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Through the open windows of the room came the rich scent of summer flowers.Lord Henry Wotton lay back in his chair and smoked his cigarette.Beyond the soft sounds of the garden he could just hear the noise of London.
In the garden the leaves shone in the sunlight,and the flowers moved gently in the summer wind.The two young men sat on a long seat under the shadow of a tall tree.
As they entered the house,they saw Dorian Gray.He was sitting by the window and turning some pages of music.
In the house Basil Hallward stood in front of the portrait of Dorian Gray.Its finished,he said.He wrote his name in the corner of the picture.
The next morning Lord Henry went to visit his aunt,Lady Agatha.She was surprised to see him.
One afternoon,a month later,Dorian Gray visited Lord Henry.Dorian was excited and his eyes were shining.
Mother,Mother,Im so happy,cried the girl,and you must be happy too.
As they waited for Dorian Gray the next night,Lord Henry and Basil Hallward discussed Sybil Vane.Basil had not been happy at the news of Dorian's marriage plans.
It was long past midday when Dorian woke up.His servant brought him tea and his letters,but he did not read them.Yesterday seemed like a bad dream,but when he went downstairs,he saw the covered picture.
While Dorian was having breakfast the next morning,Basil Hallward came to see him.
But time did not touch the face of Dorian Gray.That wonderful beauty the beauty that Basil Hallward had painted never left him.
It was the ninth of November, the evening before his thirty-eighth birthday. Dorian Gray was walking home from Lord Henry's house when he saw Basil Hallward.
The next morning Dorian wrote two letters. He put one of them into his pocket,and he gave the other to his servant.Take this to Mr Campbells house at once,he said.
Later the same evening Dorian Gray was at a party.He smiled and talked,and looked as young and as good-looking as ever.
A week later Dorian Gray was at his house in the country,where he had invited Lord Henry and several other friends.Among them was the pretty Lady Monmouth and her much older husband.
Youre going to be good?said Lord Henry.Dont tell me that.Youre wonderful as you are.Please dont change.His long, white fingers played with a flower on the table.
At home he thought about his conversation with Lord Henry.Could he really change, he wondered? He had lived an evil life,and had destroyed other people's lives as well.Was there any hope for him?


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