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CRI News Reports:Talks on New UN Resolution on...2009-05-31
Talks on New UN Resolution on North Korea Underway

International envoys have not reached any agreement after another day of talks on possible UN sanctions and other measures in response to North
CRI News Reports:Britain encourages public to grow food2009-05-31
Gardeners from the British National Trust will give away 170 million seeds to families and children nationwide and will have vegetable 'doctors' to advise and teach on their cultivation. If the s
CRI News Reports:ASEAN, EU Agree to Further Strengthen...2009-05-30
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, ASEAN, and the European Union have signed two declarations for EU to accede to the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia.
CRI News Reports:Duanwu Festival is more than just a holiday2009-05-29
Finally the author suggests that the tourism department organize related activities to uphold the festive atmosphere, while the culture department publish Duanwu themed productions to promote the cultural meaning of the festival.
CRI News Reports:Israeli PM Pledges No More New...2009-05-26
Data from the local organization of Peace Now show more than 280,000 Israeli settlers are living in the occupied West Bank and some 200,000 living in settlements in annexed east Jerusalem.
CRI News Reports:UN Chief Urges Business to Back Climate ...2009-05-26
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has urged world big business leaders to reach a global deal on reducing greenhouse gases.
CRI News Reports:A Girl and A Thief, A Striking Contrast2009-05-20
A picture on the internet has caught the public's attention in China. The picture depicts a thief who was bound to a tree for several days after he was caught stealing from a construction site. An
CRI News Reports:Chinese Consumer Confidence ...2009-05-19
Chinese Consumer Confidence Remains HighAnchor:
Despite the negative impact of the global financial crisis to the Chinese economy, consumer confidence has continued to increase according to a recen
CRI News Reports:China Ocean Cultural Festival Kicks ...2009-05-18
China Ocean Cultural Festival Kicks off in ZhoushanThe China Ocean Cultural Festival, has begun in east China's Zhejiang province. The Hopes to promote the concept, of living in harmony with the o
CRI News Reports:China Backs Exporters to Curb ...2009-05-17
China Backs Exporters to Curb Export DeclineChina will continue to back its exporters despite the shrinking global trade market. Yao Jian, a spokesman with the Ministry of Commerce, said on Friday
CRI News Reports:Chinese Mainland's First A/H1N1 Flu ...2009-05-16
Chinese Mainland's First A/H1N1 Flu Patient RecoveringAnchor: Chinese health authorities say the mainland's first confirmed H1N1 patient is recovering.
Meanwhile, Beijing health officials are try
CRI News Reports:People from Sichuan Restore Lives ...2009-05-15
People from Sichuan Restore Lives on DebrisAnchor: One year after the earthquake, shook southwestern China, reconstruction is still going on, in Sichuan Province. Some survivors, have already resum
CRI News Reports:Quake Hit Sichuan Reported Another ...2009-05-14
Quake Hit Sichuan Reported Another Harvest YearDespite a severe snowstorm early last year, and last May's quake, Sichuan produced over 30 billion kilograms in grain.That's a billion kilograms ove
CRI News Reports:CRI Reporter Talks to Spokesman...2009-05-13
CRI Reporter Talks to Spokesman of the IFRCAnchor: The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, are continuing the reconstruction process, in the quake-hit areas.It has
CRI News Reports:Indoor Air Emergs as Big Health Threat2009-05-12
Anchor: Meantime, China is closely monitoring hygiene, in public places.Experts say a law is needed, to enforce clean indoor air.Damin has more:The Ministry of Health recently organized nationwide
CRI News Reports:Angry Youth and China's Future2009-05-11
The US-based Brookings Institute recently held an international panel discussion about China's angry youth, known here as Fenqing.
A commentary in China Youth Daily says it is ironic that a forei
CRI News Reports:Is China Ready for Carbon Tax?2009-05-10
Anchor: China will soon issue preliminary proposals for a carbon tax as part of government's efforts to curb growing greenhouse gas emissions. In an interview with CRI, environmental experts shar
CRI News Reports:Eastern Partnerhip summit opens in Prague2009-05-09
Under the framework of the EU's European Neighborhood Policy, the Eastern Partnership aims to bring Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine closer to the EU.
CRI News Reports:To Whom do Officials Hold Accountability to?2009-05-09
Therefore, the author says, any reassignment of an ousted official should undergo the scrutiny of a local people's congress, so that people can decide if the officials are suitable.
CRI News Reports:''China Film Festival 2009'' opened in...2009-05-07
''China Film Festival 2009'' opened in The HagueIn the next two weeks, moviegoers in the Netherlands, will have a chance to watch films, produced in China. China Film Festival 2009, opened Tues
CRI News Reports:No new confirmed flu case in Hongkong2009-05-05
Hong Kong officials, say no new confirmed flu cases have been reported, in the last 24 hours.Senior Food and Health official, Gabriel Leung. "There has been no new confirmed case of human swine flu
CRI News Reports:Craze for Chinese Learning in US2009-05-04
This year, though amid the worst financial crisis in a century, the conference has still attracted more than 830 members from 46 states. Vishakha Desai, president of Asia Society, says it in a way is a testimony to the increasing interest in the Chinese language and culture in the US.
CRI News Reports:China Prepared for War against H1N1 Virus2009-05-02
Ministers: China Prepared for War against H1N1 VirusAnchor: China's Health Minister, Chen Zhu, says Chinese doctors, have a quick and effective way, to diagnose swine flu.But he adds the virus is


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