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苔丝:The Maiden 12012-06-12
One evening at the end of May a middle-aged man was walking home from Shaston to the village of Marlott in the Vale of Blackmoor.
It was eleven o’clock before all the family were in bed,and two o’clock next morning was the latest time to set off with the beehives.
Life now became rather difficult for the Durbeyfields.Without Prince to carry loads,John Durbeyfield could not buy and sell as he used to.
When Tess arrived home the following afternoon a letter had already been received by her mother.It appeared to come from Mrs d’Urberville,and offered Tess work looking after chickens.
The chickens for which Tess was responsible lived in an old cottage on Mrs d’Urberville's land.On her first day Tess had to take some of the chickens to show to their owner.
苔丝:Maiden No More 62012-06-09
It was a Sunday morning in late October about four months after Tess's arrival at Trantridge ,and a few weeks after the night ride in The Chase.
One day in August the sun was rising through the mist.In a yellow cornfield near Marlott village it shone on two large arms of painted wood.
苔丝:A New Life 82012-06-08
And so it was that on a beautiful morning in May,two to three years after her return from Trantridge,Tess Durbeyfield left home for the second time.
Neither Angel Clare nor his family had originally chosen farming as a profession for him. When he was a boy, people admired his great qualities.
Dairyman Crick insisted that all the dairy people should milk different cows every day, not just their favourites. He was worried that a dairymaid might leave the dairy, and then her cows would not like being milked by a stranger.
It was July and very hot. The atmosphere of the flat valley hung like a drug over the dairy people, the cows and the trees. It was Sunday morning after milking.
苔丝:The Result 122012-06-06
The nights were as hot as the days. Angel Clare could not sleep. He went out into the darkness to think over what had happened that afternoon. He had come as a student of farming to this dairy, thinking he would be here only a short time.
Clare was not depressed by Tess's refusal, feeling sure that she would finally accept him. A few days later he asked her again.
苔丝:The Woman Pays 142012-06-03
Her story came to an end.She had not raised her voice: she had not cried.But things seemed to change as the story progressed.The fire looked as if it was laughing at her troubles.All the objects around her appeared not to care about her tragic history.And
When Clare woke up the next morning,the sky was grey and the sun was not shining.The fireplace in the room was full of cold ashes.The two full glasses of wine still stood untouched on the table.
As the carriage drove on through Blackmoor Vale,Tess now began to awake from her sorrow and wonder how she could face her parents.She left the carriage and came into Marlott on foot.When she entered the little cottage, her mother was doing the washing as
苔丝:A Changed Man 172012-05-31
This was the first time she had seen or heard of d’Urberville since she had left Trantridge.And although he stood there openly as a preacher,as a religious man,she still felt afraid of him.
This desperate cry for help eventually arrived at the parson's house in Emminster.Old Mr Clare was pleased.
苔丝:The End 192012-05-29
It was evening in the parson's house at Emminster.Mr and Mrs Clare were waiting anxiously for Angel's return.
Meavwhile Angel Clare returned to his hotel,and sat for a while over breakfast,staring into space.A note arrived from his mother,saying that his brother Cuthbert was going to marry Mercy Chant.


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