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該音頻有LRC字幕 CNN新聞附字幕:奧巴馬總統訪問澳大利亞 可以抗議但不能露營2011-12-31
It's time for you to take 10 minutes away from your schoolwork and let CNN Student News catch you up on the world's headlines. I'm your guide, Carl Azuz. We're starting today in the Pacific.
該音頻有LRC字幕 CNN新聞附字幕:俄羅斯抗議者表示成功已近在咫尺2011-12-30
As this flag was lowered,it marked an end of an empire that had seemed invincible.20 years ago,small crowd watched from the Red Square as flag of Soviet Union was removed from the Kremlin and replaced with Russia's own color.
該音頻有LRC字幕 CNN新聞附字幕:愛荷華州的黨團會議2011-12-29
I think, you are not with John Denner or Mitchil McConnel. You don't, you wouldn't vote to extend the payroll tax cut for another year.
該音頻有LRC字幕 CNN新聞中英雙語講解附字幕:人民力量占據主導地位革命的2011年2011-12-28
It was the year of people power,of revolution.Something you have never seen before,a feeling of men on horseback and on camel.And the bloodshed of the doomed one is going home,no one is gonna home,we are in this sort of end even it means we're gonna die.
該音頻有LRC字幕 CNN新聞附字幕:印度被指在金磚四國中表現最令人失望2011-12-27
Last week marks exactly the 10 years sinced the term Bric was coined. The catchy acronym for Brazil, Russia, India and China used to describe the new power house in emerging markets.
該音頻有LRC字幕 CNN新聞中英雙語講解附字幕:美國兩黨惡斗工資稅 美國望遠鏡發現類似地球的行星2011-12-26
From the CNN Newsroom here in Atlanta, Georgia, straight to your classrooms, I`m Carl Azuz and this is CNN Student News. Today we`re starting with something called a payroll tax.
該音頻有LRC字幕 CNN新聞中英雙語講解附字幕:奧巴馬總統歡迎士兵們回家 伊拉克教堂準備過不安心年2011-12-23
Our big Thanks to Mr. Ersking students for introducing our peanut program of 2011. I'm Carl Azuz, you're in store for ten minutes of commercial free headlines starting now.
該音頻有LRC字幕 CNN新聞講解附字幕:美軍回家路途多艱辛 火山爆發一男子誓死不離開2011-12-22
First up today we are hitching arrival with US military convoy,as it makes it's way out of Iraq.The one point is more than 150.000 US troops serving in the middleast nation,But at the end of this month,there will less than 200.Martin Savage discovered that for the 1/2 were leaving,the journey out of Iraq could be the most dangerous one they make there.
該音頻有LRC字幕 CNN新聞講解附字幕:伊拉克戰爭畫上休止符 亞利桑那憲法再起爭端2011-12-21
And let us never forget those who gave us this chance, the untold number of Iraqis who`ve given their lives; more than 1 million Americans, military and civilian, who have served in Iraq; nearly 4,500 fallen Americans, who gave their last full measure of devotion; tens of thousands of wounded warriors and so many inspiring military families. They are the reason that we can stand here today.
For a short while,many wondered Bahrain would go the way of Tunisia,Egypt and Yemen.In Feburary,thousands of protesters began to march,demanding reforms,despite a brutal crackdown ,they persisted,then in March,Saudi-led GCC forces arrived to support Bahrain's government.
CNN新聞:大學貸款學生無力負擔 奧巴馬總統有良策應對2011-12-17
If you take out a student loan to help pay for college, you're going to have to pay back the money you borrow plus the interest. And with college getting more expensive, more people are turning to loans to help pay for it.
CNN新聞:維龍加國家公園火山即將爆發 含糖飲料是否重返學校引發爭議2011-12-17
You can see why tourists at Virunga National Park aren`t coming just to see the gorillas. This eruption started more than a week ago. Scientists don`t know when it`ll end.
CNN新聞:罷工致使學校關閉 美國國務卿出訪緬甸2011-12-16
Awesome art and an awesome way to start our shot, thanks to those students and thanks to all of you for spending part of your Thursday with CNN Student News.
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