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BBC news with Sue Montgomery.

The authorities in Brazil have deployed hundreds of soldiers and federal forces to the northern state of Ceara after a wave of attacks orchestrated by criminal gangs. Dozens of cars and buses have been set on fire in three days of violence. More details from Leonardo Rocha. In cities across the state, there were eighty nine attacks reported so far. The main attack was a bomb attack on the flyover that was being built, didn't destroyed, but there was some damage done. Many cars were set on fire, buses, shops attack, people also attacked some public buildings. What a local government is saying is that they introduce tougher measures on these gangs in prison. Many of them are in prison. The leaders are in prison, and in reaction to that, in retaliation, they got together and sent a message to the authorities.

Another senior official at the Pentagon has resigned, the third since Donald Trump announced last month the US troops would be withdrawn from syria. The Chief of Staff, Rear Admiral Kevin Sweeney is the latest to leave. Grant Ferrett reports. In a terse resignation letter, Kevin Sweeney said that after two years at the Pentagon, it was the right time to return to the private sector. He said it had been an honor to serve, but made no mention of Donald Trump. His departure follows that the Defense Secretary James Mattis and the Department Spokeswoman Dana White. It adds to a sense of uncertainty surrounding the Trump administration's defense and foreign policies since the surprise announcement of the planned withdrawal from Syria. On Tuesday, the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will embark on a week-long tour to the Middle East designed to reassure allies in the region.

The Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has sacked the Health Minister amid continuing anti-government unrest. Shortages of medicines and rising health costs are among the complaints of protesters who have taken to the streets repeatedly since mid December. A group representing teachers, doctors and other professionals has called for another protest on Sunday.

A French government spokesman had to be evacuated from his office in Paris after violence broke out during the latest "yellow vest" protests. Benjamin Griveaux said he and his team had to leave the building through a back door after a digger was used to ram the entrance. During the first anti-government protests of this year, demonstrators burned barricades, bins and motorcycles.

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