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Summer has finally arrived in Southern Australia. Fire authorities are on alert as temperatures top 40 degrees across South Australia and Victoria. Catastrophic fire warnings are in force in six regions in South Australia. There are also total fire bans across much of Victoria.
And a pilot and his son have spent the night stranded in a remote part of South Australia after making an emergency landing. Emergency services located the plane 50 kilometres north of William Creek. The two are not injured and rescuers are now on their way.
Wild Oats XI will know its fate this afternoon. It's claiming provisional line honours in the Sydney to Hobart. But it's facing a protest for breaching race protocols. Officials say it didn't radio its position when it entered Bass Strait. The yacht's owner says it's simply a misunderstanding.
Wild weather is causing chaos on America's east coast. Blizzards have closed airports and severely disrupted road and rail travel. A state of emergency is being declared in six states.
A bus crash in Egypt has killed eight American tourists. The tour bus was traveling to some ancient temples when it collided with a truck. Twenty-one others were injured; two of them remain in a critical condition in hospital in Cairo.
In satellite image, thick cloud over northeastern Queensland near a weakening tropical low is bringing heavy rain that's ex-Tasha. Cloud extending over the remainder of Queensland and northeast New South Wales in a trough is causing showers.
The operator of London's Heathrow Airport says it's launched an inquiry into the handling of the snow chaos, which left thousands of passengers stranded.
Security has been stepped up at foreign embassies in Rome. Two parcel bombs have exploded at the Swiss and Chilean embassies, injuring two people. Italian police are now checking all embassies and consulates as a precaution. No one has yet claimed responsibility.
The battle is on in Europe to clear the backlog of passengers who have been stranded by the continent's appalling weather. Airports have reopened and planes are flying again. Thousands of weary travelers are still camped out at airport terminals. And there's no guarantee that they'll be home for Christmas.
A source has told the ABC more than 30 sailors from one ship have tested positive to drugs. The Defence Force has conducted a series of raids in military sites. It's investigating allegations of drug abuse and a drug ring operating out of Sydney's Garden Island naval base.
Europe's deep freeze continues to disrupt the Christmas travel plans of hundreds of thousands of people. Many are bedding down at airports as more flights are delayed or cancelled.
Three Indonesian crew members rescued from last week's shipwreck off Christmas Island are close to being charged. Australian Federal Police have already questioned the men, but they won't comment on whether any charges could include manslaughter.
Taking a close look around the states for tomorrow, there will be some patchy rain in the southwest with showers and thunderstorms elsewhere. A cool to cold day over the west and the southern interior.
Santos has signed an agreement with a South Korean company to buy 3.5 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas from Queensland each year.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has walked free after being granted bail by the High Court in London. Mr Assange was released after paying a $315,000 bond. He's fighting extradition to Sweden over sexual assault allegations.
Twenty-seven people died when that Indonesian fishing boat carrying asylum seekers smashed into the cliffs of Christmas Island. Around 41 of the 80 people on board of the vessel were rescued. Two asylum seekers have been transferred to a Perth hospital. They were transported overnight by the flying doctor service.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange remains behind bars as Swedish authorities appeal against the decision by a London judge to grant him bail. Mr Assange is fighting extradition to Sweden to face sexual assault allegations. His lawyer, Mark Stephens, said the case was turning into a show trial.
Authorities in Perth say a fire in the Perth hills could still pose a threat to lives and homes despite downgrading the alert. Water-bombing aircraft fought the fire overnight. It's burnt through 32 hectares, but no properties have so far been affected.
New WikiLeaks documents show Australian intelligence agencies fear Australia could be drawn into a nuclear war in the Middle East. The documents published in Fairfax newspapers are from Australian intelligence sources to the US embassy. They say Australia fears Israel might launch military strikes against Iran.
Queensland can expect rain and thunderstorms today with moderate to heavy falls about the tropics and eastern districts; fine over the southwest.
Global oil demand will be higher than expected in 2011 according to a new report by OPEC. OPEC says stronger-than-expected economic data and cold weather in Europe has increased demand. The report comes a day before OPEC ministers are due to meet on production levels.
The ABC’s Kerry O'Brien has earned one of Australian journalism's highest honours, winning the Walkley Award for journalistic leadership.
And the latest WikiLeaks documents reveal that Senator Mark Arbib was a secret source for the United States embassy in Canberra. The documents released to Fairfax newspapers show that Senator Arbib provided information to the US about the Government and the workings of the ALP.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has appeared in a London court to face extradition. He’s been refused bail and is now being held in custody. Mr Assange was arrested on a Swedish warrant to face alleged sex crimes. The 39-year-old Australian told the court that he'd fight any extradition to Sweden.
And the assets of Julian Assange have been frozen as authorities close in on the WikiLeaks founder. Mr Assange is believed to be hiding out in England, and a warrant for his arrest has reached UK authorities. European authorities want to question him about allegations of rape.
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