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英語專四考試聽力指南 Test 012013-05-04
The poverty line is the minimum income that people need for an acceptable standard of living.People with incomes below the poverty line are consisdered poor.
英語專四考試聽力指南 Test 022013-05-04
In Sections A, B and C you will hear everything once only. Listen carefully and then answer the questions that follow. Mark the correct response for each question on your answer sheet.
英語專四考試聽力指南 Test 032013-05-03
It is also wrong to believe that old age seriously affects a person’s mental abilities.There is clear proof that people who were eager to learn and who welcomed new experiences in their middle age,continue to do so in old age. It is true that older people tend to take longer to learn something new than young people.Nevertheless,if they are given sufficient time,they learn as well as young people do.
英語專四考試聽力指南 Test 042013-05-03
The cars of the future will be fine for driving around the city.However, they will not be suitable for long trips,because these cars by petrol can only go 450 kilometers befor needing to stop for refilling.
英語專四考試聽力指南 Test 052013-05-02
Americans like many people elsewhere in the world like to invite friends to their homes for an evening of food,drink and conversation.Formal dinners in fine homes and hotals in US are much the same as formal dinners
英語專四考試聽力指南 Test 062013-05-02
Gardening is one of the oldest of the arts./The Chinese with their deep sensitivense to beauty/laid the foundations for a form of garden art which was later to have great influences upon other lands.
英語專四考試聽力指南 Test 072013-05-01
It's apparent that everyone needs to sleep.However,most people vary think about how and why they sleep.We know that if we sleep well,we felt rested.If we don't sleep enough,we often felt tired and irritable.It seems there are two poposite of asleep:physical rest and emotional and psychological rest.We need to rest our bodies and our minds.
英語專四考試聽力指南 Test 082013-05-01
Today all long distance airplanes have jet engines. The modern jet airplanes are very big and can carry hundreds of passengers on two different floors, which makes air travel much cheaper.
英語專四考試聽力指南 Test 092013-04-30
Railways even changed the time. The need to run the railways on time meant that local time was abolished and the clocks showed the same time all over the country.
英語專四考試聽力指南 Test 102013-04-30
In many parts of the world,schools have special programmes for the day. Boys and girls in some communities decorate a UN tree.
英語專四考試聽力指南 專四聽寫01-052013-04-29
We do not know when men fisrt began to use salt. But we do know that it has been used in many different ways through old history. Historical evident shows, for example, that people who lived over 3000 years ago ate salted fish. Thousands of years ago in Egypt, salt was used to preserve the dead.
英語專四考試聽力指南 專四聽寫06-102013-04-29
The relationship between a teacher and a student can be either good or bad, helpful or harmful. / Either way, the relationship can affect the student for the rest of his life.
英語專四考試聽力指南 專四聽寫11-152013-04-28
The Library is one of the largest libraries in the world. / It has a collection of 74 million items which are housed in three buildings. / The bookshelves stretch for 350 miles. / Of the 18 million books, more than half are in languages other than English.
英語專四考試聽力指南 專四聽寫16-202013-04-28
The mobile phone has created a new way of life. / It gives us the opportunity to reach people when and wherever we like. / But when mobile phones become as commonplace as wristwatches, / it seems they are creating embarrassing situations.


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