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呼啸山庄:1 Mr Lockwood visits Wuthering Heights2012-05-14
1801 I have just returned from a visit to my landlord,Mr Heathcliff.I am delighted with the house I am renting from him.Thrushcross Grange is miles away from any town or village.
呼啸山庄:2 Catherine Earnshaw's room2012-05-14
But I was too tired to listen.Thank you,Zillah,I said,and,taking the candle,I entered the room and closed the door.
呼啸山庄:3 Ellen Dean's story—Catherine and Heathcliff as children2012-05-12
1770 When I was a child,I was always at Wuthering Heights,because my mother was a servant with the Earnshaw family.
呼啸山庄:4 Catherine Earnshaw gets to know the Lintons2012-05-12
1775 Hindley came home for his father's burial.What was more surprising was that he brought a wife with him.She was called Frances,a thin,pale woman with a frequent cough.
呼啸山庄:5 Catherine and Edgar2012-05-11
1778 In the summer of this year Hindley's wife Frances had her first,and last,baby.They called the boy Hareton.But the poor woman had been ill for a long time, although we had not realized it,and died soon after Hareton was born.
呼啸山庄:6 Heathcliff disappears2012-05-11
1778—9 Hindley came into the kitchen,swearing terribly,just as I was about to hide little Hareton,in a cupboard.I was always afraid that Hindley would hurt his small son,either by accident or on purpose,when he was drunk,so I tried to keep Hareton out of
呼啸山庄:7 Heathcliff returns2012-05-10
1783 Well,sir,when Miss Catherine became Mrs Linton,and we went to live at Thrushcross Grange,I must say I was surprised and pleased by her behaviour.
呼啸山庄:8 Catherine is ill2012-05-10
1783 The next time Heathcliff came to Thrushcross Grange,he met Isabella by chance in front of the house.I was watching from the kitchen window,as he went up to her,and,supposing that no one else could see him,kissed her.
呼啸山庄:9 Isabella's story2012-05-09
1784 For two months we heard nothing of Isabella or Heathcliff.During that time Catherine was dangerously ill with brain fever,andhDr Kenneth warned us that even if she recovered,her brain would never return to normal.
呼啸山庄:10 Heathcliff visits Catherine for the last time2012-05-09
1784 Heathcliff had given me a letter for Catherine,but I decided not to show it to her until Mr Edgar was out of the house.My chance came four days after my visit to Wuthering Heights.
呼啸山庄:11 Isabella escapes2012-05-08
1784 That Friday evening the wind changed,and brought first rain,then snow.Next morning the spring flowers were all hidden under deep snow.Mr Edgar stayed in his room.
呼啸山庄:12 Bringing up Cathy2012-05-08
1797 During the next twelve years I was happier than I had ever been before.All my time was spent looking after little Cathy,who brought sunshine into our lives.
呼啸山庄:13 Heathcliff's son at Wuthering Heights2012-05-07
1797 Linton was very surprised to be woken so early,and told that he had another journey to make,before break fast.As we rode the four miles to Wuthering Heights,he kept asking me questions abut his new home,and the father he had never seen.
呼啸山庄:14 Secret visits2012-05-07
1800 The months passed,and soon it was autumn.Mr Edgar caught a bad cold,which seemed to get worse and worse.He stayed indoors the whole winter,so Cathy only had me as a companion on her walks.
呼啸山庄:15 A trap2012-05-06
1800 A few days after the master had forbidden Cathy to visit Linton,he asked my opinion of the boy.
呼啸山庄:16 Cathy becomes a widow2012-05-06
I shall work,replied Cathy.And Ill look after Linton.Hes all Ive got to love in the world.Im just sorry for you,Mr Heathcliff.You have nobody to love you!You are as lonely and miserable as the devil!
呼啸山庄:17 Mr Lockwood visits Wuthering Heights again2012-05-05
1802 After hearing the end of Mrs Dean's story,I made my plans for the future.I decided I did not want to spend another winter at the Grange,and told her I would ride to the Heights to inform my landlord.She handed me a letter to give to Cathy Heathcliff
呼啸山庄:18 Heathcliff's end2012-05-05
1801—2 I was delighted to come back to the Heights,and hoped I could make Cathy's life more comfortable.But she was restless,and complained of loneliness.


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