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BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-30)2009-01-31
BBC News with John Jason.Israel has been continuing intensive air attacks on the Gaza Strip. The Israeli say the raids will continue until Palestinian militants stop firing rockets and mortars into
BBC News在線聽力附文本(2008-12-31)2009-01-31
BBC News with Blerry Gogan.Israeli’s explaining why they have launched two days of devastating air attacks on Gaza; say they are determining to change the realities on the ground. The Foreign Mini
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-28)2009-01-31
BBC News with Joe Macintosh.One of the 20th century’s most influential playwrights, the British Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter has died. The 78-year-old had been heavy treatment for cancer. Haro
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-29)2009-01-31
BBC News with Nick Kelly. The United States has urged India and Pakistan to avoid raising tension, amid reports that both sides have increased troop numbers along their border. The comments came fr
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-24)2009-01-31
BBC news with Jerry Schmitt.Police in Mexico have found nine decapitated bodies near the tourist resort of Acapulco, and at least some of them have been identified as soldiers. The bodies were left
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-26)2009-01-31
BBC News with Nick Kelly.A report just released in Washington has concluded that the President-elect Barack Obama had no direct involvement in the scandal which has erupted in his home state Illino
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-27)2009-01-31
BBC News with John Jason.The leader of Tuesday’s military coup in the West African state of Guinea has led a parade of hundreds of soldiers through the streets of the capital Conakry. Captain Mous
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-22)2009-01-31
BBC News with Mary SmallThe U.S. President-elect Barack Obama has welcomed the multi-billion-dollar funding package for the struggling U.S. car industry. The Bush administration announced an emerge
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-25)2009-01-31
BBC News with Nick Kelly. The United Nation’s Security Council has unanimously approved a stronger mandate for peace-keeping troops in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The resolution
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-23)2009-01-31
BBC News with John Jason.America's top military officer Admiral Mike Mullen has announced plans to send up to 30,000 extra U.S. troops to Afghanistan and said they could be deployed by next summer
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-20)2009-01-31
BBC News with Mike Cooper.The man at the center of what could be the world's biggest ever financial fraud, the New York financier, Bernard Madoff, has been put under house arrest. He is charged wi
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-21)2009-01-31
BBC News with Mike Cooper. The United States Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who is to carry on in his post when the new administration of Barack Obama takes over, has ordered plans to be drawn up
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-17)2009-01-31
BBC News with Marian Marshall.A surprise visit by President Bush to Iraq was disrupted when an Iraqi journalist threw his shoes and shouted insults at him during a news conference. Mr. Bush ducked
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-18)2009-01-31
BBC News with Nick Kelly.The United States President-elect Barack Obama has named Steven Chu, the winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1977, as environment secretary when the new administration
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-19)2009-01-31
BBC News with Cathy Clarkson.In its latest effort to fight recession, the United States central bank has cut its main interest rate to the lowest level on record. But instead of cutting it by a fix
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-16)2009-01-31
BBC News with Blerry Gogan.The American Defense Secretary Robert Gates has told American troops in Iraq that their mission there is now, as he put it, in its endgame. He said the American military
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-14)2009-01-31
BBC News with Nick Kelly.The American ambassador to Zimbabwe, James McGee, has warned that the country is rapidly turning into a failed state, describing the situation there is truly grim. Speaking
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-15)2009-01-31
BBC news with Jonathan Weekly.The United States government says it may use part of its $700 billion aid package for the financial sector to help America’s beleaguered carmakers. On Thursday, the S
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-12)2009-01-31
Wearable Technology(可穿戴技術) 安德魯·紐曼,Elexson公司的產品經理,Elexson是一家專門致力于發展可穿戴技術的公司。安德魯給我們展示了他們最新的時裝設計。注釋:
1.wearable adj.可穿用的,可佩帶的 2.illustrate v
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-13)2009-01-31
BBC News with David Legg.A draft United Nations report accuses both Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo of supporting opposing rebel movements fighting inside Congo. The report gives detail
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-11)2009-01-31
BBC News with Joe Macintosh.The streets of the Greek capital Athens have become calmer after several days of riots. A candle-lit vigil has been held outside parliament following the funeral of a 15
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-10)2009-01-31
BBC News with Julie Candler.Five men accused of plotting the September the 11th attacks in the United States have told a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay that they want to plead guilty. The judg
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-7)2009-01-31
Video Games Festival(視頻游戲節) 讓我們回到諾丁漢,回到這個“游戲之城”,現在我身邊的這個人就是一手造成所有這一切的伊恩·西蒙。
1.stumble v. 絆倒,使困惑,蹣跚,結結巴巴地說話,躊躇
2.serendipitous adj. 偶
BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-12-8)2009-01-31
BBC News with Debora MacKenzie.The American President-elect Barack Obama has called for urgent measures to stimulate the American economy and get people back to work. Mr. Obama was speaking as the


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