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voa常速英語:EU Removes Iranian Opposition Group From Terror List2009-01-31
By Lisa Bryant
26 January 2009 The European Union says it will remove an Iranian opposition group from its terrorist list, thus freeing the group's frozen assets. The move, announced Monday, i
voa常速英語:Possible Japan Commercial Whale Deal Shocks Environmentalists2009-01-30
By Phil Mercer
27 January 2009 The International Whaling Commission is considering a plan to allow Japan to hunt whales, locally, in return for scaling back its activities in Antarctica. Austr
voa常速英語:Obama Seeks Republican Support for Economic Plan2009-01-29
By Dan Robinson
27 January 2009 In meetings on Capitol Hill, President Barack Obama has urged minority Republicans to support economic recovery legislation moving through Congress. Republi
voa常速英語:Many Kenyans Proud of New US President2009-01-28
By Alisha Ryu
19 January 2009 Half-way around the world from Washington, many people in Kenya are celebrating the historic inauguration of Barack Obama with special pride.For the first time a
voa常速英語:Obama Strikes Serious Yet Hopeful Tone on Economy2009-01-27
President Barack Obama says America's economy is in crisis but can be repaired. America's 44th president struck a determined, but pragmatic tone, on economic matters in his inaugural address.
voa常速英語:UN Calls for Accountability of Death and ...2009-01-26
The U.N. Relief and Works Agency says a process of accountability must take place to achieve justice for all the death and destruction that occurred as a consequence of the Israeli military incursion into Gaza. UNRWA says the process must be credible and must address the legitimate allegations of both the Israelis and Palestinians.
voa常速英語:Indian Prime Minister in Hospital for Heart Surgery2009-01-25
Indian government officials say prime minister Manmohan Singh was taken to a New Delhi hospital and is due to undergo coronary artery bypass graft surgery Saturday to clear blockages in his heart. Ear
voa常速英語:Obama Wants Economic Stimulus Passed Soon2009-01-25
U.S. President Barack Obama says the country's economic crisis demands that Congress act soon on his economic stimulus plan. Mr. Obama met Friday with top Democratic and Republican lawmakers at the W
voa常速英語:Turkey Seeks to Make Nabucco More Than Pipe Dream2009-01-25
As a result of the disruption of gas supplies to the European Union from Russia, Turkey is now positioning itself as an alternative route for energy with the proposed Nabucco pipeline. But the new pip
voa常速英語:UK Sinks into Recession2009-01-25
Britain has officially sunk into recession, with its economy shrinking by 1.5 percent in the fourth quarter of last year. This comes amid the growing financial crisis around the world.It's official -
voa常速英語:UN Chief Calls on Israel, Hamas to Forge...2009-01-24
UN Chief Calls on Israel, Hamas to Forge Lasting TruceU.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, just back from a visit to the Gaza Strip, says he was "deeply affected" by the destruction and suffering he wi
voa常速英語:EU Urges Israel to Lift Gaza Aid Blockade2009-01-24
As the last Israeli troops left the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, European Union foreign ministers in Brussels urged Israel to lift its blockade of humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian territory.
voa常速英語:India's Slowing Economy Takes Toll on Jobs...2009-01-24
India's Slowing Economy Takes Toll on Jobs, InvestorsAfter five years of runaway growth, India's economy is slowing down, as the global financial crisis begins to take a toll on emerging economies.
voa常速英語:Gates: 16-Month Iraq Timetable Just One Option2009-01-24
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says President Barack Obama's plan to withdraw U.S. combat troops from Iraq in 16 months is one of the options currently being studied at the Pentagon.Secretary Ga
voa常速英語:Russia, Ukraine Open Gas Valves2009-01-22
Russia and Ukraine have resumed the flow of natural gas to Europe, ending a mid-winter standoff that left millions of consumers on the continent without heat or power during 13 days of bitter cold.An
voa常速英語:Arab Summit in Kuwait Ends in Discord2009-01-22
Arab leaders tried to patch over their differences as a two-day summit in Kuwait drew to a close, but the Gaza conflict appears to have exacerbated the tensions.Arab leaders began their Kuwait summit,
voa常速英語:UN's Ban Calls Gaza Suffering 'Heartbreaking'2009-01-22
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has become the first international leader to visit the Gaza Strip following Israel's 22-day offensive. Israeli troops continue to pull out of the battered enclave,
voa常速英語:Obama to Discuss Iraq, Afghanistan Wednesday2009-01-22
President Obama meets with his national security team, including top military officers, Wednesday to begin to chart a new U.S. policy toward Iraq and Afghanistan.As a presidential candidate, several t
voa常速英語:Zimbabwe Leaders Resume Power Sharing Talks2009-01-21
Leaders of Zimbabwe's three main political parties have begun negotiations to implement a stalled power-sharing agreement aimed at ending 10 months of political stalemate. The two major parties appea
voa常速英語:Aid Groups Want Obama to Take New...2009-01-21
Aid Groups Want Obama to Take New Approach to ChadA coalition of religious groups and refugee organizations wants U.S. President-elect Barack Obama to take a new approach to Chad.The coalition of aid
voa常速英語:Arab Summit in Kuwait Offers Funds to Rebuild Gaza2009-01-21
Top Arab leaders are meeting in Kuwait to discuss rebuilding Gaza and what to do about a stalled 2002 Arab peace initiative with Israel. The meeting, however, takes place amid deep divisions.
  It wa
voa常速英語:As Fighting in Gaza Stops, UN Intensifies ...2009-01-21
As Fighting in Gaza Stops, UN Intensifies Aid OperationsAs Israeli troops begin pulling out of the Gaza Strip, following their 22-day offensive against Hamas militants, the United Nations is intensify
voa常速英語:Inauguration Festivities Begin in Washington2009-01-20
It is a four-day weekend in the U.S. capital city of Washington, with a holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., on Monday and Inauguration Day on Tuesday. The significance of the back-to-back holida
voa常速英語:Obama Speaks at Start of Inaugural Celebrations2009-01-20
Four days of celebrations and festivities surrounding the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama have begun in Washington with an open-air concert at the Lincoln Memorial.
  Tens-of-thousands o
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