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雾都孤儿:1 Oliver’s early life2012-05-27
Oliver Twist was born in a workhouse,and when he arrived in this hard world,it was very doubtful whether he would live beyond the first three minutes.He lay on a hard little bed and struggled to start breathing.
雾都孤儿:2 Oliver’s first job2012-05-27
Oliver stayed a prisoner alone in the dark room for a week. He cried bitterly all day,and when the long night came,he spread his little hands over his eyes to shut out the darkness, and tried to sleep.
雾都孤儿:3 Oliver goes to London2012-05-25
Oliver was now officially an undertaker’s assistant.It was a good,sickly time of year,and coffins were selling well. Oliver gained a lot of experience in a short time,and was interested to see how brave some people were after a death in the family. During
雾都孤儿:4 Oliver in London2012-05-25
For some reason the Dodger did not want to enter London during daylight,so it was nearly eleven o’clock at night when They got near the centre. Oliver had never seen a dirtier or more miserable place.
雾都孤儿:5 Oliver's life changes2012-05-24
Oliver was taken to the nearest police station. The officer at the gate looked at the boy. Another young thief, eh? He turned to the old gentleman, Are you the person who was robbed, sir?
雾都孤儿:6 Oliver is found again2012-05-24
Oliver began to recover and slowly regain his strength. The picture that had caused Mr Brown low 's excitement was taken down from the wall, and was not mentioned again.
雾都孤儿:7 The robbery2012-05-23
A few days later, a visitor arrived in London from Oliver's home town. He was a large, fat man, and very proud of his hat, which showed the world that he was a most important official. It was, in fact, Mr Bumble the beadle, Oliver's old enemy.
雾都孤儿:8 After the robbery2012-05-23
The night was bitterly cold. A sharp wind whipped the fallen snow up into the air and blew it into every hole and corner. It was a night for the homeless to lie down and die; and for luckier people to sit close to their fires and thank God They were at ho
雾都孤儿:9 Oliver starts another life2012-05-21
In a comfortable, pleasant sitting room, the two ladies of the house waited anxiously for the doctor and the police to arrive. The owner of the house, Mrs May lie, was an older woman, but her niece, Rose, was a girl of seventeen, whose quiet beauty and ge
雾都孤儿:10 Life in the country2012-05-21
The weeks slipped contentedly past, and spring turned into summer. Oliver was now a strong and healthy boy, and very fond of Rose and Mrs May lie as They were of him.
雾都孤儿:11 Nancy makes a visit2012-05-20
On the evening after the Bumbles’ little business meeting,Mr Bill Sikes,waking from a sleep,called out to ask the time.
雾都孤儿:12 Nancy keeps an appointment2012-05-20
On exactly the same night as Nancy had met Rose May lie,two people from Oliver’s home town were making their way towards London.
雾都孤儿:13 The end of the gang2012-05-18
The sun burst upon the crowded city in all its brightness.It lit up every corner of London,the great houses of the rich,and the miserable homes of the poor.Its hone everywhere,even into the room where the murdered woman lay.
雾都孤儿:14 The end of the mystery2012-05-18
The next day Oliver travelled with Mr Brown low ,Dr Losberne,Mrs May lie and Rose back to his birthplace.He had been told a little of his history,and knew that the re would be more explanations at the end of this journey.


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