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傲慢與偏見:1 The Bennets'new neighbour2012-06-07
It is a truth well known to all the world that an unmarried man in possession of a large fortune must be in need of a wife. And when such a man moves into a neighbourhood, even if nothing is known about his feelings or opinions, this truth is so clear to
傲慢與偏見:2 Jane's illness2012-06-07
Mr Bennet had a comfortable income of two thousand a year, and a pleasant house in Longbourn. But, unfortu- nately for his daughters, after his death all his property would pass to a distant male relation.
傲慢與偏見:3 Mr Collins visits Longbourn2012-06-06
I hope,my dear,’said Mr Bennet to his wife at break- fast the next morning,that you have told the cook to send up a good dinner today,as I am expecting a visitor.
傲慢與偏見:4 Elizabeth meets Mr Wickham2012-06-06
When later that morning Lydia suggested walking to Meryton to see some of the officers,all her sisters except Mary agreed to accompany her.
傲慢與偏見:5 Mr Collins proposes twice2012-06-03
At Longbourn the next day,soon after breakfast,Mr Collins asked Mrs Bennet for permission to speak privately to Elizabeth Mrs Bennet was delighted,and hurried the other girls out of the room,so that Elizabeth and Mr Collins were left alone together.
傲慢與偏見:6 Elizabeth visits Mr and Mrs Collins2012-06-03
The following Monday Mrs Bennet had the pleasure of receiving her brother and his wife, who came as usual to spend Christmas at Longbourn.
傲慢與偏見:7 Darcy proposes marriage2012-06-02
Elizabeth was sitting by herself the next morning, writing to Jane, while Mrs Collins and Maria were shopping in the village.She heard the doorbell ring, and knew that meant a visitor had arrived, but she was greatly surprised when Mr Darcy,and Mr Darcy o
傲慢與偏見:8 Elizabeth Learns more about Darcy and Wickham2012-06-02
The next morning Elizabeth had still not recovered from the surprise of Darcy's proposal to her.Feeling in need of exercise and fresh air, she decided to have a walk.
傲慢與偏見:9 Elizabeth in Derbyshire2012-05-31
During the week before the regiment's departure, all the young ladies in the Meryton area became extremely depressed.Only the two elder Miss Bennets were still able to eat,drink, sleep and lead a normal life.
傲慢與偏見:10 Lydia and Wickham2012-05-31
On the third morning of her visit to Lambton, Elizabeth received two letters from Jane.The first had been badly addressed and sent elsewhere, then redirected.
傲慢與偏見:11 Bingley returns to Netherfield2012-05-29
Elizabeth had the satisfaction of receiving a reply from her aunt in the shortest time possible.She sat down eagerly to read it.
傲慢與偏見:12 Elizabeth and Darcy2012-05-29
One morning,about a week after Bingley had proposed to Jane,a carriage arrived outside Longbourn House. Elizabeth,Kitty and their mother were in the sitting-room, when suddenly the door was thrown open,and their visitor entered.It was Lady Catherine de Bo


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