers forget is how to count.
afternoons. Now if someone calls with the question for me in the morning, Arthur tells them to call me in the afternoon. This way, people get their questions answered the same day.
Bisphosphonate drugs like Boniva and Fosamax are widely used to slow the bone loss associated with osteoporosis. But a new study finds that the popular medications may actually increase the risk of certain fractures in the femur, the thick bone of the thigh.
57. A. effects58. B. local59. D. in60. C. show61. B. soon to62. C. bound63. B. cut down64. B. countries65. B. scope66. D. have not
57. B. sequences58. B. local59. D. from60. A. prompt61. C. befpre62. C. accepted63. D. ensured64. A. more65. B. lodges66. D. shrinks
62. C) keep their job63. A) great profits from it64. C) heated65. C) remote education66. A) Neutral72.C) like73.A) relationship74.C) oriented75.C) up77.A) ambition78.C) rather79.C) see80.A) or82.D) all83.D) in which84.D) yet85.C) gets86.A) affect
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