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《魔鬼骑士》(Demon Knight)是1995年上映的一部由环球影业出品,厄内斯特·R·迪克森执导,比利·赞恩、约翰·卡西尔、威廉姆·赛德勒、?#25191;?middot;萍克·史密斯联袂主演的一部惊悚电影。该片讲述了一桩善恶大对决的故事。

魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第01期2016-08-25
杰克 我做了 我真的做了 I did it, Jack. I did it.你知道吗 那事让?#19968;?#36523;燥热 兴奋无比 And you know what? It got me hot.不 我并非开玩笑 No, I'm not kidding.那斧子进入他胸膛时卡尔 You should
魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第02期2016-08-25
给你个硬币要吗 Hey, kid. You want a quarter? 给 闪闪发光的新硬币 要不要 How about a shiny new quarter? You want one? Come on.爸爸 外面有人?#30340;?#30340;车 Dad, there's a guy outsi
魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第03期2016-08-25
开门咯 我带生意来咯 Gangway, I'm bringing in business.-什么生意 -是... -What kind of business? -Well...科蒂丽亚他想找间?#32771;渥约?#20303; I think he's looking for a room of his own,
魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第04期2016-08-25
我试过了 可是他说不行 Yeah, well, I already tried that. He said no.?#38378;?#30340;沃利 Oh, poor Wally.?#26725;?#30340;呢 洁丽琳 Where is that girl? Jeryline!-怎么了 -我的被单洗好了没有 -What is i
魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第05期2016-08-25
史密斯先生 你在?#28909;?You expecting somebody, Mr. Smith? 各位晚上好 Evenin', motel people.罗奇 你老是让?#19994;?You kept me waiting, Roach, honey.我自有原因 I'll tell you the re
魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第06期2016-08-25
-空无一物 -是吗 不可能的哦 -It's empty. -Really? That can't be.那想必是在这房子里面某处咯 Well, I guess that means it's somewhere in the house.-让他离我远点 -闭嘴 -Keep him away
魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第07期2016-08-24
你老实点 我也让你好过点 You make it easy for me, I'll make it easy for you.-小心点 你一开始便出错了 -我知道东西在哪了 -Mind you, you're off to a pretty bad start. -I know where
魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第08期2016-08-24
他们都到哪去了呢 Where the fuck did they go? 科蒂丽亚 不要靠近门 Cordelia, stay away from the door!明白我的意思没有 我们冲到?#30340;?#37324; You see what I mean? We can make it to my truc
魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第09期2016-08-24
我知道你不想 我对你有莫名其妙的信任 Funny thing is that I knew you weren't. I just had a feeling about you.我能问你些问题吗 Can I ask you something? 你真实身份是谁 Who are you
魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第10期2016-08-24
他才不是你朋友 浑球哪来的朋友 He's not your friend. Assholes don't have friends.失陪一会 我能跟你谈会吗 Excuse us. Can I talk to you for a second, please? 老天 罗奇 Jesus, R
魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第11期2016-08-24
-是个隧道 -是个矿井通道 -It's some kind of tunnel. -It's a mine shaft.别奇怪 这一片地区多得是 就是难找 Not surprising. The whole area's riddled with them.这说明这里?#26032;房?#20197; 出去 Th
魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第12期2016-08-24
老天 Oh... Jeez...维利 你知道吗 You know something, Willy? 你又老又皱 魔鬼抓到你 恐怕都会扔你回来 You're so dried up, the demons will probably throw you back.那些狗娘养的抓不住我们
魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第13期2016-08-24
很高兴再次见到你 丹尼 It's good to see you again, Danny.鲍勃 我们的弹药?#25925;?#19979;多少 Hey, Bob. How we fixed for ammo? 情况不妙 Oh, not too good.我只剩下四颗子弹了 Yeah, I'm down to f
魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第14期2016-08-24
被罗马人钉死在十字架上的木匠的血融入其中 who was being crucified by the Romans,并转交给了一名叫西拉的盗贼 and gave it to a thief named Sirach.这里面的血...就是... The blood ins... inside..
魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第15期2016-08-24
好吧 我知道你的想法 All right, I know what you're thinking.你放弃了灵魂就只会变成个恶魔 看起来丑陋不堪 You give up your soul, you turn into a demon, you look like shit.那又有什么可以回
魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第16期2016-08-24
老天 邮局那些人没错 Jesus Christ! Those post office folks were right.贱货 那?#19968;?#25226;我们的信都给看了 Son of a bitch! This guy was reading all our mail.这什么 What the hell.
魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第17期2016-08-24
另外 罗奇先生 跟你做生意挺愉快 Oh, a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Roach.这种...人间地狱的交易 Well... you know this... hell on earth business? 真他妈太沉重了 弄得我都起痔疮
魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第18期2016-08-24
我对布雷克的预言没错吧 I was right about Brayker.他死了 He's dead.你...你还在的 对不 You, you're still here, aren't you? 我不会伤害你的 除非你逼我 I'm not gonna hurt you unless
魔鬼骑士(Demon Knight) 第19期2016-08-24
你似乎没说过什么 I notice you're not saying anything...因为你在想着说什么好吗 还要想什么 Is that because you're thinking of something? What is there to think about? 历史上


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