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CRI在線收聽:The Sporting Year-A Yearly Review 4...2010-12-31
The 2010 US Open proved to be one of the most testing weekend's of golf on any of the tours this year. It was held at Pebble Beach. The Old Lady by the Sea as it's known-has played host to some of the greatest moments in golf down the years.
CRI在線收聽:Real-estate Frenzy Still on despite...2010-12-30
The red-hot property market in China is maintaining its momentum at the year-end despite government curbs. Market analysts fear the home price surge can't be stopped, even with the recent interest rate rise. Our reporter Wang Ling has more.
CRI在線收聽:Expert:Interest Rate Hike to Lower...2010-12-29
China's central bank raised interest rates over the weekend for the second time in just over two months. The move is said to be designed to rein in inflation and narrow the gap between the increase in consumer prices and the savings rate.
CRI在線收聽:The Sporting Year-A Yearly Review...2010-12-28
As we are fast appraching the end of 2010, a few things in the sports world stayed in our mind. So, let's take some time to review the magical moments in the sporting arena for this week. Here is Paul Riding.
CRI在線收聽:National Institute of Cultural...2010-12-27
China's Ministry of Culture and Beijing International Studies University have co-established the National Institute of Cultural Development in Beijing. The first state-level culture industry institute will seek ways to promote Chinese culture to the world from an economic and trade perspective. CRI's Wu Jia has the report.
CRI在線收聽:Panic about UK Student Visas...2010-12-26
News reports in China have framed the reforms to UK student visas as a sure thing. Many have made claims about thousands of Chinese students who will likely have to leave the UK in the coming months when their visas expire.
CRI在線收聽:UN Special Rapporteur on Right to Food...2010-12-25
Bigger farms, more machinery, and more pesticides should mean more food produced, right?Not necessarily.Olivier de Schutter is the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to food.
CRI在線收聽:Chinese People's Anti Inflation Combat2010-12-24
China's inflation has climbed to a record high in just over two years, prompting people to reconsider their saving plans. Many have reached out to diversify their investment portfolio. Our reporter Yingying has more.
CRI在線收聽:Cameron Clegg Defuse Coalition Crisis...2010-12-23
As our London correspondent Tu Yun reports, the comments come as both David Cameron and Nick Clegg try to ease a growing the coalition crisis sparked by Business Secretary Vince Cable, whose actions are now threatening to bring down the coalition, after being secretly recorded by undercover journalists. CRI London correspondent Tu Yun has more.
CRI在線收聽:China and Australia Held 13th Talk...2010-12-22
The two delegations updated each other on both countries' achievements in human rights issues and pledged to continue exchanges and cooperation in this area.
CRI在線收聽:APC President Praises Guangzhou...2010-12-21
The 2010 Asian Para Games conclude in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou Sunday night. During the past week, the host city has impressed the world with a warm opening ceremony and an amazing performance by Paralympic athletes.
CRI在線收聽:China to Strenghen Social Security System...2010-12-20
China is planning to further strengthen the social security and service system for the disabled in the next five years. A series of measures will be adopted, such as popularizing compulsory education for disabled children, increasing financial aid for impoverished disabled people and accelerating the construction of non-barrier facilities. Wu Jia has more.
CRI在線收聽:Property Tax Could be Complicated2010-12-19
If you thought buying property in China was expensive enough, there's a possibility prices could rise even higher if the government decides to go ahead a much talked about plan of introducing a residential property tax.
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