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简爱:Part One A child at Gateshead 1 The red room2012-05-28
We could not go for a walk that afternoon.There was such a freezing cold wind,and such heavy rain,that we all stayed indoors.I was glad of it.I never liked long walks,especially in winter.
简爱:2 Leaving Gateshead2012-05-27
I woke up to find the doctor lifting me very carefully into my own bed.It was good to be back in my familiar bedroom,with a warm fire and candle-light.
简爱:Part Two A girl at Lowood 3 My first impressions of school2012-05-27
Mrs Reed arranged for me to leave on the nineteenth of January.I had to get up very early to catch the coach,but Bessie helped me to get ready.
简爱:4 Making a friend2012-05-25
The next morning we got up in the dark as before,but the water was frozen,so we could not wash.It was freezing cold in all the rooms.
简爱:5 Mr Brocklehurst's visit and its results2012-05-25
It was difficult for me to get used to the school rules at Lowood,and to the hard physical conditions.In January,February and March there was deep snow,but we still had to spend an hour outside every day.
简爱:6 Learning to like school2012-05-24
Life at Lowood no longer seemed so hard,as spring approached.We enjoyed walking and playing in the surrounding countryside.But,with fog lying constantly in the valley,it was not a healthy place for a school,and by May more than half the girls were serious
简爱:Part Three A governess at Thomfield 7 Thornfield and Mr Rochester2012-05-24
But I was surprised to discover on my first full day at Thornfield that Mrs Fairfax was not in fact the owner,as I had assumed,but the housekeeper,and that my new master was a Mr Rochester,who was often away from home.
简爱:8 Getting to know Mr Rochester2012-05-23
Thornfield Hall became quite busy the next day,now that the master had returned.People kept coming to visit him on business.I enjoyed the new,cheerful atmosphere.
简爱:9 Mr Rochester's past2012-05-23
Soon I discovered what Mr Rochester meant when he said he had done wrong.One afternoon,while walking in the gardens of Thornfield,he told me the story of his love affair in Paris with a French dancer,Geline.
简爱:10 The mystery of Grace Poole2012-05-21
A fter this sleepless night I was eager to see Mr Rochester in the morning,but there was no sign of him.He had obviously told the servants that he had accidentally set fire to his room by knocking over a lighted candle As I passed his bedroom,I saw Grace
简爱:11 The Thornfield house-party2012-05-21
Two disappointing weeks passed before we heard from Mr Rochester again.During this time I tried hard to forget my feeling for him.I reminded myself that he paid me to teach Adèle,nothing more,and that no other relationship could exist between us.
简爱:12 The gipsy woman2012-05-20
No sooner had Mr Mason joined the group of guests than a servant entered to announce the arrival of an old gipsy woman,who was supposed to be a skilled fortune-teller.
简爱:13 The stranger is attacked2012-05-20
I was woken by the full moon shining in on me,as I had forgotten to draw my curtains.Suddenly,a wild,terrible cry broke the silence,echoing throughout the house.
简爱:14 Trouble at Gateshead2012-05-18
hen I was a child at Gateshead,Bessie the nursemaid used to say that to dream of children was a sure sign of trouble to come.For a whole week now I had dreamed of a small child every night,and perhaps Bessie was right,as a message came from Gateshead.
简爱:15 The future Mrs Rochester2012-05-18
And so I set out on the long journey back to Thornfield.Mrs Fairfax had written to me while I was at Gateshead,telling me that the guests had all gone,and Mr Rochester had gone to London to buy a carriage for his wedding.
简爱:16 Preparing for the wedding2012-05-17
I was a little nervous before seeing Mr Rochester next morning.Was I really going to marry him, or was it all a dream?But I soon felt calmer when he came to meet me and kissed me.
简爱:17 The wedding day2012-05-17
We had no friends or family to accompany us to the church.I had not told my Reed cousins about our wedding,but I had written to my uncle,John Eyre,in Madeira.Mr Rochester was in such a hurry that he only allowed me a short time to put on my wedding dress
简爱:18 Mr Rochester's explanation2012-05-16
Sometime in the afternoon I recovered a little,but I felt faint as I stood up,and realized I had not eaten anything all day.So I opened my bedroom door and almost fell over Mr Rochester,who was sitting in a chair just outside.
简爱:Part Four A woman at Moor House 19 Finding shelter2012-05-16
I was put down at Whitcross,a crossroads on the moor,after travelling for two days in the coach.As it rolled away,I realized I had left my parcel inside,and given the coachman all the coins in my purse.
简爱:20 A new home2012-05-15
I spent a month at Moor House,in an atmosphere of warm friendship.I learned to love what Diana and Mary loved the little old grey house,the wild open moors around it,and the lonely hills and valleys where we walked for hours.
简爱:21 Mr Rivers'sacrifice2012-05-15
I had twenty village girls to teach,some of them with such a strong country accent that I could hardly communicate with them.Only three could read,and none could write,so at the end of my first day I felt quite depressed at the thought of the hard work ah
简爱:22 Sudden wealth2012-05-12
When St John left,it was beginning to snow,and it continued snowing all night and all the next day.In the evening I sat by my fire,listening to the wind blowing outside,and had just started reading when I heard a noise.
简爱:23 A voice from the past2012-05-12
I promised to stay at Morton school until Christmas,when St John would be able to find another teacher.He was there when I closed the school for the Christmas holidays.I was quite sorry to have to say goodbye to some of my pupils.
简爱:Part Five A wife at Ferndean Manor 24 Returning to Thornfield2012-05-11
In the morning I explained to Diana and Mary that I had to go on a journey, and would be away for several days. Although they did not know the reason for my journey,they were far too sensitive to my feelings to bother me with questions.


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