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金银岛:1 The old seaman Squire2012-04-16
Squire Trelawney, Dr Livesey, and the others have asked me to write down all I know about Treasure Island .My name is Jim Hawkins, and I was in the story right from the start, back in 17.I was only a boy then, and it all began at the time my father owned
金银岛:2 Black Dog2012-04-15
One January morning ,the captain got up early and walked down to the beach. It was a cold winter's day with the sun still low in the sky. My mother was upstairs with my father, who was now very ill. That year the winter was long and hard ,and we knew my
金银岛:3 The black spot2012-04-15
The only money I want, I said,is the money you owe my father .But Ill get you one glass of rum ,no more.
金银岛:4 The sea-chest2012-04-14
On the floor close to the captain's hand was a little round piece of paper, blackened on one side. I had no doubt that this was the black spot .On the other side was some writing: You have till ten o’clock tonight. Our old clock reminded me it was now si
金银岛:5 I go to Bristol2012-04-14
Dr Livesey went to London, to find another doctor to look after his patients while he was away. I waited at his home with Tom Redruth.
金银岛:6 The ship and its men2012-04-13
We went out to the His paniola in a small boat. Mr Ar row met us, and it was clear that he and the squire were very friendly .
金银岛:7 The apple barrel2012-04-13
We sailed at the first light of day. I was more tired than ever before, but everything was so new and interest-ing I would not leave the deck.
金银岛:8 Treasure Island2012-04-12
Next morning, there was no wind and we were half a mile from the eastern coast of the island.Although the sun shone bright and hot, I hated the thought of Treasure Island ,afraid of what would happen there.
金银岛:9 The man of the island2012-04-12
But almost immediately I ran into a new danger.As I ran, I heard some small stones falling from the side of a steep hill. I stopped to look round, and saw a figure jump quickly behind a tree.
金银岛:10 Inside the stockade2012-04-11
We followed the noise of the fighting and came to a hill.There stood a strong wooden house,big enough for forty people,and with holes for guns on every side.
金银岛:11 Sea adventure2012-04-11
The doctor,Gray and I ran back into the house.We saw Hunter lying still,after a knock on the head.Joyce lay dead,shot through the head;and the squire was half-carrying the wounded captain.
金银岛:12 Israel Hands2012-04-10
I lost no time and climbed up the rope on to the deck of the ship.The two men were there,red-cap on his back,Israel Hands against the side,his face white There was dark blood around them on the deck,and I was sure each had killed the other in their drunke
金银岛:13 A prisoner of the enemy2012-04-10
Somebody brought a light and I saw the inside of the house.Five pirates were on their feet,and another man was lying down with a head wound.But my heart became filled with fear when I saw no prisoners.Were my friends all dead?
金银岛:14 Looking for the treasure2012-04-09
They have the ship,Silver told the men,and I don't know where it is.But once we have the treasure,we'll find it soon enough.
金银岛:15 End of an adventure2012-04-09
The pirates could not believe it,but Silver remained calm and changed his plan quickly.


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