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CRI在線收聽:Social Security Fund2011-12-31
Their employers are required to pay an amount equaling 33% of their salary into the same account. In turn, the foreign workers will enjoy the same benefits as Chinese citizens do.
CRI在線收聽:Autologous Blood Transfusion to be Encouraged2011-12-30
Graduate student Huo Jintu has just undergone an operation at Peking Union Medical College Hospital. But because of the city's blood shortage, his doctor advised him to do an autologous blood transfusion to use his own blood during the operation.
CRI在線收聽:Foreigner's Social Insurance Registration Meets Deadlines2011-12-30
The latest social insurance law requires foreigners with work permits in the country to pay a monthly contribution for pension, medical, unemployment, worker injury and maternity insurance as of October 15th. Employers will deduct around 10 per cent of their monthly salary to cover the workers' portion of the payment.
CRI在線收聽:China Issues White Paper on Space Exploration2011-12-30
China issued a white paper on space exploration on Thursday to look back on the progress it has made in the development of space industry and the major tasks for the future.
CRI在線收聽:Customers Line Up to Buy Gold Products after Price Drops2011-12-29
The price of gold has decreased by as much as 20 percent since September, when it hit an all-time high of 19-hundred-20 U.S. dollars per ounce.
CRI在線收聽:Faster, Easier Flight Experience with E-ticketing Systems2011-12-29
Air passengers in China now enjoy faster, easier and more pleasant airport check-in experience, thanks to an idea that has simplified the business of flying and boosted the development of civil aviation.
CRI在線收聽:Internet Speed in China2011-12-29
The Data Center of China Internet has recently released a report indicating that most broadband users in China find their internet speed is far slower than the advertised maximum speed given by internet service providers.
CRI在線收聽:Transformation and Cooperation Saves the Aluminum Business2011-12-28
During the economic crisis that hit all industries worldwide in 2008, many industries struggled to stay alive, or at the very least make a profit. The ones that succeeded did so due changing the way that they did business.
CRI在線收聽:China's Used Car Market2011-12-28
Mr. Liu purchased a high-end secondhand car in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. But now he wants to sell it so he can buy another second hand car.
CRI在線收聽:China Acts to Better Solve Wage Defaulting2011-12-28
With the Spring Festival approaching, the Chinese government has pledged to crack down on the malicious nonpayment of wages to protect workers' rights and maintain social stability.
CRI在線收聽:Duty Free Goods2011-12-28
According to the provisional policy on offshore duty-free shopping, all the duty-free items that travelers buy at the offshore tax-free stores must be carried by the travelers themselves onto the aircraft.
CRI在線收聽:Organic Pesticides2011-12-28
Ants are highly effective hunters and have a voracious appetite for insect prey. That's why scientists in the southern Indian state of Kerala are using them instead of pesticides to control pests on cashew plantations.
CRI在線收聽:Breast Augmentation Crisis2011-12-27
In early 2010, PIP was ordered out of the market, but its products continued to be sold around the world.
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