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CRI News Reports:International Retailers' Global Sourcing ...2009-06-30
The Chinese Ministry of Commerce that organized the event hopes it can promote a bridging between transnational retailers and domestic suppliers against the backdrop of the global economic downturn.
CRI News Reports:2010 Shanghai World Expo Plans 20,000 ...2009-06-29
The organizer of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo is soliciting cultural and artistic performances from home and abroad for the upcoming international event. About 20,000 performances are expected to be staged in more than 30 venues during the events run between May and October of next year.
CRI News Reports:China Welcomes U.S. Climate ...2009-06-28
China's chief climate change official says China welcomes a U.S. climate change bill and hopes it would take stronger measures to cut carbon emissions.
CRI News Reports:Efficiency more vital than age2009-06-27
Twenty-nine-year-old Zhou Senfeng was elected mayor of Yicheng in Hubei province recently, becoming the youngest mayor in China.
CRI News Reports:Public Hospitals:Save Lives First...2009-06-25
The article says many leaders of local public hospitals say the lack of government funding would make it difficult for them to abide by such a regulation.
CRI News Reports:ICBC's price hike arouses public opinions2009-06-24
The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, or ICBC, has hiked its fees for more than 20 financial transactions, with an average increase of 100 percent.
CRI News Reports:China Youth Daily: China Needs Teaching...2009-06-23
In exploring how to improve postgraduate education in China, an article in The China Youth Daily says the sticking point is that the country lacks standardized, high-quality teaching materials for students at that level.
CRI News Reports:China Denounces Asian Development Bank Move2009-06-20
Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang made the remarks in reaction to the ADB's recent approval of the India Country Partnership Strategy, which involves the territorial dispute between China and India.
CRI News Reports:Chinese President: China, Russia should ...2009-06-20
Chinese President Hu Jintao says the China-Russia strategic partnership of cooperation is bound to have a better future so long as the two sides seize the opportunity and join hands in deepening it.
CRI News Reports:FM Spokesperson: Consultation and ...2009-06-18
FM Spokesperson: Consultation and Dialogue the Only Way to Solve Korean Peninsular Nuclear Issue
CRI News Reports:Obama: A Nuclear-armed North Korea ...2009-06-17
Speaking at a joint news conference in the White House with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, Obama vowed to end a cycle of allowing Pyongyang to create a crisis and then be rewarded with incentives to back down.
CRI News Reports:Chinese President Hu Jintao Arrives ...2009-06-16
Reporter: It is largest ever summit meeting of the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation, or SCO, since it was formed in 2001 by China, Russia and the four Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
CRI News Reports:China's Flu Vaccine Production Begins2009-06-15
Hualan says it expects the first batch of the vaccine to be ready in around two weeks. But it will take more time for the vaccines to be tested for human injection.
CRI News Reports:Shanghai International Film Festival ...2009-06-14
What brought these most-sought-after celebrities together is not the Berlin or Cannes film festivals, but the Shanghai International Film Festival, or SIFF. Starting from Saturday, Chinese filmgoers will be treated to the most lavish cinematic feast of the year.
CRI News Reports:Homebound Migrant Workers Can Help...2009-06-12
The slumping economy has forced throngs of migrant workers in China out of urban areas and back home without jobs. Some local officials say accepting the extra work force is cumbersome.
CRI News Reports:Could Someone with an Annual Salary ...2009-06-11
Jiang Xingquan, the head coach of the Xinjiang Flying Tiger basketball team, has been awarded the title of 'model worker' by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
CRI News Reports:Women-only compartment is not the best...2009-06-10
The Beijing News recently reported that the Beijing Metro is considering setting up women-only compartments on subway lines 1 and 2.
CRI News Reports:China's publishing industry should improve...2009-06-09
The People's Daily published an article saying the increase is a good signal to the Chinese publishing industry, but pointed out the structure of copyright trading is un-balanced.
CRI News Reports:Pay More Attention to the Justice...2009-06-08
Parents have rented quiet hotel rooms for their children to prepare for the exam. They have also rented cabs as exam transportation.
CRI News Reports:French Investigators not Hopeful to ...2009-06-05
French Investigators not Hopeful to Find Black Box of Missing Jet
The French accident investigation agency says it is not hopeful that the black box of the missing Air France airliner would be fou
CRI News Reports:China, U.S. Prepare for New Landmark...2009-06-04
The two sides reached the agreement as top Chinese leaders held a series of talks with US treasury secretary Timothy Geithner, who has concluded a visit to Beijing on Tuesday.
CRI News Reports:Eight Chinese Nationals Onboard Missing ...2009-06-03
An Air France passenger plane has gone missing over the Atlantic off the Brazilian coast with 228 people from 32 countries on board, including eight Chinese nationals.
CRI News Reports:Chinese President Visits Children ahead ...2009-06-02
Chinese President Hu Jintao has visited two primary schools in Beijing, joining children in language classes, games and kite painting, and wishing them a healthy and bright future.
CRI News Reports:Chinese National Kidnapped in ...2009-06-01
Police said a woman from the Chinese mainland, surnamed Ma, was about to buy some vegetables when two gunmen abducted her.


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