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CRI在線收聽:2019 New Year Speech by President Xi Jinping2019-01-01
President Xi Jinping delivers his New Year speech for 2019 on Monday night. Xi hailed a changing China with its achievements in manufacturing, innovation and construction.
CRI在線收聽:Wu Changhua who flies and fights for climate change2018-12-21
When Wu Changhua started her career as a news editor 28 years ago, she thought that environmental protection meant sweeping the streets and planting trees. Now, she has become one of Asia's leading scholars on climate change.
CRI在線收聽:Canadian anthropologist, lifelong friend of China celebrates 103rd birthday2018-12-17
As a witness of this historical period,103-year-old Isabel Crook, a foreign teacher working in China, had just celebrated her birthday and received a special gift from the Chinese government.
CRI在線收聽:Reform and opening-up achievements over past decades2018-12-17
During the 40-years of Reform and Opening-up, authorities say major achievements have been made in three main industries, including agriculture, manufacturing and services.
CRI在線收聽:Former world leaders hail China's contribution to the world2018-12-13
Some of the former world leaders who met with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday following the Imperial Springs International Forum louded Chinas role in the international community.
CRI在線收聽:With esports developing, esports commentary becomes occupation2018-12-12
In recent years, e-sports has become a rapidly growing industry that is driving growth and change in other industries, and creating some new occupations. E-sports commentary is one of them.
CRI在線收聽:Guilin upgrades travel industry by combining culture with tourism2018-12-11
The city of Guilin in south Chinas Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is expanding its efforts to boost its local tourism industry by promoting both the regions natural beauty and its rich cultural history.
CRI在線收聽:The 4th Silk Road Forum highlights global sustainable development2018-12-10
The latest international Silk Road Forum has wrapped up in Paris with officials and representatives from around the world calling for jointly building the Belt and Road and promoting global sustainable development.
CRI在線收聽:China's 2019 trade growth to have strong underpinning: MOC2018-12-08
Customs data shows that Chinas overall trade has continued to grow through the first 11-months of the year, and looks set to continue on its upward trajectory.
CRI在線收聽:Award ceremony of art contest for disabled kids concluded2018-12-08
The awards ceremony for a national art contest for children with disabilities has taken place in Beijing, with the young artists competing in various activities, such as painting, calligraphy, dance and musical performances.
CRI在線收聽:China is expected to become mainstay of global aerospace industry2018-12-07
An insiders report has predicted that in the next five years, there will be continuing growth in the global commercial aerospace sector, and China is becoming a major force in the development of the space industry.
CRI在線收聽:Movie The Photographer details the influence of 'Reform and Opening Up'2018-12-06
A movie that records how a photographers family has undergone a revolution as technology moved from film to digital over the past 40 years will hit Chinese cinemas soon.
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