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地道英语:Off the back of a lorry 来路不明2014-06-30
Li: Hi Finn. Im so happy. Im going to buy a brand new computer this afternoon and its very, very cheap. Finn: What a bargain, Li! Where are you going to buy it? Can I go with you?
地道英语:Wrong 'un 不道德的人2014-06-29
Finn: Hello and welcome to - Authentic Real English, Im Finn. Yang Li: And Im Li. Oh, he looks nice. Finn: Yes. Were on Lis computer, on an online dating site. Shes looking for a date - a hot guy.
地道英语:Pie in the sky 难以实现的美梦2014-06-29
Li: Im so happy you invited me to come to the woods to do some bird-watching with you, Finn. Finn: Im glad you came along, Li. Its a very British hobby. We love nature and the different species of birds. That one, for example, is a swallow. Li: Oh. Pass me the binoculars please.
地道英语:Cold Feet 胆怯2014-06-24
Li: Hi Rob. How are you today? Rob: Hello Li. Im really angry. Li: Why? Rob: Well, because I work very hard, I get results, I do much more than I really should, and nobody notices - I dont get any recognition.
地道英语:Not enough room to swing a cat 空间极其窄小2014-06-24
Finn: And this is flat number five, Li. Im happy you came along to help me find a nice place to live. Li: Renting a new place is a big step, Finn. And this one looks good. Look here. Big windows, lots of light coming in. Isnt it nice?
地道英语:On the tip of my tongue 话到嘴边(一时想不起来)2014-05-11
Helen: 大家好,欢迎收听《地道英语》,我是Helen. 和我在一起的是 Rob. Hi Rob. Rob: Hi Helen. How was your weekend? Helen: Good thanks, I didnt do much, just relaxed. How was yours?
地道英语:Under your belt 已获得的成就2014-05-11
Finn: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English. Im Finn. Feifei: And Im Feifei. 我们正在参加一个高大上的派对. Waiter: Champagne?
地道英语:To brush over 不理会,忽略2014-04-05
Yang Li: 大家好欢迎收听《地道英语》.我是杨莉… Rob: (up a ladder) And me, Rob. Hello. Now, Li, would you mind holding that ladder still, please? Yang Li: Im trying… but Rob, what are you doing up a ladder anyway?
地道英语:Go the extra mile 要想成功 就多付出一点2014-03-26
Finn: Thank you for the lift to work today, Feifei. Feifei: Its a pleasure, Finn. But my car has got a few problems. Sometimes it makes funny noises. And I even had to call a mechanic a few times.
地道英语:Beat around the bush (说话)拐弯抹角2014-03-24
Rob: Ah, I love the outdoors! And this is the perfect spot for us to start our camping adventure, Li. Li: Oh... yes... nature, Rob. You said this camping trip was an invitation I couldnt refuse. Well, I really couldnt as you were so insistent...
地道英语:The boot is on the other foot 情况发生逆转2014-03-24
Feifei: 大家好,欢迎收听《地道英语》.我是冯菲菲. Rob: ...and me, Rob. Hello. Feifei: Hey Rob, thanks for going shopping with me yesterday. It was fun, wasnt it?
地道英语:Pull the plug 终止,结束2014-03-23
Li: Good morning, Rob. Rob: Hi Li. I wish the morning was good but its not. Li: Why not? Rob: Well, I came to the office very early today to write a programme about art. Li: Interesting.
地道英语:In the doghouse 做错事受冷遇2014-03-23
Rob: Hi Feifei. Yes, this is Fido. As they say, dog is a man's best friend and... he is my best friend. I'm taking him for a walk. But we have to get back home soon.
地道英语:Chew the fat 闲聊2014-03-05
Rob: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English. Hi, Feifei. I saved this table for us. This is my favourite coffee shop. Feifei: Hi, Rob. Thanks for inviting me to have breakfast with you. Its nice to have the first meal of the day in the company of a colleague before going to the office.
地道英语:Treading on eggshells 言行小心谨慎2014-03-05
Rob: Hi Li. It looks like youve been busy. Li: Ive just picked up some groceries from the local shop, you know - milk, eggs, bread, flour - Im going to make a cake.
地道英语:Take a rain check 改天吧2014-03-03
Rob: This is Authentic Real English with me, Rob... Li: ...and me, Li. Hello. (Sighs) Im a bit bored today Rob, what shall we do? Rob: Hmm, how about going to the library?
地道英语:Use your loaf 动动脑子2014-03-03
Rob: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English with me Rob and a very hungry-looking Li. Li: (mouth full of food) Hello. Rob: Erm, Li, youre talking with your mouth full. Can you wait till lunchtime please?
地道英语:Stumped 击杀出局 一筹莫展2014-01-23
Feifei: 大家好,欢迎收听《地道英语》.我是冯菲菲,还有我的同事 Rob. Hello Rob. Rob: Hi everyone. Now Feifei, I hope you appreciate me bringing you to this typical English cricket match.
地道英语:Skeleton in the closet 难言之隐2014-01-23
Finn: Thank you for coming with me to my late uncle's old house. He died recently.
地道英语:To have a word 跟某人谈话2014-01-12
Finn: Welcome to Authentic Real English, Im Finn and Im waiting here in the studio for Feifei, who is late - again. Im really getting fed up with her. I think Ill need to speak to her about this.
地道英语:Crystal clear 清清楚楚的2013-12-27
Li: 大家好,欢迎收听《地道英语?#26041;?#30446;,我是杨莉,我的搭档 Rob 也在这里.Hi Rob. Rob: Hello Li. Li: 我刚刚买了一个新衣橱,是平整式包装的,我不知道怎么组装,Rob 今天主动来帮我,太好了!
地道英语:Take the mickey 取笑某人2013-12-27
Rob: Thanks for coming with me to this toy shop, Li. I have to find a gift for my nephew, Dominic. Its his birthday. Dominic: Im a big boy now! Li: Hey Rob, 你侄子很可爱哟,可是我知道小孩子?#24623;?#26102;会很挑剔的,不过别担心我来帮你选.
地道英语:Go round in circles 原地兜圈子,毫无进展2013-12-15
Rob: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English with me, Rob… Feifei: 还有我冯菲菲.Thanks for offering to drive me to the airport Rob. Rob: No problem. It takes forever on the bus, so I thought I would save you some time.
地道英语:Bottomless 不限量2013-11-29
A: OK, everyone its 6 oclock, Im done. I think its time we go for dinner! B: Im starving. Shall we go to Big Eaters? I love their salad - you can go bottomless. C: Im not a salad person. How about some fish and chips? Happy Fisher offers bottomless chips.
地道英语:Full of beans 精神饱满2013-11-28
Finn: Welcome to The English We Speak. Im Finn. Feifei: Im Feifei. Finn: Weve just had a fantastic meal. Feifei: So full. How much did we eat?
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pk10长龙统计走势图 北京赛车计划大全 北京赛车pk开奖视频app 北京pk10的玩法技巧 北京pk109码计划 中国福彩北京赛车官网 北京pk10微信群二维码 彩票控北京赛车走势图 北京赛车冷热杀号 pk10冠亚和值推荐号 北京pk10在哪看直播视频 北京赛车pk10下注 北京赛车超准计划 北京赛车pk10单期计划 北京赛车pk10冠军口诀
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