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遠離塵囂:1 Gabriel Oak falls in love2012-04-29
Gabriel Oak was a sensible man of good character, who had been brought up by his father as a shepherd, and then managed to save enough money to rent his own farm on Norcombe Hill,in Dorset. He was twenty eight,a tall,well built man,who did not seem,howeve
遠離塵囂:2 Disaster for Gabriel Oak2012-04-28
Young Farmer Oak was in love. He waited for the girl's regular visits to the sick cow just as impatiently as his dog waited to be fed. He discovered that her name was Bathsheba Everdene,and that she lived with her aunt,Mrs Hurst. His head was so full of
遠離塵囂:3 The fire2012-04-28
Two months later Gabriel went to the great fair at Casterbridge,hoping to find a job as farm manager. But when he realized by late afternoon that none of the farmers at Casterbridge wanted a farm manager,or even a shepherd,he decided to try his luck at an
遠離塵囂:4 Fanny Robin disappears2012-04-27
The farm manager had advised Gabriel to go straight to the malthouse in Weatherbury,to ask for somewhere to stay. That was the place where the men of the village spent their evenings,drinking beer and talking by the fire.
遠離塵囂:5 Bathsheba sends a valentine2012-04-27
When Bathsheba first appeared at the weekly Caster bridge market,where farmers bought and sold their wheat and animals,she caused a sensation. Men's heads turned to look at her,the only woman there.
遠離塵囂:6 Fanny's mistake2012-04-27
At the malthouse the men were discussing Bathsheba. How's she getting on without a farm manager?the old maltster asked the younger men.
遠離塵囂:7 Farmer Boldwood proposes marriage2012-04-27
On Saturday at Casterbridge market Boldwood saw the woman who was disturbing his dreams. For the first time he turned his head and looked at her.
遠離塵囂:8 Bathsheba's sheep in danger2012-04-25
Because Bathsheba was not at all in love with Farmer Boldwood,she was able to consider his proposal of marriage calmly. It was an offer which many women of good family in the area would have been delighted to accept.
遠離塵囂:9 Bathsheba meets a handsome soldier2012-04-25
Farmers always gave a special supper to the sheep shearers when they had finished their work. This year Bathsheba had ordered her maids to put a long table in the garden,with the top end of the table just inside the house.
遠離塵囂:10 Bathsheba in love2012-04-24
Once or twice during the next few days Bathsheba saw Troy working in her hayflelds. He behaved in a pleasant,friendly manner towards her,and she began to lose her fear of him.
遠離塵囂:11 Farmer Boldwood becomes desperate2012-04-24
Liddy was allowed a week's holiday to visit her sister,who lived a few miles away. To avoid seeing Mr Bold wood,Bathsheba herself arranged to visit Liddy at her sister's home for a day or two. She left her cleaning woman,Maryann,in charge of the house,a
遠離塵囂:12 Bathsheba makes her choice2012-04-24
On the same day that Bathsheba arrived home, Mr Boldwood went to apologize to her for speaking so violently the last time he had seen her. He knew nothing of her trip to Bath,and supposed she had only been to visit Liddy.
遠離塵囂:13 The storm2012-04-24
There was always a harvest supper for the farm workers after all the hay and wheat had been cut. On behalf of his wife,Sergeant Troy decided to have it one evening at the end of August,in the great barn.
遠離塵囂:14 Bathsheba discovers the truth2012-04-22
Summer turned into autumn and one Saturday evening in October Bathsheba and her husband were riding home from Casterbridge market.
遠離塵囂:15 Fanny's revenge2012-04-22
That afternoon Joseph Poorgrass was bringing Fanny's coffin back from Casterbridge. Feeling a little frightened of the dead body behind him in the cart,and de-pressed by the autumn fog,he stopped for some beer at a pub,where he met Jan Coggan and Laban T
遠離塵囂:16 Sergeant Troy leaves2012-04-21
When Bathsheba ran out of the house the previous night,Troy first replaced the coffin lid,then went upstairs to lie on his bed and wait miserably for the morning.
遠離塵囂:17 Farmer Boldwood begins to hope2012-04-21
When Troy did not return,Bathsheba felt neither happiness nor sadness. She had no hope for the fu-ture. She was sure that one day he would return,and spend the rest of her money.
遠離塵囂:18 Mr Boldwood's Christmas party2012-04-21
For months Weatherbury people had been discussing the party that Mr Boldwood was going to give just before Christmas,and now the day had finally arrived. Bathsheba was getting ready for it.
遠離塵囂:19 Bathsheba and Gabriel2012-04-21
Gabriel arrived at Boldwood's house about five minutes after the shooting. The villagers were all shocked and silent,but Bathsheba was sitting on the floor,calmly holding Troy's head.


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