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献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第01期2017-03-25
好的大伙儿 我们再从同一个地方开始 Right, everyone. Let's go from the same place.-你来起头 -好的 - Up you get, then. - Ooh, right.一 二 三 四 One, two, three, four.你有没有碰巧 Hey
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第02期2017-03-25
你不会?#19981;?#30340; You're not gonna like this.-为什么 -你不会?#19981;?#30340; - Why? - You're not gonna like this.OAP'Z队 The OAP'Z.-是领养老金队的缩写 -不 - Old age pensioners. - Oh, no.
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第03期2017-03-25
要是他认为我们唱得好 If he thinks we're any good,他会让我进入正式比赛 he'll enter us into the main competition.来吧 太棒了 给他们点颜色看看 Oh, come on, it's great. We'll knock 'em
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第04期2017-03-25
亲你 亲你 亲你 Kiss, kiss, kiss.太可爱了 谢谢 Ooh, it's lovely. Thank you.她看着还不错 精神很好 She seems OK, in good spirits.嗯 她还有几个月可活 Yeah. She's got a couple of mon
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第05期2017-03-25
你连站起来都吃力 You haven't got the energy to stand up却还想要精力活现地去见他们吗 and you want to prance around outside.他们是我的朋友 我顾不得这么多 They're my friends and I'm goin
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第06期2017-03-25
不然呢 What do you think? 这次是重金属乐器的感觉 好像摇滚 This is heavy metal. It's rock and roll.是愤怒 是性感 It's angry. It's sexy.就是这么一群汉子 These guys,丑陋但是每天?#21152;?#22899;人陪着 the
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第07期2017-03-25
滚开 Clear off.好的 就这样 OK, right.-糟了 -你好 - Oh, shit. - Hello.阿瑟 你吓死我了 Arthur! You scared the hell out of me.玛莉安病了 他要我来一趟 Marion is sick. She asked m
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第08期2017-03-25
一 二 三 One, two, three!亲爱的 我们谈谈性爱 Let's talk about sex, baby谈谈我和你的爱 Let's talk about you and me谈?#25913;?#20123;欢愉之事 Let's talk about all the good things以及之后所需
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第09期2017-03-25
-其他人还有会的吗 -?#19968;?#36386;足球 - Anyone else play anything? - I used to play football.那不算乐器 不是吗 It's not really an instrument, is it? 以前在指导组的时敲过鼓 I played drums w
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第10期2017-03-25
不 你说让我带詹尼弗去看妈妈比赛 No, you told me to bring Jennifer over to watch my mum.你他妈的没有提到去接你们 You never mentioned a sodding lift.别在你女儿面前用这种语气?#19981;?Don't use th
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第11期2017-03-25
谈谈它的现状和将来 How it was and of course how it should be谈谈怎么让众人目瞪口呆 How to try and make any man's eyes pop她用她所得到博取她没有得到的 She use what she got to get wha
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第12期2017-03-25
怎么了 What's wrong? 你今天看起来很开心 You looked so happy today.我 I...好久都没能让你开心过了 haven't made you happy for a long time.跟你在一起我就很开心了 阿瑟 I'm very happy with
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第13期2017-03-25
比如什么 Anything like what? 我什么都不做 I don't do anything.我习惯了每天为她起来 I used to get up for her.如果你需要任何帮助或者陪伴 If you need any company,很欢迎你到中心来找我们 you're m
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第14期2017-03-25
标志着比赛前 signifies the number of剩下的彩排次数 rehearsals we have left until the competition.到了剩五次彩排的时候 我们就很棒了 By number five, we're gonna be brilliant.是吧
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第15期2017-03-25
非常?#34892;?#20320;们 我们下回见 thank you very much and I'll see you next time.也不是很痛苦 不是吗 That wasn't too painful, was it? 也不容易 Wasn't easy.做得好 阿瑟 Well done, Arthur.
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第16期2017-03-25
你好 儿子 Hello, son.-你在这干嘛 -等你离开 - What you doing? - Waiting for you to go.我?#25913;?#21069;和一个飞?#24615;?#35746;了婚 I was engaged for a couple of years to a fly boy, a pilot.永远
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第17期2017-03-25
我不行 我... I couldn't. I...不久之前 你想不到比和这些 it wasn't long ago that you couldn't think of anything worse你不?#19981;?#30340;蠢蛋唱歌更坏的事了 than singing silly songs with peo
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第18期2017-03-25
我带你们去更衣室 I'll take you up to your dressing room.来吧 大伙 Come on, everyone.这可爱的姑娘是谁啊 Who's a lovely girl, then? 在观众来之前 我们来调下音 So, before the audience
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第19期2017-03-25
接下来是35位帅小伙 Now we have 35 dapper young men...借过 亲爱的 God help me, love.他们酷炫难挡 魅力无边 full of class and charisma.有个人突然走?#25945;?#19978;去了 Some random man just walk
献给爱妻的歌(Song for Marion) 第20期2017-03-25
你永远是我生命的一部分 You'll always be a part of me晚安 我的天使 是时候进入梦乡 Good night, my angel, now it's time to dream梦见我们曾经的幸福生活 And dream how wonderful our life h


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